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I’ve taken advantage of the 5 Day Deal for the past few years and I can honestly say it provides the best photography and photo editing training and resources value I’ve seen! I am so looking forward to this year’s event!

Luis R.

Amazing value, the one i got last year purchasing the yearly bundle. It is indeed of great help for those of us always on a tight budget. It means a lot that, on top of that, you get to help a charity of your choice to, hopefully, help and/or improve someone in need, even if only to a slight degree. I just wish we could all help some more. Thank you. Take care out there!

Sèrgio V.

There is absolutely nothing on the internet that can match the quality and value of what 5daydeal provides to its customers! Great learning tools from some of the best in the business can be expensive, but not with 5daydeal!! Not to mention a portion of your dollars spent really help a great cause!!

Steven H.
Kansas, USA

This is my second purchase after 2018. I’m looking forward to the huge amount of content.

Kazushi K.

All the classes are awesome! So many packages put together, I’m still learning from them all. Great prices and they helped out make a wish foundation and others. Thanks so much for all you do! Its a everybody wins deals!

Erica B.
Nebraska, USA

As a Photographer just starting a business. The 5day Deal has provided a service to me that is unmatched. In terms of quality service, choices and content.

Harlan L.

This is a really great deal. We were able to purchase the deal last year and just one of the items paid for the deal!!

Scott Robinson
United States

I first got the deal in 2016 as was struggling to get some good results from my shots. The amount of data that I downloaded that time was incredible, as was the quality of the courses. Since then I got the 2017 and 2018 editions, wich grew in size and offer (and quality), while maintaining a reasonable price for any kind of pocket. The best part of it all ? It’s all for charity. The bad part? Once you missed it it is gone, forever. Will certainly get the 2019 edition, might learn something new or improve something I know already.

David Cecchinato

Always look forward to this event! It’s a great way to learn some new skills, get some new tools, and give back to the community. The training is always beneficial, the apps are easy to get, and there is always great support behind everything. This is always money well spent for my business and am greatful to be able to support 5DayDeal.

Scott Head
United States

Last year I was a budding photographer looking for ways to improve my skills to reach a professional level of proficiency. Then, when I came across the 5DayDeal, I got all the tools and education I needed to take my photography to the next level and beyond my dreams. So I wouldn’t miss it this year!


As a photography enthusiast, the tools and education available here have been essential to improving my photography and the end product that I submit to my clients. The prices are great and knowing that a portion of these purchases goes to charity makes it even better! I will definitely be participating in the giveaways in the future.

John Brodeur

I have purchased most of the 5DayDeals since they started. I’m always excited to see what’s included in the newest deal. The amount of photographic products and training are always exceptional and the cost of the 5DayDeal is a drop in a bucket compared to the value received! I truly believe that anyone with an interest in photography will benefit from these products.

Dean Huschle
United States

October 2018

Downloaded this great package today, and I honestly can’t wait to get started. I was looking for some high-quality content to move from intermediate Lightroom user to the next level, and I found that in this bundle. I was also surprised by the good content that is lifting up my act when it comes to drone footage, so really appreciate to find that in the total bundle. Already looking forward to next year’s bundle! – Marcel van de Gender | Belgium

Great opportunity for acquiring immediate access to the kind of knowledge we usually need most. And an absolutely great price as well. No excuses – don’t miss the opportunity also to help the charity causes selected! Thanks a lot! See you again next time! – Guillermo Ramos | Spain

I am very excited to start going through all the training material I received through 5DayDeal. The discount I received for just a few of the videos covers the cost of the entire package and that doesn’t even begin to cover the discount for the downloadable resources that can be used in Lightroom and Photoshop. This is an excellent opportunity – Vaughan Swanlund | South Africa

Looking forward to using some of the tools and gaining more knowledge. This is an incredible value of training, tutorials and tools to create better images more efficiently. This should help my business grow and diversify in other areas such as drone photography. The fact that proceeds from this bundle will go to help various charities is a big plus. – Johnson Price | United States

5DayDeal offers some pretty outrageous deals. When I saw the Photography bundle and kept scrolling and scrolling through the massive list of included tutorials, presets and resources, my jaw literally dropped. I quickly purchased the bundle and have been going through all of the awesome stuff. I’ll have plenty of things to keep me busy! – James Seithalil | United States

Just invested in my future with this bundle. Excited for the opportunity to learn from some of the pros in the photography community! I know that with everything in this bundle I will be able to benefit and take my business to the next level. There are so many opportunities I have had to pass on because I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge or skills to carry out a job with confidence and I’m looking to change that! – Jacob Ross | United States

5DayDeal’s impact to charity is impressive, and it’s a fantastic tool for any photographer. I found one of my favorite training sites through my 5DayDeal purchase last year. The site and the tool changed my approach to editing and enhanced my level of skin retouching. I look forward to each year’s new bundle. I was excited to see Lindsey Adler and Peter Hurley among the many training offerings. – Lori Price | United States

I have purchased the 5DayDeal almost every year it has been offered. I have always been more than pleased with all the products included in these deals, and I am really excited to check out all the products included with this deal. It’s one of the best investments anyone with a passion for photography can get. From beginner to pro, there are many products for everyone, and you will gain all kinds of knowledge for an unbelievable low price! – Dean Huschle | United States

I invested in the photography bundle a year ago, and since then I have seen my work and business grow drastically! My compositions and post-processing are on levels I never thought I would have reached, and the business tutorials are something I never thought I would have needed, until after watching them and learning so much! – Bryson Wolfe | United States

Absolutely love the opportunity to participate in the 5DayDeal for charity! This is the perfect chance to be able to grab tons of training and assets at an unbeatable price, and from some of my favorite photographers! This is also very inspiring and makes me WANT to get out and shoot! I cannot wait to dig in and see what these amazing people have to say in each of their offerings. Looking very forward to tackling what makes magic for me! – Todd Pontsler | United States

I had a very long family meeting with my wife to convince her to let me buy this bundle. After I described her the potential of the bundle and how much I can learn from it, she let me buy it. Seeing herself the awesome stuff I got for the price, she congratulated me and even started to read some of the material. Now I am the happiest man in the world! Thank you 5DaysDeal. – Marius Eduard Canura | Romania

I’ve been a customer of the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle since its inception. It’s an amazing way to learn, grow, and support worthwhile charities. For the small amount you pay, the rewards are great! I’m not sure if there’s any other place or opportunity to get the quality of training and instruction that comes with this type of package. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring amateur, you’ll find something to help make your images better! – Walter Ichikawa-Doyle | Canada

This will be the fourth year that I have participated in the 5DayDeal, and with the help of the tutorials from many fine professional photographers I have progressed from a DSLR ‘Auto’ mode user to shooting in ‘Manual’ and now am able to use advanced editing techniques. Always more to learn so please keep these coming! – Robin Jowett | Canada

It is mind-blowing how much you can save on! I was about to buy one of the courses included in 2018 bundle for way more than the whole bundle. That’s why I consider myself lucky to find such a place at the right time, where everything is curated for my passion and where I can learn more and get more as a photographer. it’s definitely the photographer’s happy place! – Mohamed Sahine | Morocco

I have been purchasing these bundles for a few years now and they are always worth it. You get so much for the price. Don’t forget to get the extra Charity Bonus, so much more content for just a little extra and it helps some great causes. I look forward each year to see what the new bundle will bring. – Diane Collup | United States

Today there is a slew of online resources for photographers of all skill levels. Even more so, finding quality resources from leading industry leading photographers that won’t break the bank is sometimes hard to do. 5DayDeal has made it incredibly easy for photographers, pro and amateur alike, to pick up some fantastic content at an unbeatable price, and ALSO benefit the community while doing it. We need more organizations like this! – Chris Cooley | United States

Not only are the deals are great chance to get some amazing educational content, but also the money they have donated to Task Force: ISO has helped us teach 10 veterans how to use the Art of Photography as a therapeutic tool and provide over 3,000 with a positive image of themselves. Keep up the great work and continue to open the doors to the world of photography to more people. – Josh Kuehl | United States

Hands down the greatest amount of value in any photography bundle/course I have ever purchased. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there is something for everyone. So many great mentors to learn from and tools to help you grow as a creative artist. You’d have to be crazy not to take advantage of it! – Yashani Shantha | Australia

Loved the webinar with Lindsay Adler! Always insightful to hear about their journey through the industry and all the triumphs and pitfalls they have encountered. By sharing that’s how we grow as artists! I particularly enjoyed learning about customer avatars (and researching more after the webinar). Surprisingly I had never heard about this term before and has got me rethinking about my own marketing plans. – Monzeeki | United States

You showed up in my life at the right time! I ended up purchasing a previous bundle during a down time in my career where I wasn’t feeling inspired and stuck in a rut. I didn’t even know what propelled me to spend on a bundle when I wasn’t even wanting to shoot anymore, although photography runs in my blood. Thank you for saving me and turning my creative block around! – Mary Taylor | United States

I have purchased this deal the last two years. It is unbelievable how much benefit I have received for such little money spent. Many of the training classes that you will receive will cost more money if purchased separately than what the one single price will cost for ALL of them!! You are really missing a fantastic deal if you don’t get on board with this one. – Robert Kinser | United States

I’ve enjoyed multiple 5-Day Deals over the past few years and have been amazed at the value I’ve received from each of them! The video education, the software, plug-ins and presets have been an awesome addition to my post processing protocols. I also love that my purchases have helped so many charities! – George Neill | United States

October 2017

As a beginner, I loved learning from the last bundle I purchased. I could take my time with the videos and watch over and over again. The bundle included eBooks, videos, coupons and more. The variety of learning tools is wonderful for all types of learners. I put some of the materials on my iPad so I can access them from the road while shooting. – Robin Martin | United States

I have purchased a couple of these 5DayDeals. There is so much useful information of great quality that I still refer back to it years after the purchase. You can surely benefit from the material in here, regardless of if you are new to photography or a seasoned professional. There are Photoshop bonuses, Lightroom tips and add-ons, info about composition, knowledge drops for landscape photos and much more. As an added bonus, some charities benefit from the purchase too. Do yourself and some charities a favour and go grab it now. – Dale McMillan | Australia

Purchasing the 5DayDeal is like enrolling at a Photography University. The curriculum is very extensive. I’ve learned so many things and it such a good feeling to know I’m making a small but needed to contribution to these wonderful charities. It’s hard to believe I’m receiving this level of value at such a reasonable price! Definitely a Win/Win!! – Don Wright | United States

I just bought the 2017 bundle and I couldn’t be more excited! This deal is amazing, and I plan on continuing to buy the 5DayDeals. They have amazing products for photographers, and this year especially, everything I want or need to know about photography in video forms and much much more. Totally worth the money! The few that I have looked through so far are already so helpful! Cannot wait to learn more. – Sara Hostert | United States

Such an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the business from around the world. Imagine how long it would take and how much more it would cost you to collect these courses and tools for yourself!! It’s a real one-stop shop and I highly recommend the purchase – part of the proceeds even go to charity.  These guys have thought of everything! Can’t wait to start learning… – Fleur Mead | Australia

I stumbled upon the 5DayDeal three years ago. It’s my best happy accident. Each deal has a huge variety of information and products, which is wonderful in and of itself. Even better is having lifetime access to it all. If I’m not interested in something that was included or I don’t know how to do or use it yet, it’s still there down the road when I am ready for it. How great is that?! Really great! – Dee Michelle | United States

I absolutely LOVED the previous Photography 5DayDeal and have bought two of them! There’s so much great stuff packed in to it, like Design Aglow templates, classes on marketing, and a ton of other lessons and information. I’ve actually still not completed everything in the past 5DayDeal bundle because there’s TOO MUCH great information! Do yourself (and your business) a favor and purchase the next 5DayDeal bundle – you won’t be disappointed!  – Caroline Alexander | United States

Bought the photography bundle last year and loved the content it contained. Great value for the price. It included videos and reading material from some of the best photographers out there – Zachary Arias, Trey Ratcliff, Serge Ramelli. Learned a lot!! I’ll definitely be getting this year’s bundle.  – Christian Lapointe | Canada

I have purchased the previous two bundles from 5DayDeal and have been VERY, VERY HAPPY with my purchases. Through these deals I have received learning material that I would otherwise not known existed or would have been hesitant to try. The previous deals included software and training for photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom. From these training videos I have learned skills and techniques that I use every week and am thrilled with the results. I cannot wait until the 2017 5DayDeal is open for purchase. What surprises and treasures await us?  – Danelle Jones | United States

I know without a doubt that without 5DayDeal I wouldn’t have made so much progress in my photography business! It’s absolutely amazing the value this deal brings every year. I still use some of the resources from previous years. Probably the only deal you need for your photography education every year!  – Dimitri Pazas | Belgium

I’ve only been learning photography for three years, but I have found the 5DayDeal is the greatest and most affordable way to obtain great training and programs to really push you own envelope of photography passion into new and great territory with great deals and terrific professional training, tips, and ideas.  – Don Cook | United States

I have made use of 5DayDeal on two occasions and both have been well worth it! Incredible value, thanks to the awesome price and the amazing quality of products on offer by some of the industries best photographers and educators. And to top it all off, a lot of money is donated to some very worthy causes. Fantastic idea!  – Graham Carruthers | South Africa

I love 5DayDeal. They have the best deals and discounts with partners that you will ever see! I am a fashion photographer and I am always trying to find new and creative ways to enhance my abilities. 5DayDeal allows me to truly progress. With my enhanced abilities, I am now feeling more and more confident about shooting fashion and even exploring new genres. – Jamie Spruill | United States

This is an awesome opportunity to take your skills to the next level and help a great cause at the same time. Between the equipment, hardware, and computer software it can help any level of photographer out – and on top of that there’s an chance to get a professional image review! It’s truly amazing!  – John Miller | United States

The best photography bundle out there! I’ve been purchasing them every year for a few years now and am always impressed with the amount of content for an insanely low price. Every year provides new and unique topics/artists giving extremely useful tips & tricks. Well worth it, especially to have the opportunity to give back to some amazing charities.  – Kristin Laser | Canada

I’ve bought every 5DayDeal Photography Bundle ever offered. If you use only 25 percent of what’s offered, it’s more than a bargain and the right information can change the direction of your career for the better.  The bundles are varied and interesting, and some training will inevitably lead to you working more with a particular resource. It’s a bit like a sampler, but really deep in the subjects that are offered.  I’ve been introduced to people I might not otherwise have taken a chance on because of the range of material that’s been curated into every 5DayDeal offered so far.  – Mark Lyndersay | United States

I picked up the 5DayDeal in October 2016 – I couldn’t believe how much was in it! So many lessons, tips, tutorials and free software – I’m constantly referring back to the videos and eBooks, and my photography skills have gone up several notches! The Photoshop and Lightroom lessons alone, and included extensions, are worth hundreds of dollars – and the time they save me will be worth thousands! – Narda Skelton | Australia

Absolutely fantastic deal! Look forward to it every year. There is something for everyone, and whether you are relatively new to photography or more advanced, their guarantee means that one simply cannot lose when you purchased the 5DayDeal. All the professional photographers behind the companies actually communicate with you if you have any problems. Don’t miss out. It is like Christmas comes around only once a year! (Hint: Would also make an excellent Christmas present for friends and family!) – Robert Kwan | Canada

The 5DayDeal photography and video packages are the best bang for the buck … great videos by leading experts in the field of photography. I’ve been buying these packages for three years now and love them!!! Filled with educational content that often is 3-5x more expensive per video if you bought them outright. – Steven Hendricks | Japan

I have been buying this FANTASTIC photography bundle for the last 3 years. Value for money is incredible! As an enthusiastic amateur photographer I appreciate the wide variety of tutorials offered. You can find gems in tutorials that you do not necessarily feel apply to your style of photography. A great resource for those willing to learn new techniques and hone their skills. Highly recommended. – Xeno P | United States

October 2016

I am always looking for new information and better ways of doing things and 5DayDeal is a great way to see what leading professionals are teaching and sharing, while at the same time, giving me an opportunity to save $$ in the process. This is my second time to purchase and I found with my first purchase had an incredible amount of value. I can only assume that this deal will be of equal or greater value. A big “Thanks” to 5DayDeal and the professionals who participate in the promotions! – Todd Taylor | Montana, United States (photo available)

A treasure trove of useful insights, tips, workflows, presets, backgrounds, and video instruction from some of the world’s greatest photographers! Even if your like me, and already have some of these items from just a few of your favorite photographers from the many participating in this event – the combined value is hard to pass by. And it’s also rewarding to know that various charities also benefit from your participation. – richard bryant | IN, United States

I love the 5DayDeal it is always a great package filled with many resources for expanding my photography knowledge and skillset. and I appreciate what they do for charity. I try to purchase it every year and I highly recommend others to do the same. I wish there were more deals like this out there. – Dave Powers | Florida, United States

Love the 5DayDeal – I buy them all; so much content for the money, and it helps others less fortunate. It’s all content from respected pros too, which is worth far more than the price on the ticket. There aren’t many hobbies or professions that give you the chance to do this, just another reason to love photography! – Steven Mole | United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Great stuff! This is the third 5DayDeal I’ve purchased and the depth of knowledge, software and other useful info is overwhelming. There are so many amazing photographers participating and contributing to the knowledge base. I hope to be able to give back in some way down the road. Thank you 5DayDeal and all of your contributors for educating and sharing with the photography community! – Paul Hurschmann | Colorado, United States

I am always looking for new information and better ways of doing things and 5DayDeal is a great way to see what leading professionals are teaching and sharing, while at the same time, giving me an opportunity to save $$ in the process. This is my second time to purchase and I found with my first purchase had an incredible amount of value. I can only assume that this deal will be of equal or greater value. A big “Thanks” to 5DayDeal and the professionals who participate in the promotions! – Todd Taylor | Montana, United States

As a professional, it’s important to learn from others and what better way to do it than with this inclusive set at a great price… and the charity add on is quite the bonus for everyone! – Anna Burke | New Hampshire, United States (Logo available)

Great Deal! Huge Lindsay Adler fan and of Creative Live – love the charity angle – value in creativity! As a student photographer myself, its amazing to see deals like this – tips and techniques from leading professionals in the photography industry all in one compact package is exactly the kind of thing to get people excited about whats possible about being a young creative. – Euan Kinloch | Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

I just purchased my first 5DAYDEAL bundle, I can’t wait to explore all of the valuable information, training books and videos to gain more knowledge and insight to better my craft. I have been following many of these guys either on Creative Live or Youtube, so I know how awesome their training and insight is. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! – Britta Boykins | Texas, United States

Wow! Once again I am wowed by the information offered with the 5Day Deal! I haven’t missed one yet and don’t plan to! Once again they have accumulated an all star cast of instructors! They are some of the best in the industry. AND you get to help charities!! Run, don’t walk, and grab this deal! The clock is ticking! – Amanda Zehnder | Texas, United States

I’m always looking to further my knowledge and this is a great way to do it. I am not necessarily interested in every aspect of the deal but still fun to peruse those items and pick up something you may have not known. I bought the package last time and learned a lot and hope to do it again this time. All in all it is great value and the charity donation is a bonus! – Justin Howard | Vancouver, BC, Canada

It is rare that I have the satisfaction of giving to a worthy cause and am able to gain valuable knowledge that will help fuel my passion. I love the social entrepreneurship that this site provides by enabling companies and individual consumers to do business while doing some good. What an awesome idea! The value 5DayDeal is providing is virtually unheard of and I suspect, not something sellers would do if it weren’t for a good cause. I can’t wait to up my photography game with hundreds of hours of content for less than the price of a few New York dinners. Just awesome! – Nick Skog | New Jersey, United States

I love 5DayDeal! I always love to further my photography and my creative knowledge and I love to help charity. This is the best of both worlds. The photographers that share their knowledge are the best in the business and to learn from the industries finest is knowledge that you can’t get elsewhere for a rate this low! Highly recommended! – Elisa Eve | Hartford, CT, United States

This bundle has so much to offer for an amazingly low price! Plus you get to support charities at the same time! Whether you’re a portrait photographer, landscape/cityscape photographer, etc you’ll find something you’ll love! As a photographer who dabbles in a little bit of everything, I can’t wait to dig in and enjoy! This bundle will likely improve my photography skills and grow my business! Thank you to all the photographers that pitched in! – Sarah O’Neal | Ohio, United States

I have bought a number of these deals, and I have never been disappointed. Whether you are a beginning in photography or a pro, these bundles have something for you! I have been asked a number of times by people who have never bought a deal if they really are worth it, and I can assure you they are. Truly if you see one or two things in the list of great content that interests you, it would behoove you to purchase this great content! – Connor Hibbs | CO, United States

I just caught it on time before the 5DayDeal finished and I am SO HAPPY about it! Finally a photography deal that I can afford and learn from the best in the business! Finally after years of searching for the right photography academy and being immensely disappointed after every course I found REAL teachers interested in their students and giving them the same opportunities as everyone else to succeed in the business! Thank you so much to all who made it possible and thank you for giving a percentage to charity!!! – Alana Lauren Roxin | Vienna, Austria (Photo available)

I have known 5DayDeal for years, and have purchased it in the past also. Sometimes I miss the deal, and…. can tell you I am not happy about that! Every year it’s full with great tutorials & ebooks from great photographers, amazing actions, presets, textures etc. It’s a bundle for all levels of photographers! I am a very happy FAN & user of 5DayDeal. Register for the newsletter and make sure you don’t miss out next time! – Anja Daleman | Amsterdam, Netherlands (photo available)

I was stoked when I saw the 5DayDeal advertised online. There are so many incredible photographers providing such incredible information. I am a new photographer and really looking forward to unpacking all of the awesome resources available through this bundle – I can’t wait to check everything out! – Jessica Capozzola | VA, United States

I am relatively new to the photography world but I have found myself pretty wrapped up and sucked in! This is my third 5 Day Deal purchase and I can’t wait to dive in! On my own I have scoured the internet for resources, teachers, tutorials, you name it. Time and again the instructors, creators, and companies that I have settled on to be my guides through the endless morass that’s out there end up being the very same who have created the content that turns up in these packages. I’m learning that those that are on top are there for a reason and they’re the very same creating new adventures to be had in these massive deals. The $$/content ratio is untouched anywhere and the knowledge that so much is being given to charity to boot is just a win/win/win! – Timothy Monahan | New York, United States

I’ve invested in the previous two sales and have not regretted it, it was an easy decision to make to invest again here. So many great professionals and providing such awesome material. All photographers aspiring to achieve what we see the professionals create should dive in! – Garry Pycroft | CA, United States

I absolutely love the 5DayDeal Photography bundle! I wait for it all year long. I’m a hobbyist photographer, and my day job is as a teacher so I don’t have a lot of extra in my budget for adding resources to improve my photography. The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle gives me a wealth of resources that allow me to improve my craft, and it allows me to aid several charities that are doing outstanding work. – Jennifer Alex | Mississippi, United States

Outstanding educational value — great resources that are worth every penny. I look forward to delving in to the titles included in the 2016 5DayDeal and spending many hours improving my photography. This is not my first 5DayDeal and certainly won’t be the last time I participate. Every resource included in this year’s deal is relevant and welcome. Thanks! – Sheldon Reich | Florida, United States (logo available)

Am in the process of downloading but what I have read, it is definitely worth the sale price. This will dramatically increase my library of useful educational material. Can’t wait until I can start going through the material. Winter won’t be boring this year!!! The e-books are great because you can access them anywhere you go and refer to them while you are in the process of photographing an assignment. This set has a lot of topics I have been interested in and wanted to learn more about. – Dean Holmquist | Minnesota, United States

Not only does this benefit others, but this is by far the best value around. Just ONE of the downloads that you receive will cover the price of the entire deal. This is my second time of buying the 5 Day Deal and I’m sure this won’t be my last. – Thanks for setting up the 5 Day Deal! – Larry Fry | Idaho, United States (Photo Available)

A good one-stop-learning-&-helping resource from pixels to people. Customer Service is also helpful & friendly. The various expert photographers provide hands on teaching and provide many opportunities to network with like minded passionate photographers. Looking forward to grow as a photographer & person, impacting the world for the better. – Willem Pretorius | Waikato, Tuakau, New Zealand (Photo Available)

This deal has inexpensively plugged all the gaps I can ID in my learning as a professional photographer. The usual personable and effective trainers combined with enlightening (literally) course materials across a plethora of techniques will go a long way to enhancing my product to the benefit of my deserving clients. Thanks for this! Rich – Rich Took | Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Absolutely amazing, educational, and helpful. If you are looking to take your photography and editing to the next level, but don’t have a ton of cash, this deal is for you. It includes the knowledge of so many experienced photographers that it is hard to pass up. Make the purchase, you won’t be disappointed. – Allie Cline | Az, United States

From Facebook: (Photo Available) Cathryn Wellner /react-text react-text: 2483 /react-text Oh, how I tried NOT to be drawn into this, but the learning options, presets, actions and more were just too seductive. Now I’m excited. Thanks for the nudges from some of my favourite photographers!

I got the 5DayDeal last year and learned a ton. I love to learn at home and at my own pace. Definitely a great value. I certainly couldn’t pass up the deal this year, as it looks even better. I was actually considering some of the products included in the package. Oh, and charity. It’s for a good cause. Thanks for putting this together for us again. – Andrew Kulick | Florida, United States

I am super excited to explore all these awesome collections! As a photographer I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills and I can’t wait to work with all these wonderful tools!! I am self taught with photography and photoshop and am a retired photographer/artist and money is tight. This kind of offer doesn’t come very often and I just know that this will help me to expand my talent in photography and art. Thank you for such a great offer! – Sandy Baker | Ellicott City, MD, United States (Photo Available)

So very excited about this wonderful deal- and love that it also gives to others. Thank you to all who have contributed putting together this fantastic bundle.. So much to keep me busy learning from some of the best within the photography community . I also love the fact we can choose the charity. – Kathryn Young | VIC, Australia

Superb deal with a wealth of marvelous content ! It’s so cool to get so many courses from great photographers, and also Lightroom and Photoshop materials as well as so many things I have difficulties to wrap by head around. In some weeks of work I may be able to have a more informed opinion 😉 For the moment I am dazzled by such names as Karen Hutton, Trey Ratcliff, Lindsey Adler to name just a few. – Duy Minh VU | Ile de France, France

I’ve downloaded the eBooks over the last few days to sample the content of the 5DayDeal. Needless to say I’ve been very impressed with the professional level of the materials. I just made my first purchase with 5DayDeal and I look forward to future opportunities. The content is splendid, plentiful, and perfect for where I am in my photographic journey. In addition to the great materials, what a great way to help other through the various charities. Good job to the contributors of the 5DayDeal! – Jerry Hildeman | California, United States

I love how all the leading photography mentors in the industry collaborated for this very meaningful cause. Through their talents and knowledge, they were able to share both to charity and eager-to-learn photographers around the world. The deal is very much worth it because I am able to learn a lot from these talented artists and at the same time I was also able to donate to charity. Thank you for this awesome bundle! 🙂 – Lemjay Lucas | Philippines, Singapore (Logo available)

I love the 5DayDeal bundles, because you get an incredible amount of high quality education videos that can help you developing your skills and your way of working. At the same time 10% of the purchase price goes to charity! Thumbs up to the 5DayDeal Team and the creators! I can highly recommend this bundle! Don’t miss this opportunity! – David Johansson | Tyrol, Austria (Photo Available)

That’s a terrific package.. yippiee.. I couldn’t believe when I first heard about it in a podcast, but here I am.. got it!! 🙂 thanks!!!! The posing tutorial by Lindsey Adler itself was enough for me to get the deal, however, was thrilled to see baby photography tutorial as well. That and so many more products bundled here are well worth for the small price I pay. Oh, and part of that goes to charity as well. Can’t ask for more! 🙂 – Mohan Bala | Tamil Nadu, India

I can’t believe how many world renowned photographers are included in this bundle. This is like the All-Star lineup and we get to have VIP access. There are so many talented artists work that I have been wanting to learn from and this deal gives us the opportunity to have access to so many resources all at one time at such an amazing price. – Serge Skiba | Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (Photo Available)

This is an amazing value, and a great opportunity to help out some great causes. From the wine photography tutorial, to event photography, to the awesome Topaz tools and libraries of development presets, this is going to save me a ton of time by learning from seasoned pros instead of trial and error, working with some amazing software that boosts productivity, and gives me a creative kick in the pants when I’m feeling uninspired. Get it now and thank yourself later. And while you’re at it, double the charitable gift – it’s only $9.70 extra, and when you consider how much the contributors have donated to help these charities, that’s just a drop in the bucket. – Daniel Wilson | Napa, California, United States

I am an amateur photographer.. This bundle is so full of information and such an asset to have. It will teach me a lot of what I wish to know from professionals who have the knowledge and hopefully move me up a level or three. I believe it will help me achieve a goal I’ve put off for sometime. I’m planning to retire in January and would like to make a little side money with my photography. This bundle will give me some of the knowledge I need to take me there. – Camille Coffman | Florida, United States

Wow! what an amazing deal with sooooo much variety!!!!! Can’t wait to tryout all these fantastic resources. There is so many different genres of photography explored here with many top industry pros. Its remarkable how many overlays and filters that are in this 5DayDeal bundle! I was hoping to get a couple of filters but man this is lots! I am also looking at reading the e-books and learning some useful techniques from pros that I admire but have not had the pleasure of reading. I am also looking forward to the 450 plus light room presets! I am very new to light room, so this should up my game considerably. – Frank Soliz | Texas, United States

I’ve taken advantage of these deals in the past, and hope to find one or two good programs or courses to make them worth the cost. I always find a lot more and look forward to the goodies this time around! This is over 90% off so you need to find just one good preset or filter to save you an hour of time editing, or a course that will inspire you to be just a bit more creative or save time and it pays for itself. I’m a believer, and the money goes to good causes which makes it even sweeter. – Jerry Alt | IL, United States (Logo available)

Great Deal!!! Hoping to get better at my skills with these – Great Price. I missed these deals previous years and was waiting on it to open this time. Inclusion of Very versatile and diverse techniques and artist make this bundle a must have. I have been following Trey, Jimmy, Serge and likes and really been inspired. – Dinesh Shilpakar | California, United States

Great initiative, love the combination of learning and charitable gifting! I am always looking to learn more about photography but it can be quite pricey and the content can vary. With 5daydeal you get an amazing discount on lots of really good content. Plus you get a charitable Aura for also giving to great organisation. The best combination of social conscience and learning about photography! – Cynam KIM-Blackmore | Ballarat, Australia

Though plenty of free stuff exist online, you can’t beat this current deal. Excellent package with years worth of tutorials. Can’t wait to start expanding my knowledge. For less than 100 bucks you can’t find a better deal. Take a few minutes to review the offerings and invest in your future career or take your hobby to the next level.- SHERIDAN Carrington | TN, United States

This is one of the most valued bundles you can get. I’ve usually buy from another site but this bundle has way more stuff for the cost. It’s really a great value if you want to take your photography to the next level. I’m also happy to see some of my favorite photographers work included in here. I can’t wait to try out these amazing presets! – Kerstyn MacQueen | British Columbia, Canada

5DayDeal is such an awesome organization! I am getting items to help me become a better photographer! Being an amateur I can use all of the help I can get! 5DayDeal is definitely helping me! There are so many different resources available and I can’t wait to check out the downloads I just received! – Sarena Foreman | California, United States

A great way to learn about photography and the photographers who offer instruction. There are so many different instructors and so many different types of instruction, that the 5DayDeal will be a never-ending source of instruction and inspiration. I know that I will be using this for many years to come to inform my composition. As I move up in experience and take photography to the next level (semi-pro), I’ll grow into some of these materials and they will take on new importance and new meaning as I move forward in photography. – Kenneth Pringle | Nevada, United States

A great package with so much value. Great ebooks and photography presets there are more tools than I can probably use. It will take me all year to get through most of this. I can’t wait to start reading and trying the new things from great instructors and photographers. It is amazing to put that much value in one deal and then to add the contribution to charity on top. Fantastic. – Robert Peterson | CO, United States

Buying one of your bundles is like a lifetime of christmas presents. So much information, tutorials and goodies it’s almost overwhelming. This will be the second bundle I have bought.  I am completely self taught in photography and photoshop so any opportunity to further than knowledge is great. I love that not only do you offer these amazing deals but you have a social conscience too. Keep up the amazing work. – Annie DE MONTALK | Auckland, New Zealand

The 5DayDeal is one of the most amazing photography deals ever and gives charities a great boost. I have purchased every one and find the information available to be invaluable. It’s a great way to delve into subjects that you may not have thought would interest you. The variety of subjects, tutorials, e-books, videos is outstanding. – Mary Coles | NSW, Australia

I was skeptical about this deal at first. Once I read about the causes being sponsored I thought i’d give it a shot. I didn’t expect the volume of articles I received. they’re not kidding when they said we’d be getting our money’s worth. I did a complete 180 on my thoughts about this. Very well done and highly recommend this. it’s never too late to learn or learn too much. – ron bulger | Fla, United States

As the previous years, I’m looking forward to loads of new information, videos with top notch instructors, tutorials, presets and new insights into photography. A lot of new materials to give me new ideas to change and improve my own photography work. Just loving it and need to find time in my schedule to get started and working on it! – An Van de Wal | Antwerp, Belgium (Logo Available)

The deal is ALWAYS AWESOME, so many new learning opportunities from so many great teachers – i get the deal every year, and you get to give to charity as well – everybody wins!! It’s the most fantastic learning resource whether you are new to photography or an old hand (or even somewhere in between) – Matt Pereira | UK, United Kingdom

I just love 5 Day Deal and all the amazing content and information they deliver with this complete photography bundle. The provided photography ebooks, Lightroom presets and training tools are incredible. It’s definitely one of the best money and time-saving bundles I have purchased in a very long time. – Vladimir Petek | Zürich, Switzerland (Photo Available)

This is my first time buying Photography bundle. I am very impressed! It is an incredible amount of products packed with a very good and practical learning materials, for a very symbolic price. I would recommend it for anyone who would like to get inspired and bring their photography skills to a higher level. So much to learn! Thank you for putting this bundle together. Natalia – Natalia Tull | Maryland, United States

Thank you for that great project again. It is not only good for us to to have a chance to improve with amazing offers but also a chance to help charity. I purchased the last years deal and now purchased this years deal – and hopefully continue doing it. The value add to me was amazing from last years package and this year is amazingly promising. Thank you again for that great service. – Onder Gurkan | Ankara, Turkey

Wow, incredible value for so little money! I’m really kind of upset I only get to learn about this now, and not already some years ago! Seriously, the material in this bundle helped me a lot. High Quality Tutorials are hard to come by these days, especially if you can’t afford to pay a fortune for it. So that’s why I’m really grateful for this Deal! – Paul Harludo | Bavaria, Germany

It’s the third year I subscribe to the 5DayDeal photography bundle and this because the first two bundles in 2014 and 2015 were awesome with tons of amazing useful material to watch, to read, to try. In one word to learn! And another important thing is that you can learn at your own pace and can share all the downloads through you devices like your Mac and your iPad. I watch the videos when cycling in gym and … times fly, I get fit and I learn! – Mauro Moroni | Milano, Italy (Photo available)

I am so impressed by this years 5DayDeal. As someone who is passionate about photography, and wants to learn how to improve, this is a grand offer. I love the selection of online courses and books, by some of the best names in the business. It is brilliant to try other areas of photography that I would likely not have thought to try if it was not included in this awesome and totally unmissable offer! – Heidi Shaw | London, United Kingdom (Photo available)

I’ve been following and supporting the 5DayDeal offer since its inception. Love the content and look forward to each years offer. most of the content is highly valuable and relevant to my business and passions now. The tutorial videos are particularly useful. and the downloads are easy to do. – Rob Skovell | Victoria/Melbourne, Australia (Photo available)

This is my first time buying the 5DayDeal Bundle. This bundle looks pretty sweet with all of the great contributions from all of the different online photography experts. I see a bunch of people I already follow and a lot that I did know now about. I can’t wait to go through all the awesome materials, learn a bunch of new tips, tricks and techniques and find discover some new photography experts to start following online. – Christopher Nordone | NJ, United States

I love 5DayDeal!!! Some of these prices are unbelievable! This is a great resource for photographers of all stripes. The deals really cannot be beat. I have only known about the website for a short time now, but I continue to be impressed with the products and services available. I was skeptical of the prices at first, wondering what the catch was. There is none! It’s just a great deal. – Chris Brown | MO, United States

A ton of great resources regardless of your skill level and tools for use in everyday processing. Many of these resources are normally priced higher than the cost of this special deal. Put them together with important charities being supported and how can you walk away without contributing ? Looking forward to digging into all the resources. – kenneth wojnar | pittsburgh, pa, United States

I was really bummed when I missed the last 5DayDeal. So I was very excited when I saw Zack Arias post about it on his Instagram feed. So glad that I bought the bundle this time around! I’m especially looking forward to the post processing material. I’ve basically been a Photoshop novice for 16 years now, and I really want to get better at using it. – James Parent | Maryland, United States

So excited to be part of this deal! I could not believe how much is included in this offer. Truly a blessing to my business. I love learning how to not only improve my work but be more productive/efficient. I am excited about the variety of areas included: composition, workflow, business, ebooks, and so much more! I am a member of Cole’s Classroom and look forward to all of the great additional resources I am getting with this deal. – Christine Brown | Illinois, United States (Logo available)

I have been purchasing “The Complete Photography Bundle” for the past several years. In fact, I always look forward to this deal every year. It is just a great value! There is so much stuff in it, with things in it that I would probably never consider or purchase by itself. But I get them in this bundled deal. The Complete Photography Bundle is like a BIG gift package to myself just waiting for me to open and see what I get this year! – Allan Ogilvie | British Columbia, Canada (Photo available)

I bought the 5DayDeal photography bundle last year and the amount of helpful information and resources for a small cost is a steal! From landscapes to studio lighting and editing techniques, this package helped me to grow so much as a photographer. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my workflow and the final results! – Daniel Seo | Sydney/NSW, Australia

I am always looking for ways to gain some additional knowledge to help me improve my photography techniques, and I have already spend hundreds of dollars on classes at local camera centers, DVD courses, magazines, books, and online photography courses.  This bundle packs in a great number of resources from a variety of different photographers. If you can gain 1 or 2 tips from just a few of these photographers and courses, you can vastly develop and improve your own creative vision which, people will be able to see in the pictures you take. – Leonard Kikstra | Wisconsin, United States (Photo Available)

What a great deal! It kept raining additions to the bundle. Noticed that some of the faces and/or names rang a bell when I was scrolling thru the very long list. Stoked to try out all of it and learn to take better photographs. Hopefully it will help me and many others. I’m sure there will be a lot of interesting things to keep me busy from reality and non photographical pursuits… Cheers! – Jan Bronkhorst | Vlaams Brabant, Belgium

I have already read a few of the ebooks and there is always something new to learn no matter how accomplished one may think they are. Can’t wait to dive into some of the tutorials and expand my repertoire beyond landscape and macro. A great way to learn if you don’t have the time or the big bucks to attend seminars on the other side of the continent,. At least this way you have a primer to pique your interest in a subject and then you have a better idea if a certain genre is what you were expecting. – Keith Doucet | Nova Scotia, Canada

The best investment a photographer can make in their business is education. Their gear can only take them so far. This bundle features the best information from some of the finest professionals in the world. Not only is the $97 a fantastic deal, a portion of every sale goes to charity. It just goes to show that photographers are some of the best people on earth, looking to help those who are in need of a little lift in life. – John Wirick | PA, United States (Photo Available)

I purchase this deal every year because it is unbelievable value for money!! Each year everything is new – nothing repeated, If you are a professional photographer, a semi-professional, a keen amateur or someone who wants to learn more about taking and making better images then this is a bargain not to be missed. Enormous discounts! For $97 you get 60+ hours of video training materials; 450+ Lightroom presets; 15+ Photography E-books; 380+ Actions, Overlays and Textures. Not to be missed! – Errol NIBLETT | Poitou-Charentes, France

I purchased the first Bundle offered and I must say the wealth of information was staggering. I highly recommend any of the packages offered to artists of all levels as even learning one new technique that further enhances your craft is worth the cost. Many thanks to those who put this together for the community at large and for the philanthropic work that results. – Michael Virts | Maryland, United States (Photo Available)

Fantastic way to encourage photographers to grow, while helping charities. As photographers it’s easy to keep acquiring gear, but the smart move is to acquire books, to take more courses, and use presets to inspire new directions. This deal is great for pros and enthusiasts! I can’t wait to read the client success, studio communication guide, that looks really useful. – Andy Beales | Worthing / West Sussex, United Kingdom (Photo available)

It`s my first time buying the bundle, and I could not be happier with my purchase! I look forward in doing all the Black and White courses, videos, post-processing and more! HDR courses from Serge Ramelli are of great interest, and I`m going to start it ASAP! There is SO MUCH information that I`ll need a lifetime to enjoy everything! 🙂 Charity Match is also a great initiative, and I truly recommend everybody to enroll. – Leonardo Ruggeri | SP, Brazil

The number of fantastic photographers and educators sharing their valuable experience in this deal is priceless. The package can only add tremendous value to the industry while supporting such worthwhile charities! I have enjoyed both previous years and can only praise the high level of value on offer. I will draw on the content for years to come and hope the 5DayDeal continues in coming years! – Terence Randall | Melbourne, Australia

5DayDeal is such a great professional development resource. As someone who works in professional development in higher education, I can truly appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating this type of bundle. 5DayDeal has helped me to learn new techniques and brush up on my skills. I am of the opinion that you are never done learning or growing. There is a wealth of knowledge included in these bundles and I’m so glad that there is an easy way to access it all! – Samantha Seeley | New York, United States

I have seen these deals in previous years and just scrolled passed them, but whether it was the ambition to finally start taking my passion for photography seriously, or the great collection of workshops and e-books on offer this year, this time I decided to take up the offer… And I’m so glad that I did! I’ve yet to fully deep-dive into every course (theres a lot!) but just through skimming the collection and reading about the talented people responsible I know I will have a blast learning from and exploring this bundle! And can I just also say how happy I was to see the ‘Charity Match’ feature of the sale, what a great idea! Keep up the great work! – Tom Genek | Queensland, Australia

I have purchased previous 5DayDeal bundles. There is so much included in these it’s unbelievable. I also love the charity aspect, especially since not everyone is as fortunate as I. I especially like the e-books by photographers I follow and the accompanying presets and actions which I use a lot. Each new bundle is completely new and it’s amazing. – Lynn McCann | Pennsylvania, United States

Thanks guys for such an amazing photography package that will absolutely help me grow as a photographer and help me provide even more stunning and beautiful memories for my clients.. Can’t wait to give all the new filters and layers a go and read all the info in the Ebooks.. Thanks again for providing us all with such an amazing bundle and at such an affordable price.. – Kathryn Wilson | Qld, Australia

I purchased the a previous Bundle and I found it to be excellent in every respect. The Lightroom Presets were absolutely wonderful and any easy task to add to my library of photos. I have just purchased the 2016 Bundle and I am excited about downloading and learning. I cannot recommend a product more than I feel about this Bundle. – STEPHEN DALBY | NSW, Australia

This is my third time/year I bought this big bundle for all types of photographers. This great collection is made up by many big names in the world of photography. So there is a lot to learn, to read and also to use. You can also re-use it every time if you need additional information and expertise. All these resources with a big discount, at a low price and most importantly, a part you donate to charity. – Focco van Eek | Flevoland, Netherlands (Logo Available)

This is my 3rd bundle and I love the way they put them together. I don’t believe we can ever stop learning, and this is one of the best ways to do it – and we are helping others in the process. This year is no exception, and I love the fact that I can add a little more to the charity pot as well. Each time I go back to the bundle I find something new. – Mike Walker | Lima, Peru

Ohhh yeah, you have to try it! Huge discounts, professionalism. I am really happy to find this corner of the web. 😉 If you would like to improve your skills, you are in the right place. So much useful information, things you never thought about before. It will change the way how you start, process and end your work. – Laura Nagy | Baranya, Hungary

This is not just some photography courses, ebooks, and resources… this is actually a LOT of great content by some of my favorite photography content creators, By far the most attractive bundle I’ve bought this year… I can’t wait to get all this stuff on practice and keep learning and evolving!!! – Antonio Garcia | Madrid, Spain (Photo available) 

Looking forward to using so much of the package. I have done this before and 5DayDeal has been great. It is such a savings and there is so much there that anyone that gets this should be able to find something that can benefit them. Plus you are helping with charity in doing this. thank you to all of the those artists that help make this happen. – Aaron MacRogers | WI, United States

This is simply an absolutely amazing and fantastic offer which could not be walked away from, + it helps some worthy charity organisations!! I expect that this will give me many hours of training which I otherwise could not have afforded and as a result the quality of the images that I present can only improve!! I am really looking forward to getting into it and improving my skills! – Geoffrey Rhodes | Queensland, Australia (Photo Available)

This is the third bundle I’ve bought. Always a wonderful value! A no-brainier. I buy training from many of these folks during the year and they’re all first class. I like to support them with my training dollars so they continue to deliver the excellent courses and products they do. Thanks so much for putting this yearly event together. Christmas coming early, LOL! – Demetri Chramowicz | California, United States (Photo Available)

I’m very excited to start going through everything that was included in the bundle. Such a great deal for so much photography related products from amazing photographers and vendors. It was totally worth the price. I will for sure recommend the 5DayDeal to all my photography friends. I love that the money raised is going to a much needed cause. – CAROL CASIMIR | WI, United States

I enjoyed the tutorials very much and have come back for for a second time. Learning is always fun and it is easy to get distracted with technology some of the things are also entertaining. I love that they support various charities which I can also contribute to separately. I have also received thanks from friends who bought it after I told them so we have combined efforts on a few projects. – John Conway | Washington, United States

Best deal ever..There are so many amazing things in this bundle! If your wanting to learn more to enhance your photographic skills, and how to use PS CC, then this is for you. The textures and overlays are amazing. The extra bonus is that part of the proceeds are given to charity. So learning from some of the best in the industry, and being part of helping others is awesome. Thanks to those who participate in making this possible. – JoAnna Dufrene | Louisiana, United States

Can’t wait to dig in! There is so much here that I can’t even comprehend yet. Really looking forward to using the Topaz program along with my other Topaz apps that I already have. That & the Black & White books/etc are a big interest to me. There are many top names in Photography that I have been following for awhile & have purchased some of their products so I know this bundle will keep me busy for quite awhile. – Julie H | Oregon, United States

This is my third 5DayDeal that I have purchased. Love the content. So many great companies, new ideas and tools to utilize. I am still going back to each of my purchases and doing new tutorials, learning more from my previous bundles. When I saw Sarah Petty, Lindsy Adler etc among this group, I didn’t hesitate to purchase right away! Yay! – Jennifer Betteridge | british columbia, Canada (Photo Available)

I was totally knocked out by the 5DayDeal. Best deal ever!!! Have you ever purchased a good reference photography book? It can easilly cost you 40 to 50 US dollars. Now, this entire 5DayDeal cost you only US $97. Do you still need to think twice? This deal will make you smile during your dream. Trust me with zero regret. Do it now! – Winson Chiu | Vancouver, BC, Canada (Logo Available)

I have purchased a couple of the bundles offered by 5DayDeal over the past couple of years and I have been very happy with the products provided! I use most of them on a regular basis and with each bundle released comes new and exciting content! After purchasing a couple of the bundles and seeing what was included, I ended up taking classes or purchasing products from several of the photographers that have contributed to the 5DayDeal bundles. I use many of the products with both Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6 to create amazing composites! 5Day Deal also includes some great bonus content at no extra charge! The guides that are included with the some of the 5Day Deal bundles are very helpful and something that I refer back too from time to time. I think that one of the greatest assets of the 5Day Deal bundles are the very LARGE number of presets that normally accompany the bundle. Just wait until the holiday sales come out! – Sean Reese | Colorado, United States (Photo Available)

Awesome deal on a huge variety of photography items. I saw it shared by a well known photographer, i purchased the offer and shared it as well. It’s going to take a while to even make it through all the things that were included! Tons of presets for lightroom, actions for photoshop, courses, editing software plugins and so much more. It was by far worth every penny spent. With the extra charity match you get even more bonus gifts! – Brad Woods | oklahoma, United States

I am super excited to learn so much about photography! I am so impressed at the number of professionals coming together for 4 causes AND giving the public such a gift as well. This is an amazing deal that gives you the buyer the opportunity to give while getting. There are lots of great resources for every type of photography as well as tools for lightroom and photoshop. It’s great! Keep up the great work guys (midwest talk for everybody). – Ashley DeGraaf | MO, United States

This is my third year for purchasing the 5DayDeal. I can’t believe that they can offer the amount of photographic knowledge and training for such a tremendous price! The authors and presenters are top notch in their fields. I am constantly referring back to previous years of topics that I need to refresh myself in and just about everything is downloadable to hold on to. Finally, it’s great to see the charities that funds go to. – Dean Huschle | Minnesota, United States

The annual tradition continues!!! What an awesome collection this year, and I loved the added bonus of Charity Match. This is the best “win-win” in photography education, bar none. I can’t wait to dive into all of the great tutorials and ebooks, but most importantly, I can’t wait to improve on my photography skills. Thank you 5DayDeal Team!! – Daniel Mizner | NJ, United States

Really Good work by the 5DayDeal team, This is my third time I am participating in 5DayDeal. Collecting so many information regarding photography, videography & the web in bundle form is an awesome idea. I gain lots of information by these bundles. They are packed with an interesting tutorial as well as freebies like presets.Thanks again!! – Aniket Rane | Mahārāshtra, India

I look forward to this sale every year and I’m never disappointed. It is hands down the best value in photography period. My skill level has constantly seen a dramatic jump after each years offering. No matter what your skill level, no matter what type of photography you’re into, there is so much incredible knowledge to consume from the top minds in the industry it’s simply mind blowing how insane of a good deal this is. – Gage Salyards | California, United States (Photo Available)

I’ve been happy to take advantage of the 5DayDeal for the past several years and I am looking forward to seeing what this year’s deals will be. Every year, I spread the word to the members of Kendall Camera Club and we now have quite a few people who also look forward to the 5DayDeal. One member in particular has spent months watching the video tutorials from last year’s deal. She attributes her incredible improvement in photography to what she has learned from last year’s 5DayDeal. I have also taken advantage of the discounts on products and services…Topaz is one example for which I have used a discount from the 5DayDeal. – Robert Sullivan | FL, United States

I’ve purchased the 5DayDeal for the last 2 years and I am always amazed by the products that are included in it. The contributors always seem to go out of their way to offer their very best products for those purchasing the deal, and they never disappoint. In fact, there is so much included in the deal that it can be a little hard to believe that you are actually getting so much for such a small price. In addition to the amazing products is the fact that the money you spend is actually going to charities…so it is a win win deal! – Vicki Mudd | Illinois, United States

I have bought this before and you cannot be but satisfied from what you get out of this deal. It really is worth the money. You get a lot of software and resources and all for a great deal! I am still using the software I purchased from the last deal. I learned a lot from all the resources that were given to me. I also love bundles like this that help support charities. I work for a non-profit myself so I know the importance of fundraising and making sure your money goes to a good cause. – Peter Barta | Tennessee, United States (Photo Available)

It’s great to have all these products from these renowned brands and be able to get all these features for such a good price. This gives you the boost to start with a lot of advantage compared to those who don’t take the opportunity. Take the shot. A chance to change your business with great tools. – Fabian Simons | Santa Cruz, Bolivia

I love the range of stuff you guys have in your deals; shooting guides, software tips, books, videos, full online courses! What’s really been great is discovering new photographers to follow or watching guides on areas of photography I’ve never tried before and learning ideas I can then apply to my own work! – Paul Hennell | Bristol, United Kingdom

Since I have joined 5DayDeal, my skills and work have really taken a huge step up in quality. My post production with photos get amazing results when I use the presets I have ordered. I really look forward to the tutorials because I can learn new things or just confirm a technique I was using. Most of my Photoshop skills were self taught, so the tutorials are a confirmation I am doing something right. I also never used Lightroom until I joined Cole’s Classroom. Once I did that, my photography has progressed further and further forward. Thank you! I enjoy being a part of these pages. – Kellie Jo Allison | Wyoming, United States (Logo Available)

5DayDeal is a great site. Do you have in mind an idea for a creative business? Do you need help? 5DayDeal is like one stop shopping for educating yourself as you get your creative business off the ground. I found the information very helpful! There are a variety of resources!  – Margret Beeching | Manitoba, Canada

I’ve bought the last two deals from 5DayDeal, each one contained a wealth of information and useful stuff for me in terms of improving not just my photography but also the business of photography. For example there were template emails in there to give you a starting point when communicating with clients, video tutorials demonstrating skills and techniques and teaching you how to do them and ebooks so you can keep learning even while on the train 🙂 All in all it is outstanding value for money and full of information, tips, tricks and techniques from some of the biggest names in the business. – Andrew Proudlove | Stredocesky, Czech Republic (Photo Available)

I’ve purchased the 5DayDeal in the past. There’s a lot of great info for learning and downloads for LR and PS presets/actions. You receive a wealth of knowledge from some of the world’s best photographers. Plus you’re helping several great causes. I highly recommend the 5DayDeal to amateur and professional photographers alike. – Toni G | Indiana, United States (Photo available)

I purchased the 2015 bundle. As someone just starting out, it was a wealth of information that I refer to often. The bundle hits on so many topics and there is something for everyone regardless of where you are with your photography or your business. It’s a really great all encompassing package not to mention a fantastic deal supporting a great cause! I will be purchasing the 2016 bundle also, – Christine Dreger | AB, Canada (Logo Available)

The last bundle was the first one I tried. I am hooked. Enjoyed all the tutorials very much. So many good things and great support. Really looking forward to the next one. I have been reviewing and referencing it all year. Thanks so much for putting together such an interesting and informative collection ! – Holly Eschrich | Los angeles, United States

I purchased the 5DayDeal last year. It was a great value & a fantastic learning experience! It is jam packed with lots of great information, videos, tutorials and course content. There are many presets available for both Lightroom and Photoshop and excellent tips to improve your photography skills. Don’t miss the opportunity this year. – Stephen Hops | Ontario, Canada

I have been supporting 5DayDeal for the last four projects. 5DayDeal has been providing great products with great value for money. Something nowhere to be found. I really love the giveaway contest during each launch of a project. Furthermore, you can help others with the charity partners as you save. Loving it! – Zihao Zhuo | Singapore, Singapore

Love the deals and the site always have the best products at the best prices. Far better than any of the other so-called deal sites I’ve visited.With up to date information and specifics of all the products you carry. I’ve found everything I have needed for my up and coming Photography start up. I have recommended this site to not only people I know in the business but friends and family as well. – Donald Almendarez | Texas, United States

These deals have always been amazing. I did it the last times these offers were up and the crazy value you get for your money is a no brainer; even if you only use one thing, you get so much for your money. as an extra bonus, it’s icing on the cake that a charity gets to benefit from the money you put in too. – Vissal P | South Jordan, United States

Having already purchased the 5DayDeal for 2 consecutive years plus the 5DayDeal business package I’m still lining up for another one. That’s just how good a deal you get. It’s not to be missed something there for everyone.  – John Lambe | N.Ireland, United Kingdom (Photo Available)

Very excited that this deal is going on – I have participated and I have bought before – it has been wonderful to have access to a wealth of resources, information and education by the very incredible creatives and best instructors in the industry. I have found 5DayDeal to be a true investment while doing something great in the process. I am very grateful for these grand opportunity, no-one should pass up. – Allie Miller | Atlantic Beach, United States (Logo available)

Wow is the best way to describe the bundle I purchased. So. Much. Information. Correction . . . So. Much. Awesome. Information!!!! Thank you 5DayDeal for putting these bundles together. There is an incredible amount of learning materials, files, templates included. It definitely takes quite a bit of time to download and then tons of time to go through it all. 5DayDeal, you rock!!! – Elaine Hughes | NC, United States (Photo Available)

Greatest deals! Really thought through to give everyone more than they want. I’m an amateur photographer and currently looking for any reading materials that I can find to increase my knowledge. I came across this jaw dropping 5DayDeal. I recommend that anyone who enjoys photography and would like to expand their knowledge base take advantage of this great deal bundle. – Jhons W. | Asunción, Paraguay

I bought the last version and was amazed by the quality and richness of the content at an incredible price. These are real professionals teaching in a comprehensive way for the amateur or the aspiring professional. When you look at the pricing, there’s no way to refuse. Can’t wait for the new bundle….. – Luis Pinto | California, United States

Well, all we know how incredible the great people of 5daydeals are!!! They know how to add complete joy to a photographers day. Giving us an opportunity to lessen our financial burden by giving us important tools needed everyday allows us to focus on shooting. No matter if our love is in the field or in the studio many factors go into our love to get that shot. To have these guys step in to help make dreams come true is such a true blessing. – Tracie Bruno | Louisiana, United States

I look forward to these 5DayDeal bundles. I follow a good number of photographers, software Guru’s, youtube videos, workshops, read books, preset purchases and you name it…..when it comes together in a great bundle such as what you put together, I feel like it is Christmas all over again. – Ruth Drews | Florida, United States

I’ve bought two 5DayDeal bundles and they are amazing. I got so much for a tiny fraction of the price! Sometimes just ONE of the items is worth more than the whole bundle! From ebooks to presets and videos. There is so much useful stuff! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. I love the fact that a percentage is donated to charity! – Matea Michelangeli | Florida, United States (Photo Available)

I have bough one bundle and to be honest, you’ll never get a bigger value for a smaller price if you are in the industry. I have enjoyed many tutorials, used luts and other things from this bundle! Have fun joining the give away and check out their next photography bundle as well! Even though I’m a filmographer this bundle has even caught my attention! – Wisse Stolk | Utrecht, Netherlands

I purchased the last 5DayDeal and am EXTREMELY pleased with the contents and content of the materials included. Well worth the money I spent. I have not yet finished mastering (not even close) all the previous material and yet I am looking forward to this new deal. It is a fantastic package that you will have for years to come and makes a great reference library for future use. I have also used it to help teach my daughter some of the techniques I use in my own photography. – Matt S | NH, United States

I have purchased three of your earlier deals and each one of them was totally worth the purchase price. In addition, the satisfaction of helping out deserving charitable organizations is a big bonus. Just keep it up. I will always be interested and look forward to this every year. There is so much excellent content that it takes me a few months to really watch/read and absorb. I wish and hope that you will able to keep up this good work for a long, long time. I want to thank all your top notch contributors for the excellent material they provide at such throwaway prices to enable a good cause. All the best.

– Suresh T. | India

I bought the 5DayDeal last year and have no hesitation buying it again, as what was offered surpassed all of my expectations. I can’t wait to see what is included in this year’s package, as what was included last year kept me busy all year. One thing I really enjoyed was the breadth of what was offered, there was very little in the package that I did not feel was useful to me, and it even got me to try some things that I might not have if I had not bought the 5 Day Deal.

– Andrea W

I purchased the 5DayDeal for the first time last year and Wow what a value! I’m so happy I purchased it, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this years deal as well! There’s so many things covered that there is something to everyone, no matter what you photograph, and you can still find a lot of useful information on the courses that don’t necessarily apply to your style of photography.

– Henna Metz

I’ve bought 2 5DayDeal bundles before, and the sheer amount and quality of the materials they contain is priceless! The calibre of the various authors contributing to the mix speaks for itself, and the selection of products chosen shows an experienced ‘eye’. No filler here, just pure top level stuff… and some of it is exclusive – you won’t get it anywhere else! If you want to go deeper into the ‘sport’ of photography then these deals are highly recommended by me =) 

– Olly Dale

Fantastic bundle :). Alot of useful tips, tricks and tools for all types of photographers – and at an amazing discounted price 🙂 Definitely worth a go. And helping support a good cause at the same time just makes it so much better. Highly recommended if you want to improve your photography, regardless of current level 🙂

– Peter Castor Steffensen

All I can say is that I’ve participated in the previous two 5DayDeal packages and I have yet to use every product. It’s literally like buying small sections of a huge resource library! One of the true beauties of what 5DayDeal is doing and offering is when something photography or video related comes up, instead of scouring the internet to find something you need, all you have to do is go thru your 5DayDeal library and most likely, you’re going to find what you’re looking for! And the icing on the cake…..their heart for charities and the awesome contests!

– Steve Whitby

Each year I hear about these 5DayDeal photography deals…. but it is usually 5 days too late! This year is different finally I know long enough in advance, and as ever the deal looks fantastic. It is also fantastic that 5 Day Deal gives 10% of the money from purchases to charity. Not only can photographers get new skills from some of the best names in the industry for a stupidly low price but some of that money goes to help the less fortunate in society. Well done 5DayDeal!

– Ian Butterfield | Cheshire, United Kingdom

Over the years I have bought several bundles from 5DayDeal and they all have been just incredible and helpful. I look forward to the new deals every year! Going from business to website design, graphics to photography. I love it! I recommend them to all photographers from veterans in the field to amateurs just starting.

– Stijn willems

I appreciate that there are new offerings every year. It is truly an overwhelming amount of product for a very small investment. The content is always current and up to date. The fact that some proceeds go to charity is admirable. The discounts are just icing on the cake. It gets better every year. Thanks

– Anthony Kendall

I have gotten the 5DayDeal in the past and let me tell you, it was worth so much more than what they are giving it away for. When they it is a deal, it really is a GREAT DEAL! Don’t miss out. You will regret it if you do. There were so much regarding all aspects of photography and editing and more. There were even nice editing programs for free. It really is a great deal. You should at least give it a try, I know you won’t feel like you made a bad purchase. You will love it.

– Angela Walden

I have purchased two 5DayDeals and not only is it a great way to donate to good causes but you get a plethora of training, tutorials and information to hone your craft and grow your business. It is a win-win. I am always excited to see what the next deal is going to be. There is always something for everyone.

– Luis Gomez | Virginia, United States

I’ve purchased a photo package in the past and LOVED every single part of it! The videos, the ebooks, all of the additional material. I can’t imagine getting this good of an education at a college, seminar or anywhere else, with this quality of instruction, for this incredibly low price! I’m looking forward to the next deal, and am sharing it with my photography club members, too!

– Karin Markert

Nobody gives you so much for so less money. There is a lot of software and discounts for learning photography. I could hardly imagine how much resources I could obtain at such a reduced price: courses, videos, books, different professional software. The best of all is that some of the money is donated to charity.


I participated in last two 5DayDeals and found these a fantastic value. More than just a collection of presets, software and ebooks, these resources are an investment in becoming a better person involved in the craft of photography. These courses cover an amazing spectrum of genres of photography from world-class artists. Everyone, from a beginner to a pro will find something exciting in this bundle.

– Vladimir Lukyanov

Best way ever to get stocked up with A+ photography training, without having to spend a fortune! There are other sources of collecting training material, but nothing online compares to the assortment of material in these packages from 5DayDeal! I have improved in every single area of photography from landscapes, portraiture, lighting, post processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop, HDR. I can not wait until this deal comes out, this will be my third…

– Bernard Laplante

Do not pass up at least exploring this deal! 5DayDeal offers incredibly attractive deals and support charity at the same time. Win, Win, Win! I’ve purchased two previous deals and have loved the offerings and greatly appreciated the tools and tutorials to help me step up my photography. Not having a camera store within 2.5hrs, these opportunities are very important for me to learn from the best and learn about how to best use the tools the pros use.

– George Neill

I look forward to this opportunity every year! The products offered are first rate. I especially like the top notch courses that are part of the bundle. And the price is crazy low! On top of all that, I get to choose some very worthy charities to help out when I order. Can’t wait for this next offering!

– Lawrence Nevins

It is hard to find good tutorials, especially in one place. The 5DayDeal helps you learn, and continue learning, in order to improve your photography skills and business. The caliber of professionals that collaborate to provide this deal is well worth the investment. Attaching to it a variety of deserving charities makes it a win-win situation.

– Marusi Setta

5DayDeal changed my life and formed my creative photography trends. Professional and creative programs offered are essential for any keen professional or enthusiast photographer who strives for quality and distinguished workflow from taking photos to finalizing delivery to customers. Thanks 5DayDeal! I became addicted to your deals!

– Bassem Sherief

There’s no other deals like this in the creative industry. I buy it every time no matter what because the value is outstanding and the content is always by the best in the business. Absolutely outstanding. There’s no way you can get through all of it before the next one rolls round. If you’re on the fence about this, don’t be, there’s nothing else out there as good as this.

– Travis Longmore

I bought the bundle on business photography it has been (i am still reading the material😊) however what i have read so far has been amazingly helpful for my starting business. I am grateful for 5DayDeal and their bundles which made all these material available at such low cost; especially for starting photographers. And it is such peace of mind to know that they are helping all those non-profits organizations. Very good please doing so, i am happy to keep supporting you.

– Marcos Enrique II Ruiz Rivero

I got the 5 DayDeal towards the backend of last year (2015) and it changed my life. The value of the complete deal was exceptional. All the material offered was outstanding and I use lots of it still today. This is a great initiative and it is for a good cause as well. A win-win-win deal all round.

– Cobus Oosthuizen

I enrolled and purchased last year’s bundle. I don’t know how many times I have used the information over this last year! I have saved hours of my time with the information I received with that 5DayDeal. Plus I still receive information from many of the vendors who keep me up to date with their products and helpful information.

– Leo Diaz

Thanks to the 5DayDeal sponsors and for all those great folks who provide the products in the bundles. 5DayDeal offers exciting learning opportunities and the satisfaction of knowing that some of the funds go to support charities that are improving life for others. I’ve been pleased with the fast support that 5DayDeal provides. A fine group of folks thought up this project. Thanks for continuing it.

– Conni Taylor

You can count on 5DayDeal to always give you a great deal on great photography education! Any one of the many products included in 5DayDeal is worth what you pay for the entire package. You can’t get a better bargain than this! 

– Timothy Evans

I love the 5DayDeal! I can’t believe how much stuff they pack into a small price tag. I’m still working my way through last years products! Many of these products, especially the tutorial videos would be well more than the price of the 5DayDeal by themselves! I’m so glad they are continuing to keep this going.

– Brad Edwards

5DayDeal has mastered the art of giving more bang for your your buck! As a video professional I am always on the lookout for great tools and resources to take my work to the next level. Never have I found so many in one place, for such a low price. Plus, everything that comes with the deals is quality. Love it.

– Mike Winget | Provo, UT, United States

The 5DayDeal makes photography affordable to enthusiasts like me. An opportunity to invest in highly professional and relevant content that will otherwise not be available to me. It keeps my passion alive and allow me to grow in this fulfilling hobby and passion. I can’t wait to get into it for another term with new knowledge!!

– Frederick Greeff

THE best photography bundle on the Internet! If you haven’t checked it out and made a purchase you are missing out! I’ve been following this promotion since it’s inception in 2013. I failed to take advantage of it the first year because I thought I could do better. I was very wrong and I’m still kicking myself for not taking advantage of it. This year I will have no regrets! Do yourself a favor and check 5DayDeal out this year… do yourself a favor and buy it!

– Ken Sieglinger

Absolutely love what 5DayDeal is doing here, so many incredible resources from different photography related topics at an unmissable price. If that wasn’t enough, they also contribute to charity their earnings. If you do one thing to improve your photography knowledge this year, purchasing this offer should be it. Keep it up 5DayDeal, I’m just one of a large number of happy customers.

– Ricky Deacon

I’m looking forward to this year’s 5DayDeal. In past years I’ve gotten more books than I would have ever bought separately. The books and tutorials continue to move me to the next level of my photography. My favorite part of the 5DayDeal are the presets. I can choose from the vast number of presets that can save me immense amounts of time in Lightroom as I can achieve results with one click. Saving time. Learning lots. Being inspired. Yeah, can’t wait for this year’s 5DayDeal.

– Barb Gonzalez


Featured Testimonials

Love the 5dayDeal! I purchase every year. Can’t wait. Always such quality products for a great price.

Chad W.
Williamsburg, OH

I absolutely love The 5DayDeal! I have ordered the deal for the last 3 years and each year I am so impressed with the quality of each product offered. It amazes me that they are able to include so many great products into their offer every year at such a ridiculously low price. It’s almost as great as Christmas and I get excited as fall comes around. The anticipation is almost too much until the reveal.

Vicki Mudd
United States

Great way to get filmmaking education and products! The products are all well made and easy to use. In filmmaking any gear that helps get the job done smoothly and more easily is always welcomed. I also love the fact that you tailor your education and gear towards filmmakers and photographers because in this time and age many professionals are required to know and do both.

John Yew
Illinois, United States

This bundle is great! It offers many things which I need as a film maker, and many tools which allow me to keep furthering my career without the need of film school. This is exactly what I was looking for, and it is great that this kind of package is offered to us on a low budget. Thank you for everything!

Kacper Cebula
Illinois, United States

First time when I order something like this. It seems to be amazing, a lot of stuff! I don`t know how you guys did this but I`m thankful. I believe it worth the money ! Great deal !
It`s a good investment for a filmmaker, I`m excited to have so many lessons from professional filmmakers.

Alexandru Nazarie
Ilfov, Romania

I think it’s a well curated bundle that will be very useful to any filmmaker. It’s great that 5DayDeal makes essential gear more available by sourcing products from selected partners whilst promoting the brands we all love. They also donate to charities and every customer gains access to high quality educational tools and resources. It truly is a win-win-win!

Jerzy Gudjonsson
United Kingdom

It’s been helping me grow my skills as a videographer and has taken my quality to the next level. I can’t express my gratitude to you guys. Y’all are amazing at what y’all do and are just so great!!

Emmanuel Erj
United States

I cannot imagine a better deal for filmmakers right now than this one. If you have ever wanted to get into filmmaking but were not sure of which tools to start with, look no further. This deal has everything you need and more to ensure that you are creating quality content that will blow your audience away.

Adrian Nuño
United States

I am working as a commercial photographer for more than 30 years. I know the learning process is never ending. Whenever if need to be in front of technology and art. I have experience: every dollar spent on education I get back more than twice.5DayDeal is a great opportunity to try a lot of different lessons from top teachers. And of course, in the bundle I got helpful software for speeding my work and more open my skills.

ED Jahelka
Czech Republic

It never ceases to amaze me how much amazing content is included in 5DayDeal’s bundles. The contributors and their content have been invaluable in launching my business. I’m really looking forward to using some of the most recent bundle and training packages to develop even further. Thank you 5DayDeal. Keep pulling together these great packages!

Richard McKie
United Kingdom

Hi, I’m from Japan. It’s the first time to join the website, but first of all, I realised that here is amazing! You can purchase astonishing tutorial courses at a very low price! If you’d like to be a pro, you should join whatever you like. I am still just a beginner though. Those lessons I watch here will boost my creativity.

Takae Watanabe

I love 5DayDeal and give it five stars, because you get hundreds of dollars worth of amazing filmmaker assets, for just $89!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And at the same time you get to donate to charity!!! Thank you guys so much for doing this, this bundle will serve me well for many many years! I can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

Caden Koehl, 11 Yrs Old
United States

Video Bundle – June 2019

Rating: Excellent

What a boatload of great resources! I am always looking for rich teaching materials and 5 day deals gives me exactly that. What is great about it is that you get a wealth of material that you don’t find on YouTube or anywhere else! Many of the materials come from experts in the field of video production and draw on years of personal experience! – David Anderson | United States

Rating: Excellent

This 5 day deal has been a really great purchase so far. Between the software, the training materials and the extra content for my videos like music and effects, I’m really impressed with the quality of the content for such a great price! Plus being able to help support a charity by participating in this deal has been excellent. Thank you! – Justin Vachon | Canada

Rating: Excellent

5DayDeal might first look as too good of a thing to be true…then you actually look at what you get for the money and is the best affordable investment a creative can make in their education and software tools upgrade. I’m super impressed, really! I’m my second bundle now, and it took me basically 3 minutes to check the offer and see how good this. Thanks guys for making things possible for us, the aspiring artists out there! 🙂 – Daniel Dragoescu | Romania

Rating: Excellent

I loved the opportunity to buy so many great stuff for such a low price. Actually, I was almost buying just one of the itens of the pack for a higher price when I found this deal. I saved so much money. I’m stoked, can’t wait to start learning from so much content and using the tools and packs that came with it. – Gustavo Lopes | Brazil (Has Photo)

Rating: Excellent

I am amazed at the amount of value in the 5 day deal package! I am so stoked I bought into this and will most certainly be learning a great deal with so much content on hand. The price is unreal and what I love most is you are able to download your content right away. I also really like how they have got on board with so many different charities. – Michael Perkins | South Africa

Rating: Excellent

I purchased this bundle for the first time and I am very satisfied with it. Now I can really get started with making quality videos. A whole new era of my video production has started by this acquisition. I think this was the biggest deal I’ve ever seen and it just simply wouldn’t have been worth not purchasing it. Thank you guys for this incredible gift! – Krisztián Oláh | Hungary

Rating: Excellent

I never miss this deal. It’s a valuable resource not to be passed upon. I like downloading everything and going through it one by one. A testimonial I received from a client was, “I don’t know what changed, but your work even looks better than before.” In other words after watching some courses, my clients not knowingly noticed my work that was great before, had bumped up a notch . . . or two – Brian Nemiroff | United States (Has Logo)

Rating: Excellent

This is my first time hearing about 5day deal and man im grateful I did. I can’t believe how much content and knowledge I was able to purchase for such a low price. It’s seems a little overwhelming due to how much is packed in but I know once I get everything sorted ill be busy for a while learning all that there is to know about filmmaking. Im new to the industry so I’m excited with everything 5Daydeal has to offer. – Eric Moniz | Canada

Rating: Excellent

I am an editor, videographer and creative that uses whatever I can to love and bless people where they are at. This comes from my love of God, and having this 5-day deal is actually a big game changer for me accomplishing my vision. To learn from some of the best in the industry is a desire for all of us in the industry, so to have such easy and affordable access to them is unreal. Thank you so much for all that made this a reality. – Wesley McCutchan | United States (Has Logo)

Rating: Excellent

I’ve always wanted to be able to purchase one of these advanced courses but it was hard to accommodate it within my budget. It was awesome for Cinecom to partner with 5DayDeal and other video creators to make this available for everyone to buy and the best part is that a piece of it goes to charity. More companies need to be doing this, thank you for all the charitable things you do and making awesome deals available that seem too good to be true but definitely aren’t! – Seemab Mirza | United States (Has photo)

Rating: Excellent

I am attempting my go at being full time this year. Let’s just say it is a struggle to pay the bills and then get anything extra. This bundle made it possible for me to purchase a product I had already been wanting as well as get hundreds of dollars worth of other stuff too! From all of us creators trying to also create a living, thank you! – kyle gordon | United States

Rating: Excellent

Awesome content. A variety of jewels to boost my work. Cinema Grade is beyond imagination. So easy and powerful. I can spend only a few seconds to give a film look to my footage. Lessons learned from Barry Anderson, Hurlbut Academy are fantastic. So much valuable information about lighting that made my day. – luciano cardoso | Brazil

Rating: Excellent

I cannot imagine a better deal for filmmakers right now than this one. If you have ever wanted to get into filmmaking but were not sure of which tools to start with, look no further. This deal has everything you need and more to ensure that you are creating quality content that will blow your audience away. – Adrian Nuño | United States

Rating: Excellent

The 5 Day Deal bundle is awesome. The educational resources are great. I’m learning both new things, and getting a good refresher on stuff I learned long ago but had sort of forgotten. Plus, there are so many other discounts you get access to after purchasing the bundle. I’ve downloaded additional ebooks and Lightroom presets. It’s literally the greatest. – Nicole Rittmer | United States

Rating: Excellent

I working as a commercial photographer for more than 30 years. I know the learning process newer ending. Whenever if need to be in front of technology and art. I have experience: every dollar spent on education I get back more than twice. 5days deals is a great opportunity to try a lot of different lessons from top teachers. And of course, in the bundle I got helpful software for speeding my work and more open my skills. – ED Jahelka | Czech Republic

Rating: Excellent

It never ceases to amaze me how much amazing content is included in 5DayDeal’s bundles. The contributors and their content have been invaluable in launching my business. I’m really looking forward to using some of the most recent bundle and training packages to develop even further. Thank you 5DayDeal. Keep pulling together these great packages! – Richard McKie | United Kingdom

Rating: Excellent

Hi, I’m from Japan. It’s the first time to join the website, but first of all, I realised that here is amazing! You can purchase astonishing tutorial courses at a very low price! If you’d like to be a pro, you should join whatever you like. I am still just a beginner though, I have a passion to make videos and photographies. Those lessons I watched here will boost my creativity. – Takae Watanabe | Japan

Rating: Excellent

I love 5DayDeal and give it five stars, because you get hundreds of dollars worth of amazing filmmaker assets, for just $89!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And at the same time you get to donate to charity!!! Thank you guys so much for doing this, this bundle will serve me well for many many years! I can’t wait to see what you guys do next! – Caden Koehl, 11 yrs old | United States

Rating: Excellent

Fantastic Value, Great Resources & Huge Learning Curve Ahead – This is an amazing package of useful video tools and resources will help you improve your technical & filmmaking making skills. Does not matter your level of experience, these tools will take you to the next level. So impressed by this program – such a great online opportunity to engage in your craft. – Penny Moore | Australia

Rating: Excellent

Never have I gotten so much stuff I needed for such a cheap price and supporting a great cause. Literally, the best thing a filmmaker like me could have.  Caleb Flores | United States

Rating: Excellent

As someone who is just trying to get their foot in the door, 5DayDeal came at a fantastic time in my career, as it offered an incredible deal I simply could not miss! More than anything, I am excited to review the online videos that will help me hone in on my skills, both for photography and videography. Moreover, the proceeds go to a charitable cause, so it’s a win-win for everyone! – Jake Elder | United States

Rating: Excellent

I was skeptical at first but after seeing everything included I weighed out the pros and cons and went for it. Color me surprised, even though I cant use everything included (PC user), I did get a lot of bang for my buck and answers to questions I’ve had for years. Extremely helpful for newbies like me. – Dustin Beadle | United States

Rating: Excellent

What a boatload of great resources! I am always looking for rich teaching materials and 5DayDeals gives me exactly that. What is great about it is that you get a wealth of material that you don’t find on YouTube or anywhere else! Many of the materials come from experts in the field of video production and draw on years of personal experience! – David Anderson | United States

Rating: Excellent

Such a brilliant idea, creatives can purchase some high end professional development training programs at a really affordable price point and support some amazing charities at the same time. The training available through the 5 day deal is incredible and absolutely priceless for anyone in the video creation game! – Adam Griffith | Australia 

Rating: Excellent

This one of the most amazing initiative and bundle I have ever seen! next to paying dirt cheap for lots of products and knowledge, a part of that money also goes to charity! Highlights for me in this packaged deal was the Hurlbut academy course and the action elements assets! Satisfied to no end with this purchase – Stefan van t Klooster | Netherlands

Excellent assistance for making dreams become reality! I went to film school, Full Sail University— but in the digital age, one must stay on top to succeed. Yesterday’s information is too late, this is what is going to put me over the others in my pursuit of excellence!  Cheers to all those involved! – Michael Joshua | United States

Rating: Excellent

Amazing! sometimes you just need to put the trust and start investing in something , in you , In order to become better! I want to thank everyone that put their work in! I love it ! This is my second year that bought this 5DayDeal. And to get a quick summary , Just do it ! you will never regret spending a couple of bucks on smth that is worth much! – Valentin Boaza | Germany

Rating: Excellent

What a truly amazing idea! I love the thought of helping creators both save money and grow their skills & businesses! Not too mention that it helps charity – that’s is just the icing on the cake! I am excited to see what the next bundle has in store for creators and how much they are able raise for charity. – Kurtis Ratliff | United States

Rating: Excellent

Superb deal with a wealth of marvelous content ! A ton of great resources regardless of your skill level and tools for use in everyday processing. Many of these resources are normally priced higher than the cost of this special deal. Put them together with important charities being supported and how can you walk away without contributing ? Looking forward to digging into all the resources. – Andris Koemecs | Latvia

Rating: Excellent

I have purchased the video creator’s bundle twice and I have learned so much. The price is such an amazing deal. The bundle is packed with value for novice and seasoned professionals alike. This is a must-have for anyone that uses a camera or a smartphone to capture video. I have only been creating content for about three years and a good percentage of the knowledge I’ve gained has come from using the resources provided in this bundle. Not to mention, you’re contributing to a good cause. A total win-win. – Quin Parmer | United States

Rating: Excellent

Year after year both the photography and videography bundles come jam packed with useful resources, production elements and training. From beginner to advanced there is always something great in these bundles which are different every time.I mean come on it’s a win win! I have been in the video business for over 25 years and these bundles are well worth the money!! Thanks 5DayDeal, you don’t disappoint – Jonathan Periard | Canada

Rating: Excellent

I have purchased the video creator’s bundle twice and I have learned so much. The price is such an amazing deal. The bundle is packed with value for novice and seasoned professionals alike. This is a must-have for anyone that uses a camera or a smartphone to capture video. I have only been creating content for about three years and a good percentage of the knowledge I’ve gained has come from using the resources provided in this bundle. Not to mention, you’re contributing to a good cause. A total win-win. – Quin Parmer | United States

Rating: Excellent

Superb deal with a wealth of marvelous content ! A ton of great resources regardless of your skill level and tools for use in everyday processing. Many of these resources are normally priced higher than the cost of this special deal. Put them together with important charities being supported and how can you walk away without contributing ? Looking forward to digging into all the resources. – Andris Koemecs | Latvia

Rating: Excellent

Honestly, when you have this collection of content and a great foundation to donate to, it’s a no-brainer. I have been purchasing the 5daydeal since 2016 and it is a plethora of amazing content. The training videos, educational videos, tutorials, pdfs, promo codes are worth much more then their weight in gold. I may not be diving deep into studio lighting at the moment, but in about 3 months, I’m absorbing the content without a misstep. Thank you guys so much for such a collection year after year. – Alexander Michl | United States

 Rating: Excellent

I Like the 5DayDeal bundles, because you get an incredible amount of high quality education videos. Great opportunity for acquiring immediate access to the kind of knowledge we usually need most. And I was stoked when I saw the 5DayDeal advertised online. 5DayDeal Not only does this benefit others, but this is by far the best value around. – Yagesh Shanmuganathan | Sri Lanka

Rating: Excellent

I hear from you guys two years ago from a youtuber. I was fascinated by the prices and the amount of knowledge you share. I bought immediately without hesitation. Was for me very good because I learn a lot and know that you give some money to charity, I love to see more every year and share my experience with many people. – Camilo Gomez | United States

Rating: Excellent

Year after year both the photography and videography bundles come jam packed with useful resources, production elements and training. From beginner to advanced there is always something great in these bundles which are different every time. I mean come on it’s a win win! I have been in the video business for over 25 years and these bundles are well worth the money!! Thanks 5DayDeals you don’t disappoint – Jonathan Periard | Canada

Rating: Excellent

There are so many deals online that are too good to be true, but this NOT one of them. Not only the bundles are so useful and great, you will save a your pocket and also save the world because part of your purchase will go to charity. Till this day, I am still using the bundle purchases to create my work. – Isazaly Mohamed Isa | Malaysia 

Rating: Excellent

I picked up the 5DayDeal a few times in the past. It is always jam packed with amazing products such as presets, training products, special discounts and so much more. Most importantly though you get all this for such a great price and, what’s more, you’re helping charity by buying it. A no brainer! – Joseph Barge | United Kingdom

Rating: Excellent

A very valid way to get a lot of great learning information for very little money. Basically, if you buy the courses separately it will be way more expensive. The best part is that you can not only learn about new educational stuff but also get training materials from schools like Hurlbut Academy or Color Grading Central. Thank you guys!!!! – NIKOLAY CHERNICHENKO | United States

 Customer Testimonials

Video Bundle – June 2018

There’s no other website with better bundles than 5DayDeal. Everything just leads me back here. I’ve heard it from friends, family and seen it on social media. Not only do they give away great bundles, they also make sure it’s for a good cause or it helps someone. Whether you want to learn or just feel like treating yourself. This is the right place to be at. – Rebecca Mendoza | United States

Wow, this is awesome! I am a filmmaker, video editor, stills photographer, retoucher, and an audio engineer based in Sweden. To find great deals for gear and training all in one place is a blessing, and a huge money- and time-saver. Simply awesome that I can save money, and also stay up to date with the latest in one platform. I’ve followed Shane Hurlbut for many years and I’m glad to see that you’ve teamed up with him as well. So glad I found 5DayDeal! Thank you! – Stefan Lundaahl | Sweden

I’ve owned every 5DayDeal since 2015 and can’t be a happier customer. Not only do I get to help a really good charity, but I get access to some of the best training and tools available. As a working photographer I find the information provided invaluable and worth every penny and more! Thank you 5DayDeal team for what you do! – Steven Hendricks | Japan

I participate in the 5DayDeal every year. It’s really incredible to see so many of the giants in our community come together to help all photographers advance their craft. I look forward to this every year and am really excited for this years announcement and lineup. In my first year participating I told all of my second shooters and photographer friends all about it so they can take advantage too. – Lawrence Ream | United States

As a budding filmmaker, I really appreciate places like 5DayDeal who give us a leg-up when we’re trying to get off the ground. The gear, software, and training resources you can get here are phenomenal – everything and anything you could possibly need and/or want to get off the ground as an artist. Thank you! – Roni Ram | United States

Love the idea of getting valuable content, while supporting sensitive causes that help those in need. I have been constant supporter, and needless to say I find the resources and content super useful. It has helped develop my skills and provided many tools to improve my craft. I can totally recommend it!  It is one of the best opportunities to have access to tons of essential and very useful info. – Ricardo Groenke | Venezuela

I had this lifesaving experience with 5DayDeal. Me and my Mom went to South Africa for a research project. My mother got got seriously injured, and the hospital didn’t have all the medicines – but after 3-4 hours a ship arrived supplying medicines and necessary items… That saved my mother life… Thank you Mercy Ships! – Khushdeep Dhir | India

I am a starting film maker, and I think having the opportunity to participate in this bundle giveaway is such a privilege. I get to have something to enable me produce better content. Many content creators, especially from Africa, do not have the privilege to be able to participate in such or even afford quality resources to give them a boost in producing their content. So this kind of opportunity is not something I personally can take for granted. – Isaiah Maghanga | Kenya

I’m a filmmaker, and we can always use more and better equipment to make higher quality films. When a company like 5DayDeal does something that can help a non-profit organization like Mr.E TV Inc. be better at its mission by giving away tools like this, they are worth supporting and telling others about. Thank you! – Earl Martin | United States

Lots and lots of great material. I hesitated and waited before I took the plunge. I’m glad that I did – there is SO much information to absorb. I particularly liked the cellphone and the how to shoot great time lapse series. Best of all though was Denver Riddle’s Color Grading Central products – Color Finale make the package worthwhile alone. Add in all of the extra material and this bundle is well worth the price! – Peter Harvey | Canada

Great products. I have used products I wouldn’t normally have budgeted for thanks to this deal and it’s nice to know part of the profits go to charity…warm fuzzies inside 🙂 My production company has grown from into the 6 digits this year in revenue partially thanks to the wonderful products and services sold here that have up-leveled my biz in ways that I never could have imagined before! – Ryan Ao | United States

I purchased the Complete Video Creators Bundle last year and was blown away by the amount of useful stuff included. Really love the high-quality courses offered, and the pricing for these bundles are insanely great!!! Especially loved the training from Denver Riddle and Shane Hurlbut. Normally, each of the courses costs more than the complete bundle. Thank you, guys! – Nikolay Chernichenko | United States

Text – Name | City, State

Video Bundle – June 2017

Absolutely fantastic bundle and I have to say you will kick yourself for missing it. For the amazing price, you will have access to tons of professional resources to help build your filmmaking skills, whether it’s using a DSLR, drone, or cinema-quality camera. This will also drastically help with post production with access to Color Finale, LUT Gallery and some amazing LUTs to go along with it. Don’t miss it! – Conor Higgins | London, United Kingdom

This is such an unreal deal! It is awesome to have offers and deals like these for smaller video teams. Having access to these great offers allows us filmmakers to better our craft and help our work reach a bigger audience, thus getting our businesses more attention and hopefully more work. A huge thanks is in order to all the folks who put this together! =] – Shane Doyle | Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

I’ve been purchasing the 5DayDeal bundles for two years now and find it almost addicting to watch the countdown timers as each new bundle gets announced. These bundles have changed my life and my business and come highly recommended. Top instruction from leading people in the industry. What more could you ask for? – Steven Hendricks | Okinawa, Japan

Huge value in these bundles! Lean from some of the industry greats at an amazing price! Buying each of these assets individually would cost me well over $2000. It’s awesome that they are all available for the low price of $97! Not to mention how awesome it is that some of the proceeds go to charity as well. So cool! Looking forward to checking out some future bundles! – Christian Pokrywka | Ohio, United States

I’m amazed by the great deals you come up every year over and over again! There is so much you get for such a small price. It is really nice to have so many options and great content for learning on the topics that are relevant to you without having to look so much . If you want to learn more about the business, the technic, the art, or others, you get it all!! Much love, Kenneth Kemp – Kenneth Kemp | Bahia, Brazil

The last video bundle that I purchased on a 5DayDeal had tons of great material, easy to follow tutorials, and lots of assets that I am already using in my workflow. Well worth the investment and a great cause. It accelerated my learning curve exponentially and introduced me to a lot of great resources to draw from. – Jackson Rose | Nevada, United States


5DayDeal is creating the opportunity for myself and others like me to grow in their dreams. I am self-taught so the tutorials are amazing for me to help further my knowledge in my craft. I love the fact that I can take advantage of the discounts that 5DayDeal provides to its subscribers, and they are quality products that we can actually use. The improvement in my work is amazing and I will continue to be a subscriber and supporter of 5DayDeal. – Ashley Nelson | South Carolina, United States

The 5DayDeal bundles are chosen with precision and intention, giving you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The fact that they partner with only industry leading brands is proof that they’re goal is to set people up for success. And, how can you not get behind a company that works with so many awesome charities. – Paulie Godbout | Utah, United States*

This is by far one of the best, most complete deals I’ve ever seen! Everything that you will ever need to start your own very complete turn-key business, along with all the tools, training, advice, and along with several valuable (and useful, too!) extras thrown in just for good measure. Most impressive. Most impressive indeed! Bravo! – Glen Gall | Freehold, NJ, United States*

5DayDeal leads the Internet in educational materials for photographers and video creators at shockingly low prices. I’m still going through everything I got in last year’s Photography 5DayDeal. And it is all provided by professional photographers who do this every day. They provide their learning in the form of e-books, videos, cheat sheets, etc. – Phil Clark | Virginia, United States

5DayDeal is awesome! I love their photo bundles. They are comprehensive and varied. I love the business bundle because it really helped me focus and organize the business side (which is usually not the most fun, but it’s something we as business owners must face and conquer.) Also, even though I don’t do other types of photography such as landscape, it’s great to get tips on that — in case a client wants me to do landscape for a job I can be ready. Plus they help various charities! Win/win 🙂 – Ivonne Carlo | San Juan, Puerto Rico / New York /NY, United States

You have the most incredible company, deals, and value that you bring to customers every day. It is refreshing to know that a passionate group of individuals are looking out for other people in the industry. You are truly adding value and helping people live out their personal and professional dreams. Thank you for all your hard work! – Billy Freeman | Ashford, Connecticut, United States*

5DayDeal is probably one of the best things to happen in the world of filmmaking today. It has provided a platform for filmmakers like me from parts of the world such as Nairobi to learn more and save more. I applaud this and will continue to support this. I have learned invaluable lessons from industry professionals and also have been able to acquire digital tools that have greatly improved my skills as an Editor and Music Video Director. Thank you 5DayDeal. – Kevin Wang’ombe | Nairobi, Kenya*

I previously bought a photography bundle and was extremely happy with the content! The video and written tutorials, along with the various presets and actions included were of great value to me at a very reasonable price! Content from the likes of David duChemin, Lindsay Adler, Joel Grimes, James Brandon, and other highly respected industry professionals was priceless to anyone, from the hobbyist to someone who is hoping to make a living in the industry. I highly recommend anyone to take advantage of one of these deals! – Mark Gommer | ON, Canada

5DayDeal had one of the best offers I have seen for someone in my industry. They offered the gear and education that I have been searching for online for a long time. As a small business owner, every dollar counts and when you find an opportunity like 5DayDeal it is an easy decision. What I received from 5DayDeal is going to help me take my business to the next level and better compete against larger companies. – Taylor Quinn | VA, United States*

To anyone who may think this isn’t a good opportunity to support charitable organizations and to get amazing steals on educational resources, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer! I have supported numerous 5DayDeals, they are incredible for education, always have amazing deals to help amazing charities out, and a large selection of professional photographers they network to help out the little guys like us! Don’t hesitate to be involved with them and their ever-growing selection of top notch gear and professional photographers that support and back them as well. – Megan Torres | OK, United States

5DayDeals is an amazing creation. Honest hard-working business bringing technological giveaways to the masses. Whether your bag is photography or videography this is the deal for you. So much equipment from Adobe, PeakDesign, Canon, MacBook, and Shane’s Inner Circle just to name some included within the 5DayDeals. – Jennifer Smith | Oklahoma, United States

This site is great for some truly great deals and information! The believe in charity and have several partners, so they not only promote something but they give back to the community. What more can you ask for? I always am on the lookout for starting a new business venture and these guys make it so easy to do that with all the knowledge that they share. Man, I wish I had discovered this site a long time ago. It would have made my life a lot easier and saved me so much time in doing hours of research. – William Kwok | CA, United States

You have very impressive high-quality video, graphics, and audio tools which are professional and extremely useful and helpful. The audio editing tools seem well made and easy to use as do the video and graphics tools. You have a great website and great discounts and you have a great Facebook page. Everything is very impressive about your company and your products. – IAN MITNICK | Maryland, United States

Wow! What an opportunity this represents! This is the kind of deal that changes lives! Just imagine the possibilities. It’s always nice to see so many big companies get behind initiatives like this and potentially give an up and coming creative artist their big break. The fact that these amazing offers also help out so many others is just the icing on the cake. – Andrew Spencer | Scunthorpe, United Kingdom*

Hi, I think this is a great opportunity for creative, entrepreneurs, and professionals to exploit all the potential they have.  Sometimes for economic reasons someone can’t get all the products or services, but with this offer, anyone can make a profit that will break the limits, to chase the dream. Thanks for this! – Prometey Sanchez Noskov | Jalisco, Mexico


Love the 5DayDeal. Have had excellent success using the techniques from the trainings purchased. Learned tips and techniques that have enhanced my professional portfolio. The training has covered photography, video, and post processing. I have actually reduced my workflow by over 50% using the training. Can’t say thanks enough to the 5DayDeal Team. – Robert Duval | CO, United States

This giveaway would be life changing to me, and I appreciate the opportunity 5DayDeal gives to its audience ❤️ I first knew about this from my email and I normally neglect such emails but this one was so interesting I couldn’t refuse , then I went in your Facebook page and learned about what you do and I automatically hit that like Button and started swimming in your posts , from this day on , I’m a keen audience for your page , keep doing the amazing and keep changing lives – Rawaa Ferjani | Tunis, Tunisia

I picked up my first 5DayDeal in 2016 and I love how I am able to expand my knowledge and help out others at the same time. Thanks to the packages 5DayDeal puts together I am able to do that. There was so much in the last deal that I am still making my way through all of it. And the classes that I would not have otherwise known about are amazing. Thank you again for all that you do to put these packages together and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the next deal. – Melissa Rushing | Florida, United States

I always buy the 5DayDeals because they have great content, tools, and discounts while providing profits to charitable causes that I fully support. Their deals support multimedia artists like myself who do photography and videography. Then there’s always awesome tutorials added as well as the designs, templates and deals which make me a better all-around artist. – Marlene Lebel | Texas, United States

5DayDeal is the only giveaway that I look forward to throughout the whole year! They simply offer the best discount deals for Photographers and Videographers – Period!!! As a Photographer in particular I always look for ways to improve and 5DayDeal offers me an affordable way to advance my skills to the next level. – Michael Tobler | Vancouver, BC, Canada

I’ve seen and bought some excellent deals on computer hardware and other items that interest me. Well-curated deal sets. I belong to many deal sites and get many emails per day or week. I throw most of them away, because they don’t relate to my interests, but 5DayDeal so often has items that make me stop and look. Their prices range from competitive to really great. Nice site! – Stephanie Gans | Los Angeles, CA, United States

You guys are awesome, thank you. It’s nice to see a company that not only does giveaways but believes in giving back. The founders and co-founders all have amazing stories. One is an award-winning landscape photographer and another a cancer survivor. This company has built up different charities and does events that have been attended by people all over the world. Gratitude and giving back is how I believe this company and others should be. Thank you for being such generous and giving people. – Ryan Gonzales | New Mexico, United States*

I love these giveaways and having a chance to win some awesome prizes!! This company has such awesome giveaways and the prizes are get awesome awesome awesomeness. They also have some very awesome deals worth the value of the money you spend and you won’t regret spending your money on their site so go ahead and make a purchase today!! – Bryan Rupel | Georgia, United States

Great Content, Supporting Charities, what more do you need for a win-win? I have been support 5DayDeal for several years and have had zero issues. Learned hundreds of hours, saved a fortune, and given back while doing it. The benefits from their partners not to mention the hours of content make it worth it time and again. – Josh Fischer | OK, United States

Just an absolutely incredible site helpful to anyone looking to attend events around the world. An incredible charitable and useful service that always provides the absolute best to each and every user. Their generosity is absolutely unmatched and they deserve each and every penny they earn. The work they do to help educate those who cannot afford a formal education is an essential service that was a giant hole until this company filled it. – Quin Voth | BC, Canada

I have bought this deal in the past and man, is it worth every penny. Do not pass this up! Every year it just gets better and better. There are just so many great teachers to learn from with so much fantastic information to pass on. Don’t hesitate, don’t wait, just get it already! What more can I say??? – Michael Thomas | CA, United States

This is a great place to learn about the industry-leading products as well as providing expert advice, professional tutorials, and all around interesting information. Great place to start for those who are just entering this industry or those who want to catch up with today’s technology. Thank you. – Stephanie Cain | Pflugerville, TX, United States

5DayDeal is a gift to every creative mind out there and is a great inspiration for those who are willing to take on a creative path in life. This opens up doors to many possibilities and the improvement of the creativity within all of us. This serves as an opportunity of every artist, photographer, cinematographer, graphic designer and many more to hone their skills and be the best that they can be in their craft. – Sigfred Navasquez | Davao del Norte, Philippines*

I’m very happy with what 5DayDeal is offering to us. I mean, man, who doesn’t love to get free stuff right? And there is more, like for example discounts for us, creators. I recommend 5DayDeal 100%. You should try them and I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Every time when I need for example new license for my editing software I just use 5DayDeal, and I’m paying much less. – Dawid Citak | Germany

What an incredible opportunity this is for filmmakers around the world. Last year I purchased the 5DayDeal purely to see what kind of learning material was on offer. Firstly I got the awesome grading plug-in Color Finale from Denver Riddles Color Grading Central, seriously brilliant add on for FCPX. Then I was introduced to brilliant Shane Hurlbut through some awesome training along with a host of other great learning material from world class trainers. This really is something else, it’s a unique deal that delivers more than it promises. Which is so very rare in this day and age. They also supported a great cause last year, I can’t remember what it was but I do know that was another perfect reason to take up the deal. To coin a phrase, Just Do It! You will be so happy. – Troy Reid | Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

I always learn from your site. Thank you. I always enjoying your videos. I hope that I will win the giveaway so I can start my own YouTube channel. keep up the good work. I hope that many people will learn from all of you. Because of you I learn how to edit some photos and videos. And it helped me to make the video presentation for my Mom. Thank you and God bless your crew. – Eugene Rence Dungca | Pampanga, Philippines

There is an amazing amount of truly valuable information within the bundles I’ve purchased! I also like that charities benefit as well. Definitely worth the small amount of money asked for, compared to what is received. The 5DayDeal bundles are not only for beginners, but even professionals will find some things that will “Wow!” them. Once you decide to purchase, you are bound to look forward to the next year’s bundle. – Diane Phillips | IL, United States*

I love the 5DayDeal bundle! I get it every year! I think it is a great deal for everyone in the photography and video community, not only for the actual content of the bundle, but for the charities it helps! I encourage everyone to get involved and get it! It is something that I look forward every year, and sign in as soon as they announce the dates. – Francisco Herrera | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Awesome what you guys do! Helping by giving stuff away that can help other people, doing what they love to do and give them a boost to work harder and achieve their goals. Useful for their own projects. This will help other filmmakers so hard to create their projects. Love this! Very Powerful! Hope this will help – Nick Willems | Antwerp, Belgium

I am so glad I purchased complete photography bundle 2016. It has helped me so much with the limited skills I had before. It has helped to keep improving and trying different styles of photography. I liked it so much that I have forwarded the information from 5DayDeal to my other photography friends in order to encourage them to join. I am now looking forward to the next installments that will assist me in improving my skills further. – Tim Austin | South Australia, Australia

Thank you again for another generous giveaway! Also, for all the tremendous good the donations have done for our world. Mercy Ships, BOMA, The Exodus Road, Smile-A-Mile, and The 5DayDeal Foundation are all worthwhile causes. Every 5Day Deal giveaways have been amazing. The prizes are definitely attention getting! They always seem to range from tools for professionals all the way down to the hobbyist. I know that the prizes are real, too, because I was lucky enough to have won a prize in one of your previous contests. Unfortunately, it was for an organizational suite and service for professional photography studios and I’m only a photographic, video and digital art hobbyist, so I let someone who could actually use the tools for their business win that prize. There’s always a good chance that my name will get drawn again, so I look forward to this, and the next 5DayDeal bundle giveaway! – Mark Dwyer | AZ, United States

So far I love this process. I’m excited to see what comes next. I enjoy all of the manufacturers involved. I will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the products in this giveaway. I appreciate the specific nature of these training modules as I have not seen something like this in the past – joe homokay | CA, Los angles, United States

Great! I like to make films, and sometimes funny videos and magic. I am 14, and I am Indonesian. I want to work in Film Industries in the Future! I have a YouTube channel for reach my dream, and it’s called TRIPLE F CREATOR! there is many a child who already start a career since they were young, that make me very inspired! – Ahmad Fauzan | Bandung, Indonesia

Fantastic website, I love entering into giveaways that will help me to expand my business. Its absolutely amazing, the kinds of things you can win on this website and the chance of success is so high, especially if you go back in and get more entries. The interface is wonderfully easy to use and the company seem really friendly and helpful. – Michael Sgro | Western Australia, Australia

I love photographing people, but not the general way of posing them, making the smile, you know the way you’ve probably been photographed many times. Instead, I like to photograph people in a photojournalistic way, allowing them to be themselves, capturing special moments, exciting moments, and yes, even sad moments. I have learned to love nature as well, flowers, plants, starts, and even waterfalls. I’ve even caught myself photographing interesting structures. Since I began photographing, it’s been difficult for me to update my equipment. I suffer from chronic migraines which make it hard on a disability budget. Winning this would be an amazing way to enjoy even being able to take more photos like I’d like! Thank you for the opportunity! – Stephenie Stanovich | North Carolina, United States

You consistently bring me and all my friends the hope we need to do what we love and We truly appreciate that. my friends and i really hope we can win . Thank you for showing that you care about the people who love what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ 😊. Carry on what you’re doing and that spreading the knowledge of photography to everyone in the world . – Ali Alriyahi | Dhi Qar, Iraq

This website is amazing, gives people the opportunity to get what they want with their great discounts, their amazing promotions per package you do not find them or for another web like amazon or eBay, this is the best site for people who quit The best but they lack a few cents in their pocket or for people who want the best but also want to save, is the best, is for everyone, and is not like all the common web pages: D – Nicolas Valbuena | Maryland, United States

As an amateur film maker/video & photo editor I am very glad of this event. You guys give people like me the needed inspiration which is same thing I do in my website. Hopefully I can get those gifts and improve myself in order to become a helpful person for world and please be aware of that you are going to give those gifts to someone who really needs if I am chosen somehow. Thank you. – Sinan Sarıçiçekli | Turkey, Turkey

I love this giveaway. I’m a 16-year-old filmmaker and photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve wanted to make movies ever since I was about 11 years old. I pushed myself to finish school early so that I can have the rest of 2017 to pursue freelance filmmaking and photography before I go to film school next year. I am actually making a short film in August which I am very excited about. Although, money is an issue, I work two jobs and am trying to self finance this film. My parents always tell me that the reason I am pursuing my dream so passionately at an early age is because apparently I am stubborn and will never stop trying. And, I think, what keeps me going is the thought that I could create something beautiful – something beautiful that could make someone cry because of its beauty; just how I’ve shed tears while watching beautiful films. That’s what inspires me. – Talitha Neville | Gauteng, South Africa

I heard about this deal through on YouTube! Never heard of it before, but I’m excited to support it and see what happens! The concept is fantastic and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it. I can tell many other filmmakers and creatives have enjoyed this deal. It’s awesome that somebody came up with this! I’ll keep participating for years to come! – Caleb Miller | Missouri, United States

I heard about you guys off of YouTube! I have always not been that great at filmmaking but these bundles have helped me tremendously. I live up in Alaska so the filmmaking community is barely here, I search all over the Internet for knowledge and people I can connect with about filmmaking. Very happy with what you’re doing, keep up the great work! – Joshua Vassar | Alaska, United States

This current giveaway strikes every filmmaker’s heart, whether entry-level or pro. The equipment is top-notch quality and overall serves what you need to complete beautiful projects! Now this is my first time participating in the Deals give away and I am already stoked as it proves to be a trusted partnership with its followers and sponsors. This is what we need in life! Yesssssssss – Eve Quiah | Ne/Omaha, United States

Great opportunity for filmmakers!  It was easy to enter the drawing. The website interface was pretty simple and easy to operate. Continue doing what you do media Producers worldwide do appreciate the opportunities you are presenting. My team and I really look forward to winning 😀 and gaining the equipment so I can begin to make improved films to display my art and make an impact in the community in which we are operating. #VisionaryVisuals #FilmMaker #Photographer #Graphic Designer – Allen Joseph | Florida, United States

I super happy for the chance at winning any of these amazing products that have been put up for this giveaway. I am loving the item of winning a drone because I have been wanting to get into flying one, but also a new MacBook would be completely amazing. It’s not every day that you can enter to win just one great item but here you have chance to win one of many great items. Thanks in advance – Ron Waller | Ohio, United States

As the filmmaker, I think this is the big chance to get more experience, to get more stuff, to get more and more. This is the big deal for all, the beginners or the pros. If you’re the beginner, you can get more experience by using new gear and also the free subscription. And if you’re the professional, surely you can improve your skill in every sides, even in shooting, editing, directing, and of course producing. Last but not least, I just want to say, ” thank you very much. ” – saudi efendi | Indonesia, Indonesia

Loved the way everything is presented and how easy everything is. Loved it. Came here while I was watching a plugins video, then got to ColorGranding central and finally ended up here, looking at the offered bundles to purchase and loving how good it is! Definitely looking here first here when looking for a bundle. – Changtse Quintanilla | La Paz, Bolivia

I would so super love to win the video creator bundle for my amazing daughter, it has it all. My daughter wants to start her own blog, she is an artist, all types of art and this would be her dream come true. This has everything she needs. Thanks for the incredible opportunity. Fingers crossed I win! – Jodi Hunter | Ga, United States

I was so excited to hear about this giveaway from Jason Brubaker! I’m a new, Indie Filmmaker, and was super happy for the opportunity to win the $10,000 prize! Just getting started with limited funds was a little daunting, but this made my day! Also, to see the discounts with Adobe Premiere Pro. That’s awesome! Thanks so much! I’m hoping, hoping that I win this!! – Rebekah Polder | Virginia, United States

I would love to have a great camera! Thank you so much for your giveaway~ I love to take pictures, but I have to use my phone as I do not have a real camera. I believe I could take some fab photos with a real camera! I would like very much to make this a hobby that I can enjoy for a lifetime and have some great shots to pass down to my children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for the chance to do this! – Yevette Parker | Tn, United States

Love the giveaway chance via Cinecom! Been a huge supporter of the Cinecom guys, and for them to be able to partner up with 5daydeal and to provide us viewers with this opportunity is MASSIVE. A variety of cool gear and great creator program discounts. What more can you ask for? Would really love to win some new DJI gear, would be huge for my videos. Thank you guys! – John Shin | New York, United States

Your deals are rich, great and unique. Thanks a lot guys!!! I hope to win some gear and Adobe CC products like everyone else participating on this giveaway.. Keep encouraging people with the best way of marketing. Happy customers, happy people! You could make such events more often, everyone would enjoy that! Best wishes for all of you!!! – Fatih Polattimur | United States

I really want to win this, because I need this gift to make my dream in film making Become Fulfilled. I’m So glad that there’s a giveaway like this. you guys are make me more motivated to be creators. Thanks guys, keep going to motivated creators like us. you help us to keep going by giving us something that we can’t get to make our film. i’am really appreciate all of thinks that you give. once again thanks guys – nabiilah syifa | Bogor, west java, Indonesia

Awesome deals and offers! The complete video creators bundle 2017 is different and since Jordy Vandeput suggested participation and I really follow him, I had to sign-up. I might use the Adobe all software code if it allows me on my existing subscription. I usually, in fact have never participated in such giveaways. Crossing my fingers and hoping to win! – Chintan Zaveri | Gujarat, India

My name is Uduak Promise from Nigeria these is actually my first time of entering I’m hoping to win in order to take my cinematography career to the next level I’m so excited and happy that people are willing to help out and make these possible these prizes are actually what I need and dream about and as such it would a dream come true if I come you have no idea how happy I would be to win – uduak promise | Akwa ibom/ikot ekpene/south south, Nigeria

I am always looking forward to see your new giveaway. I enjoy this giveaway, bundle and every giveaway bundles of yours. I enjoy seeing new stuffs you offer. I am hoping that I will win some of your giveaways one day. I`ve never won anything. I have no enough money to buy anything, so thank you for the opportunity to win something. I enjoy the most giveaway that considers NIKON D800, I really need it. Please, allow people who are not USA or Canadian citizens to TRY TO WIN NIKON D800. – Jelena Zarevac | Serbia, Serbia

I was always interested in acting or filming. This is actually my first time with the 5DayDeal. I always like people and have been very extroverted. I subscribed because I want to learn more about filming and also potentially help my video be better. I just started to upload some videos in YouTube. Before then I was mainly using it for school works but now i want to educate people. For example I am trying to work on interview different people with different careers. The reason is because I realized how many people don’t know what they want to be. I would like to help them my interviews and potentially let them see which path they might be interested. – Timothy Hwang | Kwangju, South Korea

I need to win these prizes because I want to upgrade my gear, my present gear is one of the oldest DSLR and Laptop, I’m stuck with the Canon 550d and Acer laptop that is too lag so it takes days to finish my edits. And I can Live my dream to be a YouTube Star Someday and help my parents to live in beautiful world out of poverty I wish that I will win those prizes because I have a passion in photography and videography but my gears is too old for making videos for YouTube, I cant level myself in other Youtuber because they use a high quality of cameras and they have drones, Studios and me I only have 1 old camera with a 8gb memory only and laptop. – Jahor Edzrapil | Philippines/Sultan kudarat/region 12, Philippines

Really nice deal…..thanks for giving us such chance to win….big brands….this is very useful to those who want become a photographer or something else, but because of money problems they can’t buy such things….so it is for those who don’t have money…but really wants to become something…good luck guys…and to me also because I am one among you – Premsingh Nayak | Telangana, hyderabad., India

Great service I got ever. At first I heard about from one of my friends. He told me it is a great & trusted shopping site. Then once I tried it, I found it has the best quality product and a fast delivery service, which makes a customer happy. – Rashedul Roni | Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am participating for the first time in 5DayDeal giveaway contest/box office deal and I am really enjoying it up until now. What you guys are doing for us non-important, non-popular, aspiring videographer/filmmakers/music artists/vfx editors are just incredible. I feel so bad that at my budget I have nothing to give back for what you are doing for us but give my best wishes and a huge appreciation. That’s all I can do. I want to tell to the world which I have already told to my social media followers that if you are interested in any of the above mentioned fields and aspire to make it a hobby or profession 5DayDeal is the Place for you! Thanks. – Soumanas Sarkar | Garia(Region), Kolkata(City), West Bengal(State), India

I love your deals, great contest, great content!! Everything is very easy to navigate and easy to understand. I would recommend this site to anyone who loves photography. I am the one in my family that records our history and love doing so!! I would just like to thank you so much for everything that you do. – Linda Soma | NJ, United States

I heard from this through Denver Riddle, one of the people who give input in the bundle this year. He was very mysterious but it sounds like a great deal! I am excited to see what the prices will be. If I am able to afford I will definitely get one bundle! It seems like a great opportunity to learn more and make great experiences. Thank you! – Alexandra Portele | Niedersachsen, Germany

It’s for a first time that I’m trying my luck in 5DayDeal giveaway. I found my way here by a YouTube video and I was totally surprised. It seems like guys from 5DayDeal are pretty sympathetic, because really, who could even get too many fine companies and more. I think that not only giveaway is great. You can be gifted by only joining their site. You will get cheaper offers for many editing softwares and more. That’s what I like, it gives hope to beginner artists which can learn about this stuff. I’ll try my luck in this giveaway, so are you ? – Petr Silovsky | Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Came here from FB ad.. more than usual giveaways this is much easier and transparent in nature. Hoping for a better result from 5DayDeal. Thanks for being with enthusiasts. People are looking for such things to reach more heights in the area of video production and all. Everyone see a lot of things on the internet but they are not getting it properly. Thank you once again – Yahiya Bin Zakariya | Al Rayyan, Qatar

It’s great opportunity to start as a filmmaker with great discount’s! It doesn’t matter if you are professional or an amateur there is always something to learn and that’s what these guys trying to help you with. They do giveaways, which is an awesome chance to win something what you always been dream about, and as I already said they giving you a discount to start with your editing 🙂 – Daniel Gemsa | Margate, United Kingdom

This is so great! I love the prizes that they give! They always know what the people want and are so generous to do a giveaway like this. I always put be to enter because it’s so easy to do it and I always hope for the best! The only thing that is most annoying is having to write a testimonial that has at least 300 characters lol. – Amanda White | Southern Utah, United States

This is insane. Just it! I was looking forward to this since the last edition. Thank you, guys! First time I bought it I couldn’t believe how fantastic it was. No one can find something like this, you can spend the rest of your life searching for something equal, it’s only at 5daydeal. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! – Rodrigo dos reis | mInas Gerais, Brazil

I really enjoy your giveaways! There are so many items that you’ve given away and I can honestly say that each of them is not only useful, but also fantastic. In this present contest I’m hoping to win either the DJI Drone, the Mac Book or the Camera. I have need for each of those. I can make money using either one. Thanks so much for these opportunities. – Robert Puchalski | PA, United States

What an amazing company, with extremely good deals! They’re even giving away a rad camera bundle! Just to show how sweet their deals and package is. Get on this bitchin deal, you wont be the only one! It seems to be worth the money and time! Get it while the gettins good! Learn while having fun start a new hobby or profession. Enjoy life and photograph it! – Lisa Weeks | CA, United States

Making videos is one of the most emotional things that someone could do. This kind of giveaways should, in my opinion, make people more interested in film-making process or something. Keep in mind that this isn’t enough to be a film-maker, this is just the beginning. Once you start, you’d wish to never stop and then you’ll be someone who loves, makes and do its best to make a video and give emotion to it because you just love to do that. The really best thing ever is to give a message through the feeling and sense of a great quality video, being “quality” the most of you to give. Keep up the good vibes! – Ivan Mena | Nuevo León, Mexico

It feels good to know a part of the proceeds go to charity when you buy products that help you grow! I was able to purchase many courses and Color Finale for one single price and I get to keep the course videos forever! What a great cause this is and I hope they continue to do this! I look forward to there next 5DayDeal and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us now. – Ramsey Sanchez | Texas, United States

Very nice to see that some company’s still care about their consumers. Especially students that can’t afford a lot of this stuff on their own. They help out a lot by giving back to the community and making sure people’s art dreams do not die. I am very appreciative to be apart of this. Although this is my first time, I already know i’ll be coming back to check on other fantastic deals 🙂 – Jayden Bodziak | MI Grand Rapids, United States

There’s a lot of gifts that are available here, it makes me drool! Haha! come on. come join us here! Rest assured that you see the presents, guaranteed in want … camera, the drones there, anyway, there is all it’s been to the needs of filmmaking available all! And what must be the original all … wait what let’s go get in on this and good luck, yes :). – Ridwan Majid | West Java, Indonesia

I am student from Humber college. I am passionate to become photographer and videographer. It is my first time to check out on 5 day deal website. It is pretty good. I found out through from YouTube and Jeremy Cowart. I would check out for next giveaway from awesome sponsors. Thumbs Up!!! – Rae PC | Toronto, Canada

Super excited for this event! It will help of people who desire creating something and it will help to boost their creativity! I would like to thank everyone who is part of this amazing event. It means a lot to us creators who are just beginning to create this art. And we are hoping that this event will happen again in the future. Good luck to us! Hope I win. – Cedric Castaneda | Philippines, Quezon Province, Mauban, Philippines

First time I’m entering the 5DayDeal. And I’m glad that you are doing a great job. I’m waiting to win this contest. I never lost my hope each and every time I enter giveaways. You guys are posting awesome tutorials which makes a beginner’s to learn quickly. Looking forward for more videos and giveaways. – Nikhil Venkatesh | Bengaluru, India

Love Just entered their enormous 10K+ giveaway and the prizes are just spectacular. Participating sponsors include: Adobe, Peak Design, Topaz Labs, Magix, Art List, DJI, Apple, Lowepro, Oben, Pelican, Go Pro, and Hurlbut visuals. They offer courses – some free, lots discounted; books, themes, discounts on software, and so much more! I would highly recommend anyone interested in photography, videography, or software for editing to check them out! Thanks 5DayDeals!!! – Stella Tavares | Hawaii, United States

Really helps a great deal to take advantage of offers like these which I will not normally afford to be able to purchase at standard rates. Thanks 5DayDeal team! Being a video guy, I am excited to see what’s included in this video 5DayDeal package …. surprise me! I have already purchased a previous 5DayDeal package and was great and I am so pleased that some of the proceeds go to charity! Wow, keep up the good work! – Deon Van Zyl | Gaiteng, South Africa

I work as a self-learned video editor, video producer and also practicing after effects. I started my work by editing videos for YouTube. Most or my time goes into video editing. I love editing as i can give a totally new perspective to any video. Editing is a totally new way of story telling. Editing is all about the “delivery” of the message with a precise visual. Even a simple topic such as “save water” can gain popularity based upon the way the message has been delivered. And this delivery depends upon the video editors abilities. Video editors are just like directors. Directors have a vision of the story, and editors help make it a reality. Video editing is a job that forces you to push the boundaries, explore different dimensions, and that’s what i do. At present I don’t have access to good equipment, I use low end equipment which take quite a lot of time to render. – Nikhil S | Surabhi Pallickal (p.o) kottarakara, kollam, kerala, India

I’ve never heard it there. But I’m sure there will be many surprises for you all. So you have to visit this site because like that, there will be plenty of surprises that will come for all of you. So don’t forget subscribe of YouTube, follow the Instagram. and their twitter, and, of course, like fanpage them. – Alexander Al Akbar | Surabaya, Indonesia

I got the 5DayDeal video bundle last year and it was an awesome package, full of useful information and tools I’m still using today! Color finale and the luts basically making it completely worth it without second thought, everything else was just a bonus! Great way to support charities and also support great products 👍🏼 – Joel Capes | United States

Previous photographers bundle was great. Lots of great software and tools. Use some of it each and every day. Awesome! PhotoMechanic was a nice addition, as I needed to upgrade, and for less than the price of the upgrade, getting so many more tools was incredible. Still have some I have yet to dive into. Just a great deal. – Carl Auer | Colorado, United States

5DayDeal is just amazing, it’s too much amazing that amazing got amazed by this deal. I just saw an as regarding 5DayDeal and was very much shocked and amazed to see such an exciting offers 5DayDeal is giving. The services and offers are very exciting. Getting all those things through such a great deal is great. Great efforts by the 5daydeal and its team to accomplish such a great objective. I am very thankful that I am the part of this amazing deal. Super Fantastic 😊 – Anchal Jasrotia | Kharote / Kathua / Jammu & Kashmir, India

I love the opportunity of trying to win this amazing giveaway. The fact that your giving back to the community says great things about your business. Keep up the great work. And with this current giveaway I would love to get because I really want to start taking better pictures with a camera instead of just my cell phone. – Mark Kassouf | South Carolina, United States

LOVE 5DayDeal. Probably have made 5 separate orders with them. Well laid out website, good customer service. So many sweet deals! I’m really looking forward to this videographer deal! Right up my alley! 😉 – Paul Leavitt | OR, United States

As an aspiring cinematographer in the Philippines 5DayDeal is the platform that connects people,helping us to become a better creator and visual storytellers. By this we’ve achieved our goals to make professional videos like no other. This is a platform for all who want to take their life started from a hobby to go further out of the box. – Benjinel Jampit | Ulaliman, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

This giveaway is very generous and will definitely help someone improve their photography! I think I’d initially get the most use from the camera, laptop and drone, but it would all be greatly appreciated! Thank you as always for providing so much to help the art of photography. If I win, I’ll be sure to mention you to friends and family. – David Savige | VA, United States

This giveaway is truly a blessing. It’s so easy to enter and actually is exciting to see who gets to win this opportunity. It’s not every day you get offered a bundle such as this. I’m currently trying to build my photography business while still working my 9-5. An opportunity to get free lessons and new equipment would be extremely beneficial and I would be forever grateful to 5DayDeal. I’m still working with my Canon T2i and have been wanting to upgrade. Thank you 5DayDeal for this opportunity. You guys rock! – George Matias | GA, United States

The discounts are legit! What’s offered from Topaz Labs (i.e. the adjustment pro pack) seems like a steal. I have never heard of before but I’ll be checking back to see what they have to offer regularly after I give the adjustment pro pack a test run. Not only do they offer an extra discount (10% more than regular) but they are useful additions to any editor’s quiver. – Andrew Anthony | California, United States

The best place for a digital creator, either a beginner who wants to learn or a professional who needs the right tools to improve his art and that too at a very good price. They have guides for everything from smartphone photography to long exposure photographs to color correcting your videos. They even teach about web domains and hosting which is an essential for any professional in the digital world in the current age. – Damareesh Yertha | Hyderabad, India


Featured Testimonials

What an amazing company! It’s so important to give back and when I see a company who gives like this it gets my attention. This bundle is the best one offered simply because there is purpose behind the discounts. The money raised will help so many people who need it. I am so happy to purchase this bundle knowing that the knowledge gained will help my business and the money spent will go to a good cause! Thank you for offering such an amazing deal and I hope many others feel the same way that I do!

Nicole Mitani
United States

Definitely worth the money! There was so much content! I found that the content provided was from sources that I wanted to learn from anyway. This was a great way to get value and still help out. Some of the resources provided I haven’t even used yet. Plenty of stuff here. The time is always right to buy.

Edmundo Rodriguez
United States

I discovered 5DayDeal in 2018. I absolutely LOVE the wide variety of genres to delve into. I’ve had the chance to discover new tools and learn new skills I otherwise would not have thought to seek out. Not only that, but at prices one can afford. 5DayDeal provides so many different opportunities to learn.

Pam Arnold
United States

It was lavish and generous! Shopping for Skylum latest software ended for me with landfall of amazing products, tutorials and just useful things. Now, 5DayDeal is at the top of Favorites in my browser.  What stunned me indeed is their cause–reaching people in need across the Globe.  I tried it and a liked it a lot, especially after realizing that buying for myself I also help to give to those who need help and who are on the go to help others. I think that’s really cool.

Dimitry P
United States

One of the best investments we’ve ever made. Great tools at a great price from great people. We’ve picked up two packages over the last few months. One for video and the other for photography. We couldn’t be more pleased. 5DayDeal is a huge asset to start ups like us. Thank you for all you do for the creative community.

Rodney Smith
United States

No other website puts together deals like this. None. Some of the deals aren’t even what one would look for, yet 5 day deal looks for it, bundles it, and offers it to everyone without any subscription fee or hidden requirements.

Paris Bihari
United States

Probably one of the best deals I have ever paid for! I received so many class for under 90 bucks from some of my favorite photographers and it benefited charities! You honestly can’t beat a deal where you save a lot of money and they donate even more to charity! I am glad to be apart of this and I can’t wait to see what they are able to do for next year!

Jeremy Fritsch
United States

Es una empresa muy responsable que nos ayudan en nuestro trabajo del dia a dia con sus productos y sobre todo a crecer como empresa para saber lo que hacer siempre con nuestros clientes y cada dia crecer como empresa y eso vale mucho, sobre todo a las empresas pequeña como la mia, por eso me gustaria ayudar a los demas con sus testimonios.

David Rodriguez

Business Bundle – January 2017

I am so thankful and appreciative of the amazing customer service I received from 5DayDeal. They were so very helpful and courteous! The response time to my inquiry was also so fast I couldn’t believe it! I would recommend 5DayDeal any day. They certainly made my day today! Not only was the product that I purchased above satisfactory, having the support that 5DayDeal offers makes for an even better experience! Thanks so much again! – Lyndsey Fennell | Nj, United States

I am so excited to be able to purchase this and have so much information from the leading photographers in the industry. It is a game changer! Thank you so much for this opportunity!! To be able to have so much for so little is amazing! You guys have huge hearts to do this for those of us needing the knowledge you guys have. Again, thank you for such an amazing opportunity! – Tracey Smith | South Carolina, United States

Purchased the previous 5DayDeal and now the 2017 Photography Bundle. You cannot beat the price and the quality of the products provided. Plus, if you add the extra 19.97$ for Charity, you’re helping a great cause and receiving additional $700 worth of value. I had purchased the previous bundle for photography and found the content to be relevant, informative, and professional. I loved the actions and presets and look forward to utilizing and incorporating this new bundle into my Business. – SUZANNE POLITO | NC, United States

Your bundles are great help for photographers who are trying to expand their skill sets by learning from various mentors. Problem is that there not every mentor has a teaching style that will gel with each of us. To sign up with full courses is painful if it is a bad mix; wonderful if a match. Some of the bundle items are also in areas outside our comfort zone and represents a reasonable way to explore new grounds to see if it is an area that we can work in; some areas of work may not mesh in with who we are. Once we know if its one of them we can go for more courses from the photographers in the bundle list. – ellery chua | Singapore, Singapore

This is my first time purchasing the 5DayDeal, and I am already excited for it to come back next year! As I began to jump into the material, I am even more excited for the year to come, and the material included with this bundle. I can’t wait to read more! I also purchased the extra charity bundle, because I could not get enough of the information. I am hoping this is the start I need to finally get my photography and graphic design business off of the ground and running! – Sara Szymendera | PA, United States has the best photography bundles at spectacular prices…plus I LOVE that they give back to charity. This is something I feel very strongly about and supporting businesses that offer great products and give back makes purchasing from here an easy choice! Just do it, you’ll be happy you did! – Jen Stephens | Michigan, United States

This is my second year purchasing the 5DayDeal. It’s always a great value and sure to have something for everyone. Asides from the steep discounts, it feels good to be helping charities while also helping myself grow as a photographer. I can’t wait to see what all is inside this bundle. Last time, I received so much that I’m still working through all the tutorials and ebooks. – Tad Beavers | Washington, United States

This 5DayDeal photography business and marketing bundle is incredible; how can your business not grow if you follow the advice presented in this choice compendium?! So often ‘creatives’ hate the business side of things and we don’t manage to transcend from a hobby or part-time business to a full-time fulfilling career doing what we love. This bundle will help us to achieve this. The fact that charities also benefit makes this even sweeter…an unmissable deal…thank you! – Niki Clarke | Cornwall, United Kingdom

I bought the 5DayDeal I think the first time it was offered and it had so many great products! I still use a lot of them in my editing process daily. I’m really excited to delve into this business and marketing specific bundle! I love that they have new things each time and that there is a donation to charities as a result of my purchase. Keep up the good work! – Deirdre Lewis | Texas, United States

This is the best investment you can make for your business. The gear can only take you so far. 5DayDeal provides the education tools for new or seasoned photographers. Its such an amazing promotion to help not only grow your business but help charity as well. Can’t wait to read through the material. I have homework for months to come. Thanks so much!! – Beverly Brown | Maryland, United States

I’m very excited to dig deep into this bundle and get my 2017 started right! So much information from so many great teachers – and all in one place. What a great way to learn. This isn’t the first bundle I’ve purchased and I’m sure it won’t be the last, truly love the contents and knowledge provided in each of them. – Stephanie Rufa | CT, United States

Absolutely thrilled with 5DayDeal! Most (if not all) of photographers that start a business do so because they believe that their photography is worthy of payment (myself included) but the problem is that the only people that know about our photography are our family and friends. and this is why this bundle is a complete win-win situation for everyone, we get to learn how to run our business and market our photography, tens of thousands of dollars are raised for charity and to top it all off we are even treated to a giveaway! 5DayDeal, you just made a fan for life. – Jose Recinos | Guatemala

I’m absolutely blown away by how much incredible content is included in this bundle! It was a no brainer for me to buy it. PLUS the fact that a portion of the proceeds were donated to charity convinced me even more. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to take my business to the next level and I can’t wait to get to work listening & learning to everything! – Alexa V | TX, United States

So much information! Such a deal! A variety of information for all types of photography. If you buy this every year you’re sure to be set on taking your business to the next level. Passion is not enough! Photoshop actions can help but you need more than that. And you are more important than your equipment. – Scott Shaw | OH, United States

Great deal! I have been wanting to do this for the past several years, but it just seemed like I never had the money. So, this year I decided to invest in myself! Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for David L Photography 🙂 With so many great photographers giving of their time and money what an awesome field to be in. – David Luoto | North Carolina, United States

What an awesome giveaway, I’m so excited to get started! I’ve been a fan/supporter of Peter Hurley, Sue Bryce, and Susan Stripling for years and now that I’ve finally decided to go full time- just quit my job yesterday to follow my dream- I know this is only going to make me a stronger business woman. – Sarah Nelson | California, United States

Awesome opportunity to grow my skills and business! I appreciate the gathering of so much information, video, and resources such as tools and readable materials in one place. When I started I was green and a heavy handed editor. Through materials such as those bundles in this deal I have garnered a little nuance and developed something of a style. This makes it a no-brainer way to educate oneself. Kudos! Entry was easy, and I will be sharing this with all of my colleagues! – Zak Rivers | MN, United States

I have been getting the 5 day deals since they started. It is a big mix of material that crosses several stages of expertise. Yet each time I find several that would be a huge savings by obtaining the package rather than buy separately. Often there are items I was not even aware of. The charity aspect generates a bigger win too. – Mark Laurie | AB, Canada

Having begun in earnest to move from very part time to working full time, the marketing expertise from super successful photogs who weren’t always so successful is priceless. The fact that I don’t have to forfeit a camera upgrade to get all this info is awesome! I appreciate it when these deals come across my computer. I know that the info I’m getting is going to make moving my business to where I dream it can be is that much closer with the right tools at my disposal. Yay!!!! – Sherilyn Vineyard | Texas, United States

I LOVE that this is available to me! I LOVE that I can get some great insight and learn from some of my industries best on topics that I’m sure will impact my business for the better. I am a firm believer that you can never have enough knowledge. And knowledge is power and can help you accomplish your goals. But my most favorite part? That while doing all of this… charities are benefitting! Fantastic! – Lori Keefer | Pennsylvania, United States

I am really excited about this purchase. I hope to learn how to improve my visibility in the market and thus gain more customers and also learn to create better Facebook ads campaigns. At the same time knowing that buying it will help the most needy is an important incentive. I cannot wait to start watching all the content. – Gustavo Gonzalez | Gelderland, Netherlands

Cool stuff, everybody wins, we get multiple amazing photo courses and help charities for people in need. It’s an amazing opportunity to grow your business by educating yourself and motivating you to apply that knowledge to your everyday life. The amazing value you get for what you’re paying is incredible. – Michael Martinez | TX, United States

Great sale as always, I have been purchasing this package and the regular photography one since 2015. I specially love the fact that this one doesn’t focus only on marketing and business advices but combines it with the technical knowhow that you need to succeed as a photographer. The best resources for the best price, 100% recommended – João Queiroz | Coimbra, Portugal

I am so excited to purchase! I firmly believe in furthering my education as a photographer but I’m overly excited to see the amazing charities that I was able to support and contribute to. If there is one area that beginner photographers like myself need help in, it’s marketing. I’m blown away that you guys have gone to such great efforts to share so much information, breaking it down into social media, blogging, etc. It is such a gift! Thank you!!! – Crystal Hudson | TX, United States

The 5DayDeal photography business bundle was a great deal! It includes courses/books from of the biggest names in the business. The courses are geared towards marketing and growing your business. I hope they would come up with similar awesome deals in the future. The fact that they would double the charity contribution was extra awesome! – Arun Nair | IL, United States

Love the charities that are supported here! Aiding victims of human trafficking is high on my priority list, and was the deciding factor for purchasing the bundle. Knowing a portion of my money is going to support these innocent victims and save them from a life of slavery, how can I not get on board with that? – Hannah Collingwood | South Carolina, United States

It is the best investment I have made, just what I had been looking for, the topics covered in each of the workshops are diverse and not repeated, It is enough material to study for many days, This is the second time I get this deal, and even the first one is still part of my workflow, and seeing the content of this I am sure that for a long time will be active. The topics not expiry. – Melissa Alcantar | Mexicali, Mexico

This is round two for me, late 2016 and the first batch this year! I can’t say enough about the quality of the content and the value of the material included in the package. The investment is a pittance at best for all of the knowledge capital in such a bargain as this! Thanks for continuing to put together a quality offering. Thanks for continuing to support such an important community of artists and creators. And thank you for your charitable contributions!! – Timothy Frye | Southern California, United States

Been picking up almost every single bundle since the first 5DayDeal and I don’t plan on stopping. The amount of useful education and products are always on point. You easily get your money’s worth. I haven’t even watched any of the courses but I keep doing these as I’m a sucker for deals and donating to charity is never bad. – Vissal P | Utah, United States

For four years I have invested in the annual big bundle from 5DayDeal and this year I’m very excited to delve into some of their focused collections, like the Business and Marketing bundle, that is filled with tips, tricks and lessons by industry leaders that have decades of experiences (probably centuries when combined). – Tobin Smith | BC, Canada

Thank you for this opportunity. I could only hope to get this valuable information from these great mentors, I was able to watch Sue Bryce’s Marketing intensive and I was blown away with her. I cant wait to learn from all the other photographers & not only am I able to educate myself to be the best photographer I can be, I also get to give back to too..:-) Thank you, thank you, thank you..:-) Kristy Robinson – Kristy Robinson | NSW, Australia

Thank you so much for these bundles, they’re a real game changer! To be able to learn from so many professionals from so many different fields is uncanny. Not only did it open my eyes to numerous aspects I hadn’t thought about, it drove me to do better, to aim higher. These professional provide a safe and guided learning experience. I’ve learned so much from last year’s bundle. I can’t wait to start on the 2017 edition! – Martin Lahousse | -, Belgium

This 5DayDeal is a great deal for a great cause for all photographers who are in business! Love all the photography marketing and business resources you have shared and can’t wait to dig into them! I am impressed with the charity donation, also. I am looking forward to all the great marketing and business ideas shared in this awesome bundle and to implementing them in my business. It is nice that something that will bless me is being used to benefit others as well. Thank you! – Jennifer Moore | OH, United States

It’s wonderful to just sit at home and learn from one of the world’s best photographers. Even though the price itself is a great deal, the charity work that is being done is very substantial. The variety that this bundle provides is great. More deals like this should come in the future. It helps you grow not just as a photographer but also in your photography business. – Ritesh Penta | andhra pradesh, India

Simply put: excellent, in-depth, relevant and USEFUL resources that help make a difference… and don’t break your budget. I have gained more confidence in my marketing strategy and in the quality of work that I offer my customers, and I have definitely seen an increase in business by using the resources from the 5DayDeal. – Timothy H. | Oregon, United States

I love it! I bought the deal because while photography isn’t my full time job my goal is to purchase any equipment I need/want with money made through taking pictures so anything I can do to help the business side of things would be great. I purchased the 2016 5DayDeal and there was so much information I still haven’t finished going through all the courses. With the addition of the 2017 5DayDeal I’ll probably be set until 2019! Oh wait but there’s the 2018 bundle….THERE’S SO MUCH TO LEARN I can’t wait to start increasing my business. – Jonathan Hsu | Maryland, United States

I can’t wait to get started! It is important to invest in your business and $97 is nothing compared to the return I know I will get!!! Looking forward to learning from the pros and building a profitable business. Marketing, social media, posing…it is the perfect deal! It’s time to make some real money doing what I love!!! – Thayna Romero | San Juan, PR, Puerto Rico

This year’s 5DayDeal is amazing – so much great content at such a low price! I can’t wait to learn how to market my portrait photography business! There is so much content, it will take me at least a month or two just to get through it all! I have purchased the last 4 5DayDeal packages that have been offered – keep up the great work! – Joshua Pheneger | CA, United States

Just one of these packages is worth the price. I have been following The Joy of Marketing for a long time. This deal pushed me over the edge to get it It’s incredible how they put so much content into one package for pennies on the dollar. I have also been a huge fan of Creative Live for a long time. Great deal. I have been shooting for 10 years and am still just scratching the surface on most of this stuff. – Lawrence Ream | Florida, United States

The waiting is over and I got another GREAT Deal once again! This is the 3rd deal for me and I’ve been very happy with the value I get for this price! Knowing that a part of this is going to charity makes it even better! I must say that I totally agree with: “Save. Give. Learn. Create (repeat)!!!” You learn so much from these deals. Thank you 5DayDeal team – again, awesome job! 🙂 – Henrik Stier | , Finland

The best deal out there, not just for yourself, but for donating to worthy charities too. The amount of content you get, from awesome instructors and pros, is insane! This is the second 5DayDeal I’ve purchased and I’ve been more than happy with the amount and quality of the content. The instructors are first rate and they give soooo much! Do yourself a favor and grab this deal while you can! – Barbara Mistic | PA, United States

I am convinced that this is a great job. We can help each other and this more than anything. I’ll help my community here in my hometown and I am very happy to know about this big deal. I will help the old people with memorable photography because I want to give something delightful for the future. I love you. Greetings from Transylvania (Sekler Land). – Albin Gábos | Transylvania, Romania

This deal couldn’t have come at a better time. I have just been trying to learn more about marketing to get my business ahead of the competition (which is vast in my local area). On top of the huge discount, they are still donating 10% to charity – and they are amazing human rights charities! Thanks so much for this! – Cathy Smith | VIRGINIA, United States

Looking forward to using these fantastic resources in our photography business. Its everything a successful business needs! Covering weddings and portraits this deal covers in depth everything we need to take our business to the next level. Marketing is often one of the hardest areas to master so really looking forward to improving this side of our business. – Carl Middleditch | Suffolk, United Kingdom

I missed the photography bundle a few years ago, but I swore I wouldn’t miss it again. Not including this current bundle, I’ve purchased 3 out of the last 4 subsequent bundles and I’ve never regretted it! The only one I skipped was the video bundle last summer (because I don’t really shoot video) and I seriously considered getting that one too based on the invaluable wealth of information to be gained. I seriously look forward to these 5DayDeals the way I look forward to my birthday! – Daniel Simonson | NC, United States

A must-have for every new photographer! Just the right amount of training to answer all your questions about starting your business, and plenty of extras to get your wheels in motion! You would be paying three times this amount to take just one of these courses in a school. For less than $100usd, you’re getting over twenty! – Miranda Biggs | Ontario, Canada

I appreciate the variety of content available from 5DayDeal offers. I have always found something interesting to watch or read when I’m in the mood. I purchased the Complete Photography Bundle in 2016, and I just purchased the Business and Marketing Bundle in January 2017. I’m happy with the variety of offerings in both sets. – Clint Dunham | Colorado, United States

The last 5DayDeal was awesome. I learned so much with the first Deal and now with this new 5DayDeal there is so much additional information I can hardly stand it. I can’t stop reading, I can’t stop watching. This really seems too good to be true but because I took a chance on the last 5Day Deal I know it’s true. THANK YOU to all the wonderful participants. – SHARON TURNER | Louisiana, United States

What an awesome opportunity to not only grow your business but to help charity as well! Everyone should take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity. Some of the best minds in the industry giving great products for you to use. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get started on this. Getting your marketing right is the start to a great business. I love Sue Bryce and to be able to learn from her a bit more is the greatest. Also learning about Facebook adds is going to be a big wake-up call I think. – Arienne Jonas | Norfolk, United Kingdom

I am always impressed with what is contained in the 5DayDeals. They are so comprehensive and informative. What I have learn from them is great and has expanded my knowledge and made me a better photographer. Helping the charities involved is what makes this extra special and is the incentive that pushes me to purchase. – Gerald Franz | Toronto, Canada

This is a great deal, I have bought the last three 5DayDeals offered and even just one class is worth the price. There is something beneficial for everyone, no matter what level of photographer or likeminded creative type that you are. Some of the provided business information is obviously universal into other career fields as well. – Joey McDermott | Mississippi, United States

Great bundle! Lots of great information. I have bought it before and it’s amazing. This one includes top photographers just starting with Sue (motivational and great on posing) every workshop on her is worth every penny, Susan (business), Joel, and our
Dutch representative Frank, he masters the light! I just need the bundle to come with extra hours on my days, I want to see it all! – Perla Michiels | The Netherlands, Netherlands

I love the 5DayDeal for professional photographers! There is so much stuff in this package it’s overwhelming! But in a good way! 😀 I really love the video tutorials and the marketing templates. Since I am a terrible graphic designer, these make my brochures, ads, and business cards shine! The photoshop tutorials save so much time that I used to spend trying to do something the wrong way. – Jen Clark | Massachusetts, United States

Best deal out there, and you can’t go wrong! Second year getting this deal, and it hasn’t been a bad choice yet! Can not find a better deal, anywhere! There are so many awesome and amazing additions in their bundles that I wouldn’t even know where to start! The board for Charmed Touches Inc has always been amazed at the value we have achieved, and is always asking me when the next time this will be offered. I keep having to remind them that this photography bundle is a once of a year opportunity. The excitement is real around here! Plus being able to support charity is just icing on a superb cake 🙂 – Daniel Sullivan | Oregon, United States

I think that this Business & Marketing Bundle is the best one yet. While the others have had valuable information, too, the bottom line is that if you can’t grow your business, it doesn’t matter how good your skills are. There’s a lot of great information in here for the business owner who is trying to start and/or grow a photography business. – Alexander DiMauro | New Jersey, United States

The 5DayDeal Team is never disappointing. Their bundles absolutely exceed my expectations time and time again. I am a happy, satisfied and huge supporter of 5 Day Deals because of the care they take to create such useful bundles. If you are thinking about it, just do it! You wont be disappointed! When you then add in the fact that they share 10% of all profits to charity, well now we are really talking about a deal, You will improve your photography. You will improve your business skills. And you will help to improve the quality of life for others who are less fortunate. What possibly can be better than that! – Daniel Mizner | NJ, United States

This is the second time I have bought the 5DayDeal and I think it’s so fantastic that so many amazing photographers get behind this and are able to put in their time and their knowledge to help other photographers out. Keep up the amazing work. I always look forward to seeing what deals you have when this happens and what amazing photographers you have inside I bought this deal as I already follow so many of the talented photographers and wish to grow my photography personally and as a business Thank you so much – Lachlan Nijsen| Western Australia, Australia

Really an awesome deal when you think about all of the training and tools that are included. If you only used 1/4 of the inclusions you are still way ahead by purchasing the package. Have purchased all of the bundles since I learned about them and am very pleased with them all. Actually have a lot of training on my computer that has yet to be taken advantage of – YET is the key word. I virtually have a degree’s worth of training. And it is on my computer to view, review and learn from at my convenience. Love that. THANKS!! – Deidre Fancher | Southwest, United States

I’ve been waiting for the 5DayDeal and you did not disappoint me. Just being able to learn from top photographers such as Sue Bryce and Sandy Puc will help me with my startup. I was excited to add on to my order because you gave so many extras I couldn’t pass on. I love that I’m also helping great causes. Thank you. – Annette McDonald | Kansas, United States

Last year’s deal was an amazing value for the presets and actions. This year I’ve decided to become more serious about starting a business and now I have a need to promote it. I am always amazed by the quality and quantity of professionals willing to be involved. The value of the presets and actions is phenomenal. I highly recommend anyone interested in bettering the quality of their post-production to buy this deal. Knowing that such talent as Sue Bryce and Susan Stripling are involved in this deal should make it a no-brainer about your decision to purchase. I cannot recommend 5DayDeal highly enough nor can I more strongly impress upon you the importance of their charity work. – AMANDA LIZE | CA, United States

Awesome deal for photographers looking to expand their marketing expertise! Even one of the videos by some of these amazing teachers is worth it! I am already getting ideas listening to Sue Bryce and I’m putting them into action. This bundle is going to turn my biz around in 2017! I can’t wait to tap into the other resources! – Heather Davidson-Meyn | Ontario, Canada

The 5DayDeal delivers time and time again, with tons of lessons to fit any skill level and spreading many disciplines, I can rest assured that I have made a great decision! I’ve learned countless amounts of tips and tricks from previous bundles and I’m excited to dive into this one. Not to mention that the money goes to a bunch of great charities! Thanks so much for everything you do 5daydeal! – Eric Carlson | Virginia, United States

Loved this great photography deal! such great value and great charities! I have actively watched CreativeLive and Sue Bryce for some time now, and there is a number of very good people in the field with workshops included in this deal, all for the price of less than 1 of them! I am so excited to check out everything in this deal, but it’s going to take me a while to get through it all!! Happy learning 🙂 – Brandy Naroznick | Alberta, Canada

Always a great deal – even if you just want one of the courses, you already save in most cases. Plus, part of the proceeds goes to charities. What’s not to like? If business info isn’t your thing because you’re a hobbyist with no business ambitions, there are still posing and shooting guides in this bundle. And I expect another general photography bundle to come out later this year 😉 – Tobias Schneider | Deutschland, Germany

As a wedding photographer, I greatly appreciated the variety of the resources offered. Videos, PDF, actions, and more really helped us grow our business! The videos were made by professionals who were experienced and knowledgeable in their fields. I also like that some of the content is web based and some of it is downloadable. Thank you for putting this together! – Shane Long | , United States

It looks so awesome. I can’t understand this dealA So huge for so perfect price. I already know some photographers from this bundle and I am looking forward to see what is in there. Everybody there have own style and many experiences. It will be so great to learn something more from them. Thank you so much for this bundle. – David Mitáš | Czech republic, Czech Republic

The opportunity this bundle gave us, photographers around the globe, is huge! Your work here is fantastic! Keep it up! I enjoyed all of the products included in THE BUNDLE, as well as the fantastic discounts offered by the partners. Thank you! You are amazing, and i am sure those in need really appreciate your efforts! – Mihai Popescu | Bucharest, Romania

The 5DayDeal photography bundles are always such a wonderful collection of resources and tools for any photographer at any skill level or ability! Every year presents another outstanding collection and this one is no exception! A wonderful win-win that helps the industry and great causes at the same time! – Nadia Jaafar | Nevada, United States

I haven’t opened mine yet but was thrilled so see this offer. Thank you Mario Masitti for sharing this awesome deal. Cannot wait to dive into it. I missed last year’s deal so there was no way I was going to miss it this year. And how awesome that this is also contributing to some awesome charities. You rock 5DayDeal and to the photographers that put up their knowledge for a great cause. Yippy so excited!!!! – Leanna Sutton | Florida, United States

This is the third 5DayDeal I’ve purchased so far; and I’m sure I’ll buy more in the future. There is no better deal out there. This is packed full of education, techniques, tips, tools. I’ve enjoy every single piece of these deals. Even the pieces that I didn’t think I’ll use. This one in particular comes in a good time. I’m re organizing and branching out to weddings. – Matea Michelangeli | Florida, United States

Everything you need for great photos, and pricing yourself just right, and its dirt cheap. Above all, it goes to something, that we all should really care about. What better way to give to charity, and get a lot back, to further your photography career even more. This is a deal really worthwhile, and it is not the first nor the last time I will be taking up this deal. Hopefully in the future i will be able to add to it as well. – Daniel Hollister | Syddanmark, Denmark

I have only watched a couple of the offering from 5DayDeal and I am blown away! How is it even possible to have all of this incredible information for such an amazing price?! The charity offerings are all amazing too. How could I not add a few extra dollars to help out a few good causes! I can’t wait to watch more!! – Melody Robbins | Virginia, United States

Education is important! Don’t just spend on the latest camera or lens. Knowing your business inside out is far more valuable and will make you be able to afford all of that and more. I decided to buy this bundle because every time I see Susan Stripling teaching I feel inspired. I was browsing through the rest of the products and found books in aspects of the photography business that I know little to nothing about, and even if I did, its always important to see another perspective. Plus, paying for it (even though this one is a really great deal) makes me “force myself” to watch and read whatever I bought way more than having it for free (there are a ton of free resources, but these ones are not for a reason!). – Paola Peralta | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This bundle is INVALUABLE! So many great resources for a new photographer like me. I am so grateful that this bundle was put together. Thank you for helping me to launch my photography career. I am most grateful for the classes on marketing. I may be able to take great pictures, but without marketing my business can’t function. Thank you!!! – Laurel Cornwell | Washington, United States

Excellent training from so many great resources hours of training, video tutorials, pages of expertise from the likes of Sue Bryce, David DuChemin, Corwin Hiebert Peter Hurley and tons more. I look forward to going thru all this resources. I have been a Photographer for years but I just started using it in a way to make money the resources that are in this deal will help a lot . Thanks – Ryan Scott | Indiana, United States

I had heard about this amazing deal previously from Petapixel’s Sharky James podcast and I never thought I would get an opportunity to grab all of this for such a price. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was happening again, I jumped at the chance, and I am so glad I did! There is so much material here that it is going to take me a while to go through and read, listen, and watch everything, but you can bet I will be! I don’t think that I can fail to improve my photography business after putting even SOME of this information into practice, imagine what can happen if I put it ALL into place!!! Stoked and looking forward to seeing the improvements that all this material will offer!! – Kevin Pawsey | Sheffield, United Kingdom

The 5DayDeal is a win-win partnership for photography business professional development and supporting charity. I purchased the bundle last year and I was not disappointed. The 5DayDeal photography bundle provides hours of learning content and valuable resources that are beneficial for any photography business. For a small amount you are investing in great content and a charity of your choice. What could be better!?! – Shawn Piantoni | New Mexico, United States

You guys rock! The 5DayDeal is ALWAYS a great selection of products (this is my 4th). It’s well packaged and accessibly priced. The contribution to charity is the tipping point. Together with the pros that contribute and share their knowledge to help others the 5DayDeal brings the photographic community closer – thank you! – Mark Zaglas | Sydney, Australia

I stumbled on and purchased the previous 5DayDeal via DPS. I value the learning material produced by the industry pro’s so much, when the last deal came up I jumped at it as it was packed with varied resources to aid learning the craft. This deal is great timing and completely different content, I have just purchased it and am keen to get stuck into it, I am hoping to sell my work and services for an alternate income and something to do in my post career years, this will help immensely thank you!! – Adrian Wedderburn | Queensland, Logan, Australia

Looking forward to growing my business as a result of what I’ll learn! I’ve been in business for 15 years, but there is always room for growth. And if I can support a charity at the same time – why not take advantage of it? I love the variety of stuff included and I believe there is truly something for everyone at any skill level. – Matthew Kauffmann | Illinois, United States

I am at that point in my career now where I’m trying to elevate my business to the next level. At this point I’ve hit a snag in building my client income. When I started out three years ago my main focus was on my technical and technique of photography for headshots. However, I find it difficult to find ways in growing my photography to a large client base. I very excited to gain all this new knowledge on the subject I need most to get to that next level. Luckily, I received this info about this 5DayDeal offer though an email from Peter Hurley. Thank you for this amazing offer and I look forward to traveling down this white rabbit hole of photography knowledge. – Mike Walburn | CA, United States

Every time there is a 5DayDeal, I buy it. They get me every time, but I have never regretted it. There are so many amazing resources in every bundle that it’s nearly impossible to get through all of it before they come out with a new 5 Day Deal. I’ve got homework for months now. I’m especially excited about this new bundle because of all the business resources. I’m excited to get my business going in 2017. – Laren Helms| UTAH, United States

Second time purchasing the 5DayDeal. I always try to keep my eye out for them because there are packed with tons of useful tutorials, software and more. It is always well worth it. Make sure you download everything, even the stuff you don’t think you need. You will find out later on that quite often you end up needing what you thought you didn’t. 5DayDeal does a great job of create these packs with a lot of variety and viewpoints. Thanks to LensShark and the PetaPixel Podcast I found out about this one before it was too late. – Johni Kim | California, United States

I wouldn’t want to miss a single 5DayDeal event. The offers include highly valuable information and products from photo experts, all with expertise in a broad range of areas, from creative approach to workflow to business strategy. Plus participating makes you feel great to be a part of this community that raises thousands of dollars for charity. – Lanora Mueller | Chicago and Paris, United States

I’ve probably purchased every 5DayDeal bundle that was released so far and I’m loving each and every one! The only problem is that I will never have the time to really read and watch every bit of information in the bundles, but even if I only manage to go through a fraction of the workshops and tutorials, they’re more than worth the money. I whole-heartedly recommend every 5DayDeal bundle! – Arpad Ikuma Csizmazia | Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

WOW! What an amazing bundle! I feel so lucky :)) I think I have everything I need to start my own business! And it arrived at the perfect time for me, as I am in the early stage of the creation of my company. And it gives confidence. Thank you guys for sharing your valuable knowledge with all of us! – Roman B | BC, Canada

It’s so amazing that so many amazing people can come together and give generously of their resources to bless those of us eager to learn with education and incredible tools to improve our business, and at the same time make a difference with amazing charities! I couldn’t pick just one as they are all so incredibly valuable in their causes in making this world a better place. I love to support this great cause and learn from each person here, thank you! Can’t wait to get started! 😀 – Sonja Griffioen | QLD, Australia

I’m so excited, this is my first time taking advantage of the 5DayDeal. I was really bummed when I did not make my mind up fast enough last time and the deal was gone! This is a great opportunity to get a wealth of information, training and insight from some of the best names in the business, all while giving back to some really good charities! I’m am really happy to do my part! – Wayne Hall | Virginia, United States

It’s great for me as 5DayDeal gathered so much resources and tools that is worthy to grab yet so many discounts they are offering for a beginner like me even a professional. The one that I love here from 5DayDeal is I able to get a free online courses from a Creative Live. You can learn so many different classes they are offering for live and on air classes. – Fareez Idzuan | Johor, Malaysia

I liked the last 5DayDeal so much, I got this one too. Amazing deal on some quality training from leaders in the field – and a great way to support some deserving charities that are making a difference! This one offers lots of practical marketing and business-building training – perfect for brushing up on during all the cold and rainy weather so we can hit the ground running in the Spring when things warm up and thaw out and we can get out there and shoot! – Daniel Wilson | Napa, California, United States

I am just starting out in the photography business – or at least hoping to start my own business. The recent 5DayDeal has helped me with different resources, tips and suggestions on how to explore different avenues of photography. I cannot wait to put more into action and am always open to suggestions. – Tammy Herzog | Oklahoma, United States

I’ve ordered four 5DayDeal bundles. Each one I ordered for a specific tutorial or teacher, but have found so much more out of each bundle that has helped me along the way. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to expand their knowledge base – there are so many great instructors in each series, amazing value. – Eugene Horvath | Toronto, Canada

You’ve always provided applicable content from fabulous peeps in our industry. It’s fun and easy to implement in to my business, plus you make it very affordable for everyone. It’s awesome that this exists for everyone, when I first started my business, there were not tools like this out there. It really helps keep our industry standard high 🙂 smiley faces! – Kaycee Joubert | Colorado, United States

I bought a 5DayDeal complete photography bundle. It had so much information, I was just amazed by how much I could improve my photography skills and business. The courses are well made and easy to understand and the presets and software that came made my life so much easier and for its price it is a bargain. – Roberto Tomasi | Alicante, Spain

I have learned lots of new things from 5DayDeal. Many tutorials are useful to increase my skill level at a reasonable price. In the last sale there is lots of new thing coming out, I like Blake Rudis Zonal system tutorial especially. There are lots of useful resources for HDR photography as well. Thanks for giving. – Aniket Rane | Maharashtra, India

I’ve purchased one 5DayDeal, so far, and I loved it! So much value; it’s taking me forever to get through all the material! I appreciate that they offer such a variety in each deal. My most favorite part is that while making money, and helping other photographers, they are giving back to four charities at the same time! – Melissa McGee | MO, United States

Everyone the is a really good page if you are looking for high quality content. They bundle up great stuff and offer it for an affordable price. Even better they donate the winnings to a good cause. The only thing you need to do is to purchase the bundle of your choice, download, install, read or watch the content and then start implementing it and practice, practice, practice to become better in your hobby or business – Oliver Schirach | Midtjylland, Denmark

I really love 5 Most Value you can get as a professional! They really offer high quality niche products which are bundled together and sold for a limited time only. They do what they promise! I’ve learned about them through Kevin Kubota, another fabulous photographer. If you are a professional and looking to improve your business, whether you’re just starting out, or have been around for a while like me, be sure to check them out. They will help you to get even more out of your way of working! – Roy van Kleef | Gelderland, Netherlands

I’m always excited when there’s a new deal coming out. I get great content from so many pros, and it’s also helping a great cause that they are helping. And I’m also impressed at the quality of the material I receive, always comprehensive and educating stuff that keeps me busy for a long time to come. And best of all is the caliber of people they choose for the material – it’s usually people that I follow. Helped me out a lot! – Mostafa Alkadhee | QC, Canada

This bundle to win looks amazing! Excited for the chance! I’ve never heard of this before but it looks amazing and looks like they support great things. I’m hoping to see where this goes. What an opportunity. Great organization it seems and love that it helps others. Neat to see so many people that support this and are a part of something bigger – Joy Schroeder | Idaho, United States

I have enjoyed the classes. This an amazing deal for an amazing cause. You guys always put together premium content. You can learn from everything in these deals. Thanks to everyone who makes this deal possible. Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to help others. I really appreciate the contributors making their products available for such a great price. I love their desire to help others learn and those around the world who may never actually have a portrait of themselves. Can you even begin to image that fact? There are those around the world who have never seen themselves in a photograph. Wow!!! Wes – Wesley Carnes | PA, United States

Bought the photographers bundle in 2016 and was blown away by the amount and quality of the items received. Very great training that would easily cost $1000s of dollars if purchased individually. Love the HDR courses, not to mention the presets, textures, etc. WAY too much too mention. Do you self a favor – check this out when its available you won’t be disappointing – Randy Gresham | Maryland, United States

I love what you guys do. Keep it going! This website is amazing there are so many things to scroll through and also learn from. I hope this website is here for a long time. Keep the deals going. I love the giveaways it gives people a chance to help further their business and work. There aren’t many websites that help out people the way you guys do and i appreciate that. – Sarah Merriweather | California, United States

Great content at an affordable price! I always look forward to these deals! Mostly interested in portrait photography but occasionally do some landscape & general photography with family folks! Always find material at 5DayDeal to complement the skill you want to improve upon. – Ankur Puri | IL, United States

I’m relatively new to photography and I’ve purchased several of the 5DayDeal packages and they are some of the best deals around. They’re jammed packed with helpful info. Love the Business info, the presets, actions, how-to’s, etc. They’ve allowed me to step up my game faster and better than I could have ever done on my own. Thank you 5DayDeal for all the great info. – John Rogers | CA, United States

OK, so the one thing I really like about 5DayDeal is the organization of the information. I know this sounds weird, but I love it when I go to a site to find something and everything I need is boom! right there in my face. 5DayDeal does that well. Would totally purchase from again. (And the prices for the content is amazing.) – Phil McClellin | Idaho, United States

This deal is a dream come true for a photographer. I purchased the 5DayDeal before and I anxiously await for the next deal every time. This is the best deal you can find anywhere on the internet or locally. Not only do your get discount opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else, you are helping and supporting the people that truly need it the most. Let us open our heart to those who heart is open to receive. I wish they had them a little more often. BEST BUY EVER – Theresa Bell | Maryland, United States

The 5DayDeal Photography and Marketing Bundle giveaway is chock full of prizes that will help photographers dig in their hooks and encourage them to move their hobby or new business to the next level. There are a few treasures on this list I would LOVE to score! A macbook!? Sue Bryce Education membership? A year of Photoshop and Lightroom? Private Business and Marketing Consultation? Yes, Please! – Elizabeth Bookwalter | Minnesota, United States

This is my first ever experience with 5DayDeal but I already love it and cannot wait to continue using it! I am an amateur photographer and can’t wait to learn more about photography from the tips and thoughts from professionals and how to help my passion grow and hopefully create a business from it! – Naomi Lancaster | Ohio, United States

5DayDeal is so amazing! Not only do they raise so much money for wonderful charities, but they provide truly amazing content in return at a steal of a deal! Another great thing about them is that the amazing content they are offering isn’t by just some no namers in the industry, but they have gotten material from all the big names in all genres on a wide variety of subject. You don’t have to worry if there is something for you in the deal, because there is! Whether you are just starting out in the business or 10 years in. There is always something you can benefit from. – Sam Wilkie | WA, United States

This is all new to me this year. It looks so amazing. Learning from experts, giving back to charities, people and organizations doing awesome things. Learning and growing your business. Then to top it all off with gifts and surprizes for so many. Oh, how wonderful is all of that. Thank you so much! – Elizabeth Balch | California, United States

Love the giveaways. It is always easy to enter and follow along. Thank you to all the sponsors. Giveaways allow upcoming photographers a chance to get new equipment, software and training, that we would not always be able to afford. Experiencing new vendors lets me get out of the rut of using the same vendor every time. – Linda Pierce | Tennessee, United States

This is a wonderful opportunity. I am passionate about fine art photography in my hobby sector. I’m also looking to grow my business for wedding and portrait photography further. I’m always looking to see what I can learn online or experiment with, being self-taught. The marketing bundle idea is great, good for so many struggling to get past that hurdle, knowing their work is good but not being able to get the reach they desire. I’m hoping it will be helpful as I have read so many reviews saying how good it is. This is so awesome! – Maria Farmere | British Columbia, Canada

I have already tasted what means to grab a deal from 5DayDeal and all I’ve got to say is that they are great. The feeling you have when you participate is awesome, you have a deal for you, you’re helping others and also you have a feeling that you are part of something great and bigger the a usual deal. Great people! Great work! Great prizes! Thank you 5DayDeal! – Sorin Marius Toma | Cluj, Romania

The 5DayDeal has a great bundle, and the discounts available immediately from Adobe creative cloud and Photoshelter to all who enter are useful! They have brought together a great complimentary group of sponsors including Lowe-pro Apple and the Wedding School to get anyone started in a photography business. AsukaBook , Carpe diem and Filtergrade are new to me but I hope I get to test them out. – Kerry Wilson | Gauteng, South Africa

I’ve just found 5DayDeal … wow! Fantastic!! I love many of these these tutors and have learnt so much through their own sites, so I know how great they are already.  I’m so excited to learn from them all! I’m also so excited to learn new skills from some new and incredibly talented pros!! What an opportunity! Brilliant, thank you! 😁 – Louise May | Devon, United Kingdom

I purchased a 5DayDeal last year (2016) that included so many amazing educational materials that it will take me months to go through all of them. Best of all I was able to get a one-on-one critique from Brian Matiash that was worth more to me than anything else in the bundle — and it was included in the deal price. – Angele Florisi | Arizona, United States

I have been involved in purchasing a couple of the latest 5DayDeals. I am totally amazed at the fantastic products that are included in the packages and their extremely low prices. Great that the team works so well to organise and obtain so many different types of products from so many photographers and authors. I have thoroughly loved what I have received in the past and will continue to invest in the future. Fantastic Job. – Stephen Dalby | NSW, Australia

I love my 5 Day Deal Photography Bundle. I’ve only explored a small percentage of the courses, presets, filters, and other resources, but they’ve made a huge impact on my work already. I’ve got a new favorite preset for landscapes; and I’m clarifying my vision with David DuChemin each week. I’m looking forward to learning and discovering more each week. Brava! – Lisa Thompson | California, United States

I bought the 5daydeal package last year – really enjoy the content of it. The presets help me to be more creative, the techniques help saving time and the stories shared help inspiring me in the photography journey. The give-away prizes were awesome (even though I didn’t get any last time but that’s ok! 😊). Also, the 5DayDeal team is very responsive and helpful when it comes to technical Support. I certainly keep following the 5DayDeal team and you should do so too, fellow photographers! Thank you for your good work! – Selene Nguyet | Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada

I’m always stoked to see the new, exciting giveaways from 5DayDeal! You always seem to create bundles of the exact items I’ve been dreaming of – a new camera, tablet, , bag, but also marketing tips and connections with brands I love – I love that’s it’s not just the gear, it’s the tools to help grow my business. – Lindsay Duncan | Nova Scotia, Canada

The deals I see here and have purchased are the absolute best value! I am subscribed to a few different photographers emails and have been wanting a to purchase a few of their products and wasn’t able to afford it.. Lucky for me they teamed up with 5DayDeal and I was able to get the products I had my eye on (and SO MUCH MORE) for a similar price of just ONE of their individual products. I can’t wait for the deals to come! – Cherisse Mowry | Arizona, United States

Such a deal! Grab it while you can. Double grab it! Hurry. Did you grab it yet? Hurry. Not yet? You’re missing out on the deal of the year. None better. And you still have a chance. In fact, you should tell your friends about this. Not only that, it is so good, you should tell your family about the fabulous deals. And they can win giveaways, too. This is the time of year to build up your tools for the year. And these are the tools of the year. Can’t believe it. Well, just believe it. Looks at the sponsors. Pretty darn big names. A lot to love. And they are loving you back, big time. This deal is HUGE. America is great! Again! – Richard Flaskegaard | CT, United States

Wow! you can have a LOT of resources for a liiiitttle price and plus, you can help people! Here you can find ideas, tricks, technics, brainstorming, videos, inspiration, fun, projects…. everything packed in a wonderful box! you just have to download it and open your mind! Many contributors are here to provide their knowledge and send it to your home: yes, you don’t even have to leave your chair to learn from them. come on, join us! 🙂 – Massimo Fontanino | bergamo, Italy

I received so much info in the 5DayDeal that it is overwhelming in a positive way. I have learned so much and it has helped to take my photography to the next level. The amount of information is incredible for the amount of the donation, and it is wonderful to be able to help charities at the same time. – Matt Sawyer | KY, United States

The 5DayDeal bundle is the best value for photography ever. The tools alone are worth the price, but when you combine the training, this becomes one of the greatest values I have ever purchased. I have purchased each deal and will continue to purchase them in the future. Buy this while you can, you will not regret it. – Roger Meinert | MI, United States

Last year bundle was amazing! I loved it. Packed full of useful tools for every photographer. I still haven’t gone through all the material that came with the deal. Imagine someone leaving a package on your doorstep with years of photography knowledge , information and tools… well this is it.. your dream package!!! – Steven Hendricks | Okinawa, Japan

5DayDeal consistently delivers tools, tutorials and inspirational reading on all subjects photographic. I’ve learned something from each of the previous deals, from new techniques to marketing my work to building a better web presence. And I’ve connected with photographers that I wasn’t previously aware of. From lighting to still-life, landscapes to macro work, all ‘togs will find something to love in each 5DayDeal. Get ’em while they’re hot! – James Parker | Michigan, United States

What a bargain! As a beginning hobbyist a while ago, I needed to learn everything, but of course, it can’t be learned all at once. These bundles are great for starting out. Then I found that they are great for getting better. Then I found out that they are terrific resources for fine-tuning, deeper learning, and problem-solving because I can refer to them as often as needed and there are more riches to be mined. – Lois W | Michigan, United States

Love the 5DayDeal bundles, because you get an incredible amount of high quality education videos that can help you develop your skills. Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s nice to see so much gear on offer as well as tutorials and competitions! Very exciting opportunities and good for every aspiring photographer – Chloe Oliver | England, United Kingdom

5DayDeal is an incredible opportunity to get amazing deals and bargains on high-quality photography classes, presets and so much more. For pennies on the dollar, your investment in your photography also helps very worthy charities. Completing an already great package is first-rate customer service that goes above and beyond. – Valerie Maples | Mississippi, United States

5DayDeal is so amazing! Not only do they raise so much money for wonderful charities, but they provide truly amazing content in return at a steal of a deal! Another great thing about them is that the amazing content they are offering isn’t by just some no namers in the industry, but they have gotten material from all the big names in all genres on a wide variety of subject. You don’t have to worry if there is something for you in the deal, because there is! Whether you are just starting out in the business or 10 years in. There is always something you can benefit from. – Sam Wilkie | WA, United States

Seriously, this deal is a no-brainer for those photographers wanting to move forward on their photography journey, packed with industry leading photographers sharing their knowledge, this deal represents incredible value for any photographer. Whether you are just starting out, or are already a seasoned professional, we can all learn something new, do yourself a favour and put this on your educational investment list. – Darren Smith | Queensland, Australia

5DayDeal has helped improve my skills and workflow significantly. Whether you are beginner or seasoned professional there will but something in there for you. I’m really excited to see what’s on offer in the Business 5DayDeal because I’m in the process of starting a photography business, myself. Their packages are amazing and money goes to charity! It’s a win-win. – Mike O’Leary | Kerry, Ireland

I have purchased four 5DayDeal bundles now and I have gained a lot from every one of them. I have been introduced to resources that I didn’t even know existed, and at a hugely discounted price – the bundles represent excellent value even if you don’t use every single resource they contain. The customer service and support is great too. – Linda Macpherson | Midlothian, United Kingdom

I picked up a 5DayDeal in 2016. All I can say is “Wow!” It’s almost overwhelming. I’m not going to use all of it. But there’s so much in the cart that I can use it’s still a remarkable selection of products. Video tutorials, guided online assignments, ebooks, software, and more. It’s just a great introduction to new resources that are available to me, and all photographers, at a low cost. For next to nothing you get introduced to dozens of new resources. Follow up with the ones you like, leave the ones you don’t. Outstanding. Set aside a few dollars in your budget and when the deal comes along snap it up. You won’t be sorry. – Bruce Denis | New Hampshire, United States

I purchased the 5DayDeal Bundle that was geared towards building an effective website and having a more professional web presence… wow did the 5DayDeal team deliver! For under $90 I got more information than I know what to do with! So much of it has been really helpful, and now, six months later, I’m still using new stuff every time I open the files! Thanks 5DayDeal! – Hunter Sheldon | VA, United States

I’ve bought the last three deals from 5DayDeal, each one provided me with a huge amount of great information. It has always been a very good value for the money. Whe I had a technical problem with the download the support team acted very fast, friendly and professional. I highly recommend the bundles! – Helge Pohl | Deutschland (Germany), Germany

I have purchased a previous bundle . . . it was LOADED with a variety of information (ie., marketing, websites, photoshop, lightroom, actions, presets, lighting, social media) and it was all so well organized! It has something for everyone! Even stuff I couldn’t relate to when I first downloaded the information, I am so glad I downloaded it anyway because some of it is now relevant a year later and I’m so glad I have it to refer to. Love my bundle! – Elaine Hughes | NC, United States

The 5DayDeal bundles have been so packed with information, I find myself going back to the files time and again. I find myself using bits of courses, actions, and inspiration in my photography business on a daily basis. The discounts are amazing–and everything goes to a good cause, which makes me feel that much better about my purchase. – Marnie Clagett | KY, United States

Taking part in yet another awesome 5DayDeal is definitely worth your money and effort! It’s worth it because it brings your photography and your photography business to the next level and it’s also an amazing way to contribute to the good cause. This is about winning on multiple levels: helping yourself and helping other people. – Wijnand Loven | NH, Netherlands

As a student, I am always looking for super deals to share with my friends to help us save our money. After visiting I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I found on here. It is an amazing website to save money and get great deals on things you already use! Saving my money is helping me to stay goal oriented and successful! I can’t believe some of the products that they have I already use. I like what I see! – Susan Aldridge | Arkansas, United States

I have absolutely loved what 5DayDeal has shared! Their products have been amazing and help me be able to buy things in bundles that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford separately. It’s been a big help for me as a photographer and has been a considerable difference in my photography! Would recommend them to anyone that asked me about them! – Joshua Reber | WA – Washington, United States

I have learned so much from purchasing the 5DayDeal Photography bundles each of the past 3 years. The quality of instructors and authors that participate in the deal is amazing. It’s also great getting some really useful tools, textures and presets to make my post processing so much easier. I am also very supportive of the charities that benefit from the purchases. This is the ultimate win-win deal. – John Wright | California, United States

I’ve purchased two previous 5DayDeal bundles and was blown away with the amount of great content! It’s always great to support a company that donates to a great cause and provides such valuable resources for photographers. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2017 5 Day Deals!!! I’m 100% positive that it’ll be loaded with more valuable content that will help me grow my businesses. – Todd Barnett | Georgia, Savannah, United States

This is the best way to get a great deal on training from the best in the business. I have participated in two 5DayDeal bundles and have been extremely happy with the content of the training and the great deals I have received. I have so much to go through still but what I have reviewed has been top notch training at a very affordable price. I love that I can go back to it over and over again because it is downloaded on my hard drive and mine for life. – Dave Lindberg | California, United States

I really do appreciate and am excited about the upcoming 5DayDeal program. As I have been picking up and supporting the 5DayDeal for a few years now, I have always been impressed with the quality of information that has been provided and donated by some amazing artists.. , Always great deals, great information, and a supporting some great causes… – Patrick Fisher | BC, Canada

5DayDeal is one of the most amazing product bundles available on the web! The bundles are full of rich useful content that does not just sit on your hard drive, the bundle is actually full of content and software that you can put to use immediately into your workflow! That is not all, since they began in 2014, they have contributed over $1,000,000 for their charity partners! And when you think they can get no better, along comes their amazing give-aways, They give value not only with their incredible bundles and giveaways but also by continuing to give back through their contributions to the charities… Win / Win / Win! – Don Quincy | Toronto, ON, Canada

Thanks to the folks who make 5DayDeal possible and to all the vendors who support 5DayDeal. Always a great selection of products and deals. I appreciate the effort it takes to put the package together. This will be my seventh 5DayDeal purchase. I count on 5DayDeal for training that will will help me to expand my talent in photography and web design. – Connie Taylor | Alaska, United States

I’ve been buying the 5DayDeal bundles since they started. They are always a great value way to improve your knowledge and build a ready reference library for your photography. Then there are the included tools and courses which accelerate your learning in particular fields. If you are even in the “maybe, one day” camp of hopeful professionals (like me!) then you need to get these deals while you can. – Andrew Price | Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland

This deal is fantastic! There is so much information, resources and tools it will take way more time than I have to ever get through it all. It’s been an amazing help in my learning journey! Going through the deals has lead me to learn about things that I hadn’t considered before and am now eager to learn more about. It came with some great ebooks and videos from photographers I wasn’t familiar with and am enjoying learning about their work and love how they share their ideas and methods. – Janet Fehr | Queensland, Australia

I’ve purchased 2 5DayDeal bundles and have found the content incredibly helpful. I refer back to the videos on a regular basis. I now have a great library of pro tutorials, ebooks, PS actions, LR presets, composite backgrounds and more. I would have literally spent thousands to get them all but only paid a couple hundred. Get it! – Sean Mcguire | London, United Kingdom

To date I have bought 3 of the 5DayDeal bundles plus the first business bundle that came out. So far the bundle has always exceeded my expectations and I look forward to this years deal. I have learned so much, gained free access to many amazing teaching sites and downloads which are worth the price of the bundle several times over. For the cost of the bundle you won’t get better value for money plus the added bonus of getting to support some great charities. – John Lambe | Craigavon Co.Armagh N.Ireland, United Kingdom

These 5DayDeal bundles are the best skill improvement package value around…..the courses and bonuses are awesome and the profits are charitable…..a win-win for your photography or videography skills and the less fortunate in our society….I’ve bought two packages so far and I’m amazed at the amount of courses and services included….. just simply, WOW!!! – Rick Underhill | Blue Ridge, GA, United States

As if the deals they offer aren’t incredible enough, the folks themselves at 5DayDeal are wonderful. Due to internet problems I missed the download deadline not once but twice. Valerie and Griffin were incredibly patient and very accommodating in helping me to get my downloads. I have never dealt with anyone better than these folks. – Myrna Forge | Saskatchewan, Canada

You guys rock! Thanks for being so creative to come up with this idea to help working professionals as well as helping the many charities you have selected for us to support. You make the art of giving both fun and educational at the same time! Many Thanks to you and all those you help! It is a pleasure to support the Five Day Deal. I am looking forward to the next 5DayDeal coming out. – JOHN DANGELO | NY, United States

Thanks so much 5DayDeal Team! I can see a lot of hard work has gone into preparing this incredibly valuable deal for us to download … and this photographer greatly appreciates it … I believe I may even have finally found the type of photography that I would like to focus on and specialize in from one of the courses included in the package … after searching for many, many years. All this and giving to charity as well … a win-win situation for certain. Thanks again … and looking forward to doing this again next year if available. Cheers! Sue – Susan Sheen | Quebec, Canada

What an amazing collection of knowledge. You would be hard-pressed to find such an extensive collection as 5DayDeals offers for such a low cost. It’s a no brainer whether you are just starting out or have been around since the start of digital imaging. You are certain to find new knowledge and refresh the old, plus you’ll be helping some really good causes. – Phil Robbins | Texas, United States

5Daydeal Rocks! I have benefited so much from the education that is provided through these deals! Each of the bundles is chock full of valuable content and the savings are phenomenal! When you are ready to take your game to the next level, check out the 5DayDeal packages! You will be glad you did! Thank you for All you do! – Tom Leonard | Colorado, United States

Great bundles at affordable prices make it easy to explore new techniques and business options. I’d recommend this site to anyone looking to energize their photography business. Just one of the pieces of content pays for the entire bundle pays so it really is a deal. The content was also easy to download! Thanks 5DayDeal! – Clark Andres | California, United States

I’ve bought 4 bundles from 5DayDeal and I love them! I will continue to buy the deals because the education is priceless and they are full of great stuff. I’ve also recommended at least 20 friends to get the bundles when they are available and they thought it was a great deal too! Thanks 5 Day Deal!! – Gary Kasl | San Diego, California, United States

I could have spent a fortune and received so much less… Thank you for providing people with better options. With my busy schedule I’d have preferred a more flexible time framer for downloads but time management is a byproduct it would appear. The material is enlightening and engaging, presets are always a great start towards adapting a situation to invest own style. Thank you for your efforts in compiling a diverse set of courses, something for everyone. – Aeryk Paris | Indiana, United States

I purchased The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 at this year and I’m extremely happy about all the excellent products offered and also about the very low price for all the bundle !!! I also wanted to mentioned that I had a question about one of the products that I can’t downloaded at the time and I send an email to and the response was almost immediately and answer the think question on the issue, problem resolved! So not only the products are great but also customer service as well… Bottom line, I had a Great Experience with 5DayDeal !!! 👍😊 – Mario Roberto Aguja | San Mateo, California, United States

What a fantastic bundle of photography tools and lessons! Definitely something for everyone and the fact that you’re giving back to some great charities while learning new techniques from some very talented photographers, makes it just that much greater! Being a newer photographer and looking for good buys on tools and ways to increase proficiency and build your business, this is one of the best ways to do so! Thank you! – Lisa Campbell | Montana, United States

The 5 DayDeal is by far the best deal for photographers, and any related business. I love photoshop and lightroom, compositing images etc. and this deal was fantastic. Great work putting this deal together, anyone missing out on this deal, well, too bad but keep an eye for the next one and purchase it. Fantastic charity contributions through sales of the deal is also a big bonus. Great job! – Norma MacLeanGroves | Nova Scotia, Canada

I purchased the last deal and am amazed at the amount of amazing products that were included. It’s going to take me ages to get through it all but I know it will make a huge impact on my photography. I have so many tools for learning, editing, etc. Now I just need more time to fully absorb all that is there. Thank you! – Janet Fehr | Queensland, Australia

The 5Day photographic deals give you an opportunity to purchase a variety of first class products at an incredible price — and you get to help out charities as well! The abundance of tutorials, tools, and other photographic products and services provides an ample opportunity for anyone who wants to further their knowledge and expertise in the realm of photography. – William Podkowa | Texas, United States

This is my first time grabbing this deal – so worthwhile! The lightroom presets alone have really sped up my processing time, and there is enough material in here to keep me going until next year when they do it again! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the Joel Grimes write up, and once I’m through this set of edits, the Photoshop mods, filters, and textures are next on my list! – Monte Arnold | B.C., Canada

Great resources supporting great causes! I’ve used the bundle I purchased dozens of times over the past several months and I know I will be using them for months if not years to come. I look forward to following and finding more great deals and training materials on 5daydeal. What a fantastic resource for training and business growth! Thanks for all you do for photographers and for making a significant impact around the globe! – Laura Daniels | Mississippi, United States

5DayDeal offers consistent educational and production tools for the working photographer, active shooter and aspiring visual professionals. There’s always something for everyone, and enough value that even seasoned professionals will find useful value in the packages offered. From plug-ins to tutorials, insightful reading from industry greats, 5 Day Deals are an amazing bargain! – James Parker | Michigan, United States

Now that I have purchased several 5DayDeal packages, I am finding that I have what amounts to a vast reference library of techniques, tools, and solutions sitting right there on my external hard drive. I have been surprised again and again at how often I find a new piece of helpful information in my 5DayDeal collection. I can’t wait to add to it with the next offering. – Ryan Baldridge | Austin, Texas, United States

I purchased the last 5 day deal and have been amazed at the training materials and their depth. I have already learned so much about vision, the art of photography and postprocessing to give great results and am only a little way into the entire 5DayDeal material. I would love to be able to take elevated photos with a dji phantom 3 like Trey Ratliff and already have a few ideas for photos I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. – Jill Crockett | Hampshire, United Kingdom

I couldn’t be happier with the 5DayDeals I’ve purchased. I’ve bought 3 so far and every one has been an amazing investment at a wonderful price. I’m often asked by friends and colleagues for recommendations on tutorials on photography resources and I’m more than happy to refer them to 5DayDeals. The bundles they compile are always high quality content from respected people in the industry and the prices are always exceptional. – Peter Hutchison | NSW, Australia

5DayDeals are packed with an overwhelming amount of material – an endless source of learning and enhancing photography skills! I will be busy all winter in front of the computer working on specific skills, but also exploring the other material and finding bits and pieces that I never knew existed. I’m intrigued to see what is included in the next 5 Day Deal! – Tom Lange | OR, United States

The 5 Day Deal is such an incredible value. Even if you only want one or two items in the whole package, it’s a great deal. But there’s so much fun, useful stuff, you can’t go wrong! I bought it for an advanced HDR tutorial and a fully-produced tv series on photography. Also included were textures, actions, presets, memberships, you name it. If you’re just getting started or simply want top-shelf resources, this is the deal for you. – ryan enrico | CA, United States

This bundle has so much to offer for an amazingly low price! Plus you get to support charities at the same time! Whether you’re a portrait photographer, landscape/cityscape photographer, etc you’ll find something you’ll love! As a photographer who dabbles in a little bit of everything, I can’t wait to dig in and enjoy! This bundle will likely improve my photography skills and grow my business! Thank you to all the photographers that pitched in! – Sarah O’Neal | Ohio, United States

Valerie as extremely patient, kind and generous when helping me. Not to mention up late and responsive as all get out. I sent a support inquiry after 10pm Mountain and she responded in minutes. Would absolutely recommend 5DayDeal to anyone, not just for the products, but for the support!

– Shawn Hank

I only can tell you that your services are outstanding. I told you a few days ago that I received one of the quickest replies I ever had.

 – Johan Buyse

I was having trouble installing brushes into Lightroom. I asked for assistance with the installation and was surprised at the short time it took to receive a reply. I followed the directions that were sent to me and like magic, everything fell into place and works as I expected they would. If product support is a concern for you, the 5DayDeal has you covered with outstanding customer support. 

 – Max Huber

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Partner Reviews

[ Reviews left by contributor and affiliate partners from current and previous bundles ]

Photography Bundle Partner Reviews

The 5DayDeal is something not to be missed if you either have your own photography product for sale, or have a good list to market it to. It is a great opportunity not only to get a lot of our product into the hands of consumers (for reviews, shares, etc.) but also to network with others in the industry and help raise a ton of money for some really great charitable causes in the process.

Darlene Hildebrandt
Founder – Digital Photo Mentor

The 5DayDeal well and truly exceeded my expectations, not just in the quality of the bundle or number of sales, but also the constant and swift support for both contributor and customers by the team behind it. From discussing strategies in the build-up to resolving any issues during the sale, and finally ensuring everyone got paid on time, this was a team I loved working with. It was a pleasure to be part of this project and I look forward to being involved in future sales.

Gordon Laing
Founder – Camera Labs

We are blessed to be a part of the 5DayDeal. We thought last year was a success, but this year things went way beyond expectations.

Joel Grimes
Owner – Joel Grimes Photography

Thank you! Your team has created something that allows people to make an entire year’s worth of income in 5 days. That is just insane!

James Brandon

I got involved with the 5DayDeal because it represents exceptional value – for my audience, for my colleagues, and I – and because it puts much needed resources into the hands of causes in which I deeply believe. It doesn’t hurt that the 5DayDeal Team are such wonderful, hard-working people with integrity, either.

David duChemin
Owner – Craft & Vision

Thanks to the 5DayDeal team for everything you do. You’ve enable me to reach more people and earn more income. This helps make my business sustainable and lets me do the thing I love – which is helping people with their photography!

Andrew S. Gibson
Owner – Andrew S. Gibson Photography

The best partner we have ever worked with, the 5DayDeal team is kind, competent and very helpful, we would recommend anyone to 5DayDeal!

Serge Ramelli
Owner – Photo Serge

As a content creator, there’s lots of opportunities to work with promotional partners, but it’s a no-brainer for me to choose 5DayDeal. Their professionalism and enthusiasm is unrivalled in this area, and they’re constantly seeking feedback from their partners to improve the experience from every angle. I couldn’t be happier to call them a partner, and now my friends.

Dan Carr
Owner – Dan Carr Photography

Another perfect experience!

I just love working with your organization. Your mission, partnership, and friendship have completely transformed our own business objectives. I am so grateful for being a part of your contributor and affiliate team. Your life changing results make us feel like we are also having a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Dave Seeram
Founder – PhotographyBB

It is a great privilege to work with you all, it is a appreciated, and the way you approach the entire Photography Deal process is a credit to you all.

Thanks again for including me.

David Cleland
Founder – Flixel Pix

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Video Creators Bundle Partner Reviews

5DayDeal is an excellent opportunity to partner with a great team of people, bring awareness to your brand, and raise a bunch of money for some great causes all at the same time. That’s an amazing combination I’d recommend to any creator.

Tim Connolly | Film Riot
Texas, USA

The 5DayDeal team was focused, professional, and extremely effective. They created an excellent promotion that our customers responded to enthusiastically. Their team is great at communication and problem-solving – they are truly a pleasure to work with.

Gabriel Cheifetz
Co-founder – CrumplePop

Working with the team at 5-Day Deal was incredible!! They ran the logistics, set up the affiliate program, provided copy, graphics, video – and basically laid it out on a silver platter for me. The program did 2x the revenue that I originally anticipated!! I’m looking forward to working with the team on future bundles and on an on-going basis.

Mark Wonderlin
Founder – Mosaic Media Films

I am super excited and grateful to have been a part of a 5DayDeal Bundle Sale – it was a very smooth experience, and very beneficial. The team at 5DayDeal are very professional and provided all the necessary tools for us to hit a home run – it almost felt like we did very little work and reaped so many benefits 🙂 An amazing experience, we hope to be a part of again next year! Thank you again for the incredible opportunity to also meet other creators and help our little blog and product reach so many people and potentially change lives!

Ogy Stoilov
Co-founder of 4K Shooters

Doing a bundle with 5DayDeal was a delight in every way! Highly recommend!

Share Ross
Rock Star

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Business Bundle Partner Reviews

We were beyond surprised with the results of the 5DayDeal. It brought a ton of recognition to our products, traffic to our sites and money into our accounts. Best of all, we got to help out some amazing charities along the way! Fantastic experience, would love to participate again as many times as you guys will have us!

Chris Scott
Owner – Salesographer

Hands down, the team at 5DayDeal is the best in the industry to work with. Responsive, professional and transparent, you won’t be disappointed if you join their bundles.

Erin Verbeck
Chief Joy Officer – Joy of Marketing

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