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This bundle has so much to offer for an amazingly low price! Plus you get to support charities at the same time! Whether you're a portrait photographer, landscape/cityscape photographer, etc you'll find something you'll love! As a photographer who dabbles in a little bit of everything, I can't wait to dig in and enjoy! This bundle will likely improve my photography skills and grow my business! Thank you to all the photographers that pitched in! - Sarah O'Neal | Ohio, United States

I have bought a number of these deals, and I have never been disappointed. Whether you are a beginning in photography or a pro, these bundles have something for you! I have been asked a number of times by people who have never bought a deal if they really are worth it, and I can assure you they are. Truly if you see one or two things in the list of great content that interests you, it would behoove you to purchase this great content! - Connor Hibbs | CO, United States

I just caught it on time before the 5DayDeal finished and I am SO HAPPY about it! Finally a photography deal that I can afford and learn from the best in the business! Finally after years of searching for the right photography academy and being immensely disappointed after every course I found REAL teachers interested in their students and giving them the same opportunities as everyone else to succeed in the business! Thank you so much to all who made it possible and thank you for giving a percentage to charity!!! - Alana Lauren Roxin | Vienna, Austria

I have known 5DayDeal for years, and have purchased it in the past also. Sometimes I miss the deal, and.... can tell you I am not happy about that! Every year it's full with great tutorials & ebooks from great photographers, amazing actions, presets, textures etc. It's a bundle for all levels of photographers! I am a very happy FAN & user of 5DayDeal. Register for the newsletter and make sure you don't miss out next time! - Anja Daleman | Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was stoked when I saw the 5DayDeal advertised online. There are so many incredible photographers providing such incredible information. I am a new photographer and really looking forward to unpacking all of the awesome resources available through this bundle - I can't wait to check everything out! - Jessica Capozzola | VA, United States

I am relatively new to the photography world but I have found myself pretty wrapped up and sucked in! This is my third 5 Day Deal purchase and I can't wait to dive in! On my own I have scoured the internet for resources, teachers, tutorials, you name it. Time and again the instructors, creators, and companies that I have settled on to be my guides through the endless morass that's out there end up being the very same who have created the content that turns up in these packages. I'm learning that those that are on top are there for a reason and they're the very same creating new adventures to be had in these massive deals. The $$/content ratio is untouched anywhere and the knowledge that so much is being given to charity to boot is just a win/win/win! - Timothy Monahan | New York, United States

I've invested in the previous two sales and have not regretted it, it was an easy decision to make to invest again here. So many great professionals and providing such awesome material. All photographers aspiring to achieve what we see the professionals create should dive in! - Garry Pycroft | CA, United States

I absolutely love the 5DayDeal Photography bundle! I wait for it all year long. I'm a hobbyist photographer, and my day job is as a teacher so I don't have a lot of extra in my budget for adding resources to improve my photography. The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle gives me a wealth of resources that allow me to improve my craft, and it allows me to aid several charities that are doing outstanding work. - Jennifer Alex | Mississippi, United States

Outstanding educational value -- great resources that are worth every penny. I look forward to delving in to the titles included in the 2016 5DayDeal and spending many hours improving my photography. This is not my first 5DayDeal and certainly won't be the last time I participate. Every resource included in this year's deal is relevant and welcome. Thanks! - Sheldon Reich | Florida, United States

Am in the process of downloading but what I have read, it is definitely worth the sale price. This will dramatically increase my library of useful educational material. Can't wait until I can start going through the material. Winter won't be boring this year!!! The e-books are great because you can access them anywhere you go and refer to them while you are in the process of photographing an assignment. This set has a lot of topics I have been interested in and wanted to learn more about. - Dean Holmquist | Minnesota, United States

Not only does this benefit others, but this is by far the best value around. Just ONE of the downloads that you receive will cover the price of the entire deal. This is my second time of buying the 5 Day Deal and I'm sure this won't be my last. - Thanks for setting up the 5 Day Deal! - Larry Fry | Idaho, United States

A good one-stop-learning-&-helping resource from pixels to people. Customer Service is also helpful & friendly. The various expert photographers provide hands on teaching and provide many opportunities to network with like minded passionate photographers. Looking forward to grow as a photographer & person, impacting the world for the better. - Willem Pretorius | Waikato, Tuakau, New Zealand

This deal has inexpensively plugged all the gaps I can ID in my learning as a professional photographer. The usual personable and effective trainers combined with enlightening (literally) course materials across a plethora of techniques will go a long way to enhancing my product to the benefit of my deserving clients. Thanks for this! Rich - Rich Took | Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Absolutely amazing, educational, and helpful. If you are looking to take your photography and editing to the next level, but don't have a ton of cash, this deal is for you. It includes the knowledge of so many experienced photographers that it is hard to pass up. Make the purchase, you won't be disappointed. - Allie Cline | Az, United States

I got the 5DayDeal last year and learned a ton. I love to learn at home and at my own pace. Definitely a great value. I certainly couldn't pass up the deal this year, as it looks even better. I was actually considering some of the products included in the package. Oh, and charity. It's for a good cause. Thanks for putting this together for us again. - Andrew Kulick | Florida, United States

I am super excited to explore all these awesome collections! As a photographer I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills and I can't wait to work with all these wonderful tools!! I am self taught with photography and photoshop and am a retired photographer/artist and money is tight. This kind of offer doesn't come very often and I just know that this will help me to expand my talent in photography and art. Thank you for such a great offer! - Sandy Baker | Ellicott City, MD, United States

So very excited about this wonderful deal- and love that it also gives to others. Thank you to all who have contributed putting together this fantastic bundle.. So much to keep me busy learning from some of the best within the photography community . I also love the fact we can choose the charity. - Kathryn Young | VIC, Australia

Superb deal with a wealth of marvelous content ! It's so cool to get so many courses from great photographers, and also Lightroom and Photoshop materials as well as so many things I have difficulties to wrap by head around. In some weeks of work I may be able to have a more informed opinion 😉 For the moment I am dazzled by such names as Karen Hutton, Trey Ratcliff, Lindsey Adler to name just a few. - Duy Minh VU | Ile de France, France

I've downloaded the eBooks over the last few days to sample the content of the 5DayDeal. Needless to say I've been very impressed with the professional level of the materials. I just made my first purchase with 5DayDeal and I look forward to future opportunities. The content is splendid, plentiful, and perfect for where I am in my photographic journey. In addition to the great materials, what a great way to help other through the various charities. Good job to the contributors of the 5DayDeal! - Jerry Hildeman | California, United States

I love how all the leading photography mentors in the industry collaborated for this very meaningful cause. Through their talents and knowledge, they were able to share both to charity and eager-to-learn photographers around the world. The deal is very much worth it because I am able to learn a lot from these talented artists and at the same time I was also able to donate to charity. Thank you for this awesome bundle! 🙂 - Lemjay Lucas | Philippines, Singapore

I love the 5DayDeal bundles, because you get an incredible amount of high quality education videos that can help you developing your skills and your way of working. At the same time 10% of the purchase price goes to charity! Thumbs up to the 5DayDeal Team and the creators! I can highly recommend this bundle! Don't miss this opportunity! - David Johansson | Tyrol, Austria

That's a terrific package.. yippiee.. I couldn't believe when I first heard about it in a podcast, but here I am.. got it!! 🙂 thanks!!!! The posing tutorial by Lindsey Adler itself was enough for me to get the deal, however, was thrilled to see baby photography tutorial as well. That and so many more products bundled here are well worth for the small price I pay. Oh, and part of that goes to charity as well. Can't ask for more! 🙂 - Mohan Bala | Tamil Nadu, India

I can't believe how many world renowned photographers are included in this bundle. This is like the All-Star lineup and we get to have VIP access. There are so many talented artists work that I have been wanting to learn from and this deal gives us the opportunity to have access to so many resources all at one time at such an amazing price. - Serge Skiba | Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

This is an amazing value, and a great opportunity to help out some great causes. From the wine photography tutorial, to event photography, to the awesome Topaz tools and libraries of development presets, this is going to save me a ton of time by learning from seasoned pros instead of trial and error, working with some amazing software that boosts productivity, and gives me a creative kick in the pants when I'm feeling uninspired. Get it now and thank yourself later. And while you're at it, double the charitable gift - it's only $9.70 extra, and when you consider how much the contributors have donated to help these charities, that's just a drop in the bucket. - Daniel Wilson | Napa, California, United States

I am an amateur photographer.. This bundle is so full of information and such an asset to have. It will teach me a lot of what I wish to know from professionals who have the knowledge and hopefully move me up a level or three. I believe it will help me achieve a goal I've put off for sometime. I'm planning to retire in January and would like to make a little side money with my photography. This bundle will give me some of the knowledge I need to take me there. - Camille Coffman | Florida, United States

Wow! what an amazing deal with sooooo much variety!!!!! Can't wait to tryout all these fantastic resources. There is so many different genres of photography explored here with many top industry pros. Its remarkable how many overlays and filters that are in this 5DayDeal bundle! I was hoping to get a couple of filters but man this is lots! I am also looking at reading the e-books and learning some useful techniques from pros that I admire but have not had the pleasure of reading. I am also looking forward to the 450 plus light room presets! I am very new to light room, so this should up my game considerably. - Frank Soliz | Texas, United States

I've taken advantage of these deals in the past, and hope to find one or two good programs or courses to make them worth the cost. I always find a lot more and look forward to the goodies this time around! This is over 90% off so you need to find just one good preset or filter to save you an hour of time editing, or a course that will inspire you to be just a bit more creative or save time and it pays for itself. I'm a believer, and the money goes to good causes which makes it even sweeter. - Jerry Alt | IL, United States

Great Deal!!! Hoping to get better at my skills with these - Great Price. I missed these deals previous years and was waiting on it to open this time. Inclusion of Very versatile and diverse techniques and artist make this bundle a must have. I have been following Trey, Jimmy, Serge and likes and really been inspired. - Dinesh Shilpakar | California, United States

Great initiative, love the combination of learning and charitable gifting! I am always looking to learn more about photography but it can be quite pricey and the content can vary. With 5daydeal you get an amazing discount on lots of really good content. Plus you get a charitable Aura for also giving to great organisation. The best combination of social conscience and learning about photography! - Cynam KIM-Blackmore | Ballarat, Australia

Though plenty of free stuff exist online, you can't beat this current deal. Excellent package with years worth of tutorials. Can't wait to start expanding my knowledge. For less than 100 bucks you can't find a better deal. Take a few minutes to review the offerings and invest in your future career or take your hobby to the next level.- SHERIDAN Carrington | TN, United States

This is one of the most valued bundles you can get. I've usually buy from another site but this bundle has way more stuff for the cost. It's really a great value if you want to take your photography to the next level. I'm also happy to see some of my favorite photographers work included in here. I can't wait to try out these amazing presets! - Kerstyn MacQueen | British Columbia, Canada

5DayDeal is such an awesome organization! I am getting items to help me become a better photographer! Being an amateur I can use all of the help I can get! 5DayDeal is definitely helping me! There are so many different resources available and I can't wait to check out the downloads I just received! - Sarena Foreman | California, United States

A great way to learn about photography and the photographers who offer instruction. There are so many different instructors and so many different types of instruction, that the 5DayDeal will be a never-ending source of instruction and inspiration. I know that I will be using this for many years to come to inform my composition. As I move up in experience and take photography to the next level (semi-pro), I'll grow into some of these materials and they will take on new importance and new meaning as I move forward in photography. - Kenneth Pringle | Nevada, United States

A great package with so much value. Great ebooks and photography presets there are more tools than I can probably use. It will take me all year to get through most of this. I can't wait to start reading and trying the new things from great instructors and photographers. It is amazing to put that much value in one deal and then to add the contribution to charity on top. Fantastic. - Robert Peterson | CO, United States

Buying one of your bundles is like a lifetime of christmas presents. So much information, tutorials and goodies it's almost overwhelming. This will be the second bundle I have bought. I am completely self taught in photography and photoshop so any opportunity to further than knowledge is great. I love that not only do you offer these amazing deals but you have a social conscience too. Keep up the amazing work. - Annie DE MONTALK | Auckland, New Zealand

The 5DayDeal is one of the most amazing photography deals ever and gives charities a great boost. I have purchased every one and find the information available to be invaluable. It's a great way to delve into subjects that you may not have thought would interest you. The variety of subjects, tutorials, e-books, videos is outstanding. - Mary Coles | NSW, Australia

I was skeptical about this deal at first. Once I read about the causes being sponsored I thought i'd give it a shot. I didn't expect the volume of articles I received. they're not kidding when they said we'd be getting our money's worth. I did a complete 180 on my thoughts about this. Very well done and highly recommend this. it's never too late to learn or learn too much. - ron bulger | Fla, United States

As the previous years, I'm looking forward to loads of new information, videos with top notch instructors, tutorials, presets and new insights into photography. A lot of new materials to give me new ideas to change and improve my own photography work. Just loving it and need to find time in my schedule to get started and working on it! - An Van de Wal | Antwerp, Belgium

The deal is ALWAYS AWESOME, so many new learning opportunities from so many great teachers - i get the deal every year, and you get to give to charity as well - everybody wins!! It's the most fantastic learning resource whether you are new to photography or an old hand (or even somewhere in between) - Matt Pereira | UK, United Kingdom

I just love 5 Day Deal and all the amazing content and information they deliver with this complete photography bundle. The provided photography ebooks, Lightroom presets and training tools are incredible. It's definitely one of the best money and time-saving bundles I have purchased in a very long time. - Vladimir Petek | Zürich, Switzerland

This is my first time buying Photography bundle. I am very impressed! It is an incredible amount of products packed with a very good and practical learning materials, for a very symbolic price. I would recommend it for anyone who would like to get inspired and bring their photography skills to a higher level. So much to learn! Thank you for putting this bundle together. Natalia - Natalia Tull | Maryland, United States

Thank you for that great project again. It is not only good for us to to have a chance to improve with amazing offers but also a chance to help charity. I purchased the last years deal and now purchased this years deal - and hopefully continue doing it. The value add to me was amazing from last years package and this year is amazingly promising. Thank you again for that great service. - Onder Gurkan | Ankara, Turkey

Wow, incredible value for so little money! I'm really kind of upset I only get to learn about this now, and not already some years ago! Seriously, the material in this bundle helped me a lot. High Quality Tutorials are hard to come by these days, especially if you can't afford to pay a fortune for it. So that's why I'm really grateful for this Deal! - Paul Harludo | Bavaria, Germany

It's the third year I subscribe to the 5DayDeal photography bundle and this because the first two bundles in 2014 and 2015 were awesome with tons of amazing useful material to watch, to read, to try. In one word to learn! And another important thing is that you can learn at your own pace and can share all the downloads through you devices like your Mac and your iPad. I watch the videos when cycling in gym and ... times fly, I get fit and I learn! - Mauro Moroni | Milano, Italy

I am so impressed by this years 5DayDeal. As someone who is passionate about photography, and wants to learn how to improve, this is a grand offer. I love the selection of online courses and books, by some of the best names in the business. It is brilliant to try other areas of photography that I would likely not have thought to try if it was not included in this awesome and totally unmissable offer! - Heidi Shaw | London, United Kingdom

I've been following and supporting the 5DayDeal offer since its inception. Love the content and look forward to each years offer. most of the content is highly valuable and relevant to my business and passions now. The tutorial videos are particularly useful. and the downloads are easy to do. - Rob Skovell | Victoria/Melbourne, Australia

This is my first time buying the 5DayDeal Bundle. This bundle looks pretty sweet with all of the great contributions from all of the different online photography experts. I see a bunch of people I already follow and a lot that I did know now about. I can't wait to go through all the awesome materials, learn a bunch of new tips, tricks and techniques and find discover some new photography experts to start following online. - Christopher Nordone | NJ, United States

I love 5DayDeal!!! Some of these prices are unbelievable! This is a great resource for photographers of all stripes. The deals really cannot be beat. I have only known about the website for a short time now, but I continue to be impressed with the products and services available. I was skeptical of the prices at first, wondering what the catch was. There is none! It's just a great deal. - Chris Brown | MO, United States

A ton of great resources regardless of your skill level and tools for use in everyday processing. Many of these resources are normally priced higher than the cost of this special deal. Put them together with important charities being supported and how can you walk away without contributing ? Looking forward to digging into all the resources. - kenneth wojnar | pittsburgh, pa, United States

I was really bummed when I missed the last 5DayDeal. So I was very excited when I saw Zack Arias post about it on his Instagram feed. So glad that I bought the bundle this time around! I'm especially looking forward to the post processing material. I've basically been a Photoshop novice for 16 years now, and I really want to get better at using it. - James Parent | Maryland, United States

So excited to be part of this deal! I could not believe how much is included in this offer. Truly a blessing to my business. I love learning how to not only improve my work but be more productive/efficient. I am excited about the variety of areas included: composition, workflow, business, ebooks, and so much more! I am a member of Cole's Classroom and look forward to all of the great additional resources I am getting with this deal. - Christine Brown | Illinois, United States

I have been purchasing "The Complete Photography Bundle" for the past several years. In fact, I always look forward to this deal every year. It is just a great value! There is so much stuff in it, with things in it that I would probably never consider or purchase by itself. But I get them in this bundled deal. The Complete Photography Bundle is like a BIG gift package to myself just waiting for me to open and see what I get this year! - Allan Ogilvie | British Columbia, Canada

I bought the 5DayDeal photography bundle last year and the amount of helpful information and resources for a small cost is a steal! From landscapes to studio lighting and editing techniques, this package helped me to grow so much as a photographer. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my workflow and the final results! - Daniel Seo | Sydney/NSW, Australia

I am always looking for ways to gain some additional knowledge to help me improve my photography techniques, and I have already spend hundreds of dollars on classes at local camera centers, DVD courses, magazines, books, and online photography courses. This bundle packs in a great number of resources from a variety of different photographers. If you can gain 1 or 2 tips from just a few of these photographers and courses, you can vastly develop and improve your own creative vision which, people will be able to see in the pictures you take. - Leonard Kikstra | Wisconsin, United States

What a great deal! It kept raining additions to the bundle. Noticed that some of the faces and/or names rang a bell when I was scrolling thru the very long list. Stoked to try out all of it and learn to take better photographs. Hopefully it will help me and many others. I'm sure there will be a lot of interesting things to keep me busy from reality and non photographical pursuits... Cheers! - Jan Bronkhorst | Vlaams Brabant, Belgium

I have already read a few of the ebooks and there is always something new to learn no matter how accomplished one may think they are. Can't wait to dive into some of the tutorials and expand my repertoire beyond landscape and macro. A great way to learn if you don't have the time or the big bucks to attend seminars on the other side of the continent,. At least this way you have a primer to pique your interest in a subject and then you have a better idea if a certain genre is what you were expecting. - Keith Doucet | Nova Scotia, Canada

The best investment a photographer can make in their business is education. Their gear can only take them so far. This bundle features the best information from some of the finest professionals in the world. Not only is the $97 a fantastic deal, a portion of every sale goes to charity. It just goes to show that photographers are some of the best people on earth, looking to help those who are in need of a little lift in life. - John Wirick | PA, United States

I purchase this deal every year because it is unbelievable value for money!! Each year everything is new - nothing repeated, If you are a professional photographer, a semi-professional, a keen amateur or someone who wants to learn more about taking and making better images then this is a bargain not to be missed. Enormous discounts! For $97 you get 60+ hours of video training materials; 450+ Lightroom presets; 15+ Photography E-books; 380+ Actions, Overlays and Textures. Not to be missed! - Errol NIBLETT | Poitou-Charentes, France

I purchased the first Bundle offered and I must say the wealth of information was staggering. I highly recommend any of the packages offered to artists of all levels as even learning one new technique that further enhances your craft is worth the cost. Many thanks to those who put this together for the community at large and for the philanthropic work that results. - Michael Virts | Maryland, United States

Fantastic way to encourage photographers to grow, while helping charities. As photographers it's easy to keep acquiring gear, but the smart move is to acquire books, to take more courses, and use presets to inspire new directions. This deal is great for pros and enthusiasts! I can't wait to read the client success, studio communication guide, that looks really useful. - Andy Beales | Worthing / West Sussex, United Kingdom

It`s my first time buying the bundle, and I could not be happier with my purchase! I look forward in doing all the Black and White courses, videos, post-processing and more! HDR courses from Serge Ramelli are of great interest, and I`m going to start it ASAP! There is SO MUCH information that I`ll need a lifetime to enjoy everything! 🙂 Charity Match is also a great initiative, and I truly recommend everybody to enroll. - Leonardo Ruggeri | SP, Brazil

The number of fantastic photographers and educators sharing their valuable experience in this deal is priceless. The package can only add tremendous value to the industry while supporting such worthwhile charities! I have enjoyed both previous years and can only praise the high level of value on offer. I will draw on the content for years to come and hope the 5DayDeal continues in coming years! - Terence Randall | Melbourne, Australia

5DayDeal is such a great professional development resource. As someone who works in professional development in higher education, I can truly appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating this type of bundle. 5DayDeal has helped me to learn new techniques and brush up on my skills. I am of the opinion that you are never done learning or growing. There is a wealth of knowledge included in these bundles and I'm so glad that there is an easy way to access it all! - Samantha Seeley | New York, United States

I have seen these deals in previous years and just scrolled passed them, but whether it was the ambition to finally start taking my passion for photography seriously, or the great collection of workshops and e-books on offer this year, this time I decided to take up the offer... And I'm so glad that I did! I've yet to fully deep-dive into every course (theres a lot!) but just through skimming the collection and reading about the talented people responsible I know I will have a blast learning from and exploring this bundle! And can I just also say how happy I was to see the 'Charity Match' feature of the sale, what a great idea! Keep up the great work! - Tom Genek | Queensland, Australia

I have purchased previous 5DayDeal bundles. There is so much included in these it's unbelievable. I also love the charity aspect, especially since not everyone is as fortunate as I. I especially like the e-books by photographers I follow and the accompanying presets and actions which I use a lot. Each new bundle is completely new and it's amazing. - Lynn McCann | Pennsylvania, United States

Thanks guys for such an amazing photography package that will absolutely help me grow as a photographer and help me provide even more stunning and beautiful memories for my clients.. Can't wait to give all the new filters and layers a go and read all the info in the Ebooks.. Thanks again for providing us all with such an amazing bundle and at such an affordable price.. - Kathryn Wilson | Qld, Australia

I purchased the a previous Bundle and I found it to be excellent in every respect. The Lightroom Presets were absolutely wonderful and any easy task to add to my library of photos. I have just purchased the 2016 Bundle and I am excited about downloading and learning. I cannot recommend a product more than I feel about this Bundle. - STEPHEN DALBY | NSW, Australia

This is my third time/year I bought this big bundle for all types of photographers. This great collection is made up by many big names in the world of photography. So there is a lot to learn, to read and also to use. You can also re-use it every time if you need additional information and expertise. All these resources with a big discount, at a low price and most importantly, a part you donate to charity. - Focco van Eek | Flevoland, Netherlands

This is my 3rd bundle and I love the way they put them together. I don't believe we can ever stop learning, and this is one of the best ways to do it - and we are helping others in the process. This year is no exception, and I love the fact that I can add a little more to the charity pot as well. Each time I go back to the bundle I find something new. - Mike Walker | Lima, Peru

Ohhh yeah, you have to try it! Huge discounts, professionalism. I am really happy to find this corner of the web. 😉 If you would like to improve your skills, you are in the right place. So much useful information, things you never thought about before. It will change the way how you start, process and end your work. - Laura Nagy | Baranya, Hungary

This is not just some photography courses, ebooks, and resources... this is actually a LOT of great content by some of my favorite photography content creators, By far the most attractive bundle I've bought this year... I can't wait to get all this stuff on practice and keep learning and evolving!!! - Antonio Garcia | Madrid, Spain

Looking forward to using so much of the package. I have done this before and 5DayDeal has been great. It is such a savings and there is so much there that anyone that gets this should be able to find something that can benefit them. Plus you are helping with charity in doing this. thank you to all of the those artists that help make this happen. - Aaron MacRogers | WI, United States

This is simply an absolutely amazing and fantastic offer which could not be walked away from, + it helps some worthy charity organisations!! I expect that this will give me many hours of training which I otherwise could not have afforded and as a result the quality of the images that I present can only improve!! I am really looking forward to getting into it and improving my skills! - Geoffrey Rhodes | Queensland, Australia

This is the third bundle I've bought. Always a wonderful value! A no-brainier. I buy training from many of these folks during the year and they're all first class. I like to support them with my training dollars so they continue to deliver the excellent courses and products they do. Thanks so much for putting this yearly event together. Christmas coming early, LOL! - Demetri Chramowicz | California, United States

I'm very excited to start going through everything that was included in the bundle. Such a great deal for so much photography related products from amazing photographers and vendors. It was totally worth the price. I will for sure recommend the 5DayDeal to all my photography friends. I love that the money raised is going to a much needed cause. - CAROL CASIMIR | WI, United States

I enjoyed the tutorials very much and have come back for for a second time. Learning is always fun and it is easy to get distracted with technology some of the things are also entertaining. I love that they support various charities which I can also contribute to separately. I have also received thanks from friends who bought it after I told them so we have combined efforts on a few projects. - John Conway | Washington, United States

Best deal ever..There are so many amazing things in this bundle! If your wanting to learn more to enhance your photographic skills, and how to use PS CC, then this is for you. The textures and overlays are amazing. The extra bonus is that part of the proceeds are given to charity. So learning from some of the best in the industry, and being part of helping others is awesome. Thanks to those who participate in making this possible. - JoAnna Dufrene | Louisiana, United States

Can't wait to dig in! There is so much here that I can't even comprehend yet. Really looking forward to using the Topaz program along with my other Topaz apps that I already have. That & the Black & White books/etc are a big interest to me. There are many top names in Photography that I have been following for awhile & have purchased some of their products so I know this bundle will keep me busy for quite awhile. - Julie H | Oregon, United States

This is my third 5DayDeal that I have purchased. Love the content. So many great companies, new ideas and tools to utilize. I am still going back to each of my purchases and doing new tutorials, learning more from my previous bundles. When I saw Sarah Petty, Lindsy Adler etc among this group, I didn't hesitate to purchase right away! Yay! - Jennifer Betteridge | british columbia, Canada

I was totally knocked out by the 5DayDeal. Best deal ever!!! Have you ever purchased a good reference photography book? It can easilly cost you 40 to 50 US dollars. Now, this entire 5DayDeal cost you only US $97. Do you still need to think twice? This deal will make you smile during your dream. Trust me with zero regret. Do it now! - Winson Chiu | Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have purchased a couple of the bundles offered by 5DayDeal over the past couple of years and I have been very happy with the products provided! I use most of them on a regular basis and with each bundle released comes new and exciting content! After purchasing a couple of the bundles and seeing what was included, I ended up taking classes or purchasing products from several of the photographers that have contributed to the 5DayDeal bundles. I use many of the products with both Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6 to create amazing composites! 5Day Deal also includes some great bonus content at no extra charge! The guides that are included with the some of the 5Day Deal bundles are very helpful and something that I refer back too from time to time. I think that one of the greatest assets of the 5Day Deal bundles are the very LARGE number of presets that normally accompany the bundle. Just wait until the holiday sales come out! - Sean Reese | Colorado, United States

Awesome deal on a huge variety of photography items. I saw it shared by a well known photographer, i purchased the offer and shared it as well. It's going to take a while to even make it through all the things that were included! Tons of presets for lightroom, actions for photoshop, courses, editing software plugins and so much more. It was by far worth every penny spent. With the extra charity match you get even more bonus gifts! - Brad Woods | oklahoma, United States

I am super excited to learn so much about photography! I am so impressed at the number of professionals coming together for 4 causes AND giving the public such a gift as well. This is an amazing deal that gives you the buyer the opportunity to give while getting. There are lots of great resources for every type of photography as well as tools for lightroom and photoshop. It's great! Keep up the great work guys (midwest talk for everybody). - Ashley DeGraaf | MO, United States

This is my third year for purchasing the 5DayDeal. I can't believe that they can offer the amount of photographic knowledge and training for such a tremendous price! The authors and presenters are top notch in their fields. I am constantly referring back to previous years of topics that I need to refresh myself in and just about everything is downloadable to hold on to. Finally, it's great to see the charities that funds go to. - Dean Huschle | Minnesota, United States

The annual tradition continues!!! What an awesome collection this year, and I loved the added bonus of Charity Match. This is the best "win-win" in photography education, bar none. I can't wait to dive into all of the great tutorials and ebooks, but most importantly, I can't wait to improve on my photography skills. Thank you 5DayDeal Team!! - Daniel Mizner | NJ, United States

Really Good work by the 5DayDeal team, This is my third time I am participating in 5DayDeal. Collecting so many information regarding photography, videography & the web in bundle form is an awesome idea. I gain lots of information by these bundles. They are packed with an interesting tutorial as well as freebies like presets.Thanks again!! - Aniket Rane | Mahārāshtra, India

I look forward to this sale every year and I'm never disappointed. It is hands down the best value in photography period. My skill level has constantly seen a dramatic jump after each years offering. No matter what your skill level, no matter what type of photography you’re into, there is so much incredible knowledge to consume from the top minds in the industry it's simply mind blowing how insane of a good deal this is. - Gage Salyards | California, United States

I've been happy to take advantage of the 5DayDeal for the past several years and I am looking forward to seeing what this year's deals will be. Every year, I spread the word to the members of Kendall Camera Club and we now have quite a few people who also look forward to the 5DayDeal. One member in particular has spent months watching the video tutorials from last year's deal. She attributes her incredible improvement in photography to what she has learned from last year's 5DayDeal. I have also taken advantage of the discounts on products and services...Topaz is one example for which I have used a discount from the 5DayDeal. - Robert Sullivan | FL, United States

I've purchased the 5DayDeal for the last 2 years and I am always amazed by the products that are included in it. The contributors always seem to go out of their way to offer their very best products for those purchasing the deal, and they never disappoint. In fact, there is so much included in the deal that it can be a little hard to believe that you are actually getting so much for such a small price. In addition to the amazing products is the fact that the money you spend is actually going to it is a win win deal! - Vicki Mudd | Illinois, United States

I have bought this before and you cannot be but satisfied from what you get out of this deal. It really is worth the money. You get a lot of software and resources and all for a great deal! I am still using the software I purchased from the last deal. I learned a lot from all the resources that were given to me. I also love bundles like this that help support charities. I work for a non-profit myself so I know the importance of fundraising and making sure your money goes to a good cause. - Peter Barta | Tennessee, United States

It's great to have all these products from these renowned brands and be able to get all these features for such a good price. This gives you the boost to start with a lot of advantage compared to those who don't take the opportunity. Take the shot. A chance to change your business with great tools. - Fabian Simons | Santa Cruz, Bolivia

I love the range of stuff you guys have in your deals; shooting guides, software tips, books, videos, full online courses! What's really been great is discovering new photographers to follow or watching guides on areas of photography I've never tried before and learning ideas I can then apply to my own work! - Paul Hennell | Bristol, United Kingdom

Since I have joined 5DayDeal, my skills and work have really taken a huge step up in quality. My post production with photos get amazing results when I use the presets I have ordered. I really look forward to the tutorials because I can learn new things or just confirm a technique I was using. Most of my Photoshop skills were self taught, so the tutorials are a confirmation I am doing something right. I also never used Lightroom until I joined Cole's Classroom. Once I did that, my photography has progressed further and further forward. Thank you! I enjoy being a part of these pages. - Kellie Jo Allison | Wyoming, United States

5DayDeal is a great site. Do you have in mind an idea for a creative business? Do you need help? 5DayDeal is like one stop shopping for educating yourself as you get your creative business off the ground. I found the information very helpful! There are a variety of resources! - Margret Beeching | Manitoba, Canada

I've bought the last two deals from 5DayDeal, each one contained a wealth of information and useful stuff for me in terms of improving not just my photography but also the business of photography. For example there were template emails in there to give you a starting point when communicating with clients, video tutorials demonstrating skills and techniques and teaching you how to do them and ebooks so you can keep learning even while on the train 🙂 All in all it is outstanding value for money and full of information, tips, tricks and techniques from some of the biggest names in the business. - Andrew Proudlove | Stredocesky, Czech Republic

I’ve purchased the 5DayDeal in the past. There's a lot of great info for learning and downloads for LR and PS presets/actions. You receive a wealth of knowledge from some of the world's best photographers. Plus you're helping several great causes. I highly recommend the 5DayDeal to amateur and professional photographers alike. - Toni G | Indiana, United States

I purchased the 2015 bundle. As someone just starting out, it was a wealth of information that I refer to often. The bundle hits on so many topics and there is something for everyone regardless of where you are with your photography or your business. It's a really great all encompassing package not to mention a fantastic deal supporting a great cause! I will be purchasing the 2016 bundle also, - Christine Dreger | AB, Canada

The last bundle was the first one I tried. I am hooked. Enjoyed all the tutorials very much. So many good things and great support. Really looking forward to the next one. I have been reviewing and referencing it all year. Thanks so much for putting together such an interesting and informative collection ! - Holly Eschrich | Los angeles, United States

I purchased the 5DayDeal last year. It was a great value & a fantastic learning experience! It is jam packed with lots of great information, videos, tutorials and course content. There are many presets available for both Lightroom and Photoshop and excellent tips to improve your photography skills. Don't miss the opportunity this year. - Stephen Hops | Ontario, Canada

I have been supporting 5DayDeal for the last four projects. 5DayDeal has been providing great products with great value for money. Something nowhere to be found. I really love the giveaway contest during each launch of a project. Furthermore, you can help others with the charity partners as you save. Loving it! - Zihao Zhuo | Singapore, Singapore

Love the deals and the site always have the best products at the best prices. Far better than any of the other so-called deal sites I've visited.With up to date information and specifics of all the products you carry. I've found everything I have needed for my up and coming Photography start up. I have recommended this site to not only people I know in the business but friends and family as well. - Donald Almendarez | Texas, United States

These deals have always been amazing. I did it the last times these offers were up and the crazy value you get for your money is a no brainer; even if you only use one thing, you get so much for your money. as an extra bonus, it's icing on the cake that a charity gets to benefit from the money you put in too. - Vissal P | South Jordan, United States

Having already purchased the 5DayDeal for 2 consecutive years plus the 5DayDeal business package I'm still lining up for another one. That's just how good a deal you get. It's not to be missed something there for everyone. - John Lambe | N.Ireland, United Kingdom

Very excited that this deal is going on - I have participated and I have bought before - it has been wonderful to have access to a wealth of resources, information and education by the very incredible creatives and best instructors in the industry. I have found 5DayDeal to be a true investment while doing something great in the process. I am very grateful for these grand opportunity, no-one should pass up. - Allie Miller | Atlantic Beach, United States

Wow is the best way to describe the bundle I purchased. So. Much. Information. Correction . . . So. Much. Awesome. Information!!!! Thank you 5DayDeal for putting these bundles together. There is an incredible amount of learning materials, files, templates included. It definitely takes quite a bit of time to download and then tons of time to go through it all. 5DayDeal, you rock!!! - Elaine Hughes | NC, United States

Greatest deals! Really thought through to give everyone more than they want. I'm an amateur photographer and currently looking for any reading materials that I can find to increase my knowledge. I came across this jaw dropping 5DayDeal. I recommend that anyone who enjoys photography and would like to expand their knowledge base take advantage of this great deal bundle. - Jhons W. | Asunción, Paraguay

I bought the last version and was amazed by the quality and richness of the content at an incredible price. These are real professionals teaching in a comprehensive way for the amateur or the aspiring professional. When you look at the pricing, there's no way to refuse. Can't wait for the new bundle..... - Luis Pinto | California, United States

Well, all we know how incredible the great people of 5daydeals are!!! They know how to add complete joy to a photographers day. Giving us an opportunity to lessen our financial burden by giving us important tools needed everyday allows us to focus on shooting. No matter if our love is in the field or in the studio many factors go into our love to get that shot. To have these guys step in to help make dreams come true is such a true blessing. - Tracie Bruno | Louisiana, United States

I look forward to these 5DayDeal bundles. I follow a good number of photographers, software Guru's, youtube videos, workshops, read books, preset purchases and you name it.....when it comes together in a great bundle such as what you put together, I feel like it is Christmas all over again. - Ruth Drews | Florida, United States

I've bought two 5DayDeal bundles and they are amazing. I got so much for a tiny fraction of the price! Sometimes just ONE of the items is worth more than the whole bundle! From ebooks to presets and videos. There is so much useful stuff! Don't miss this amazing opportunity. I love the fact that a percentage is donated to charity! - Matea Michelangeli | Florida, United States

I have bough one bundle and to be honest, you'll never get a bigger value for a smaller price if you are in the industry. I have enjoyed many tutorials, used luts and other things from this bundle! Have fun joining the give away and check out their next photography bundle as well! Even though I'm a filmographer this bundle has even caught my attention! - Wisse Stolk | Utrecht, Netherlands

I purchased the last 5DayDeal and am EXTREMELY pleased with the contents and content of the materials included. Well worth the money I spent. I have not yet finished mastering (not even close) all the previous material and yet I am looking forward to this new deal. It is a fantastic package that you will have for years to come and makes a great reference library for future use. I have also used it to help teach my daughter some of the techniques I use in my own photography. - Matt S | NH, United States

I have purchased three of your earlier deals and each one of them was totally worth the purchase price. In addition, the satisfaction of helping out deserving charitable organizations is a big bonus. Just keep it up. I will always be interested and look forward to this every year. There is so much excellent content that it takes me a few months to really watch/read and absorb. I wish and hope that you will able to keep up this good work for a long, long time. I want to thank all your top notch contributors for the excellent material they provide at such throwaway prices to enable a good cause. All the best.
- Suresh T. | India

I bought the 5DayDeal last year and have no hesitation buying it again, as what was offered surpassed all of my expectations. I can't wait to see what is included in this year’s package, as what was included last year kept me busy all year. One thing I really enjoyed was the breadth of what was offered, there was very little in the package that I did not feel was useful to me, and it even got me to try some things that I might not have if I had not bought the 5 Day Deal.
- Andrea W | ,

I purchased the 5DayDeal for the first time last year and Wow what a value! I'm so happy I purchased it, and I can't wait to get my hands on this years deal as well! There's so many things covered that there is something to everyone, no matter what you photograph, and you can still find a lot of useful information on the courses that don't necessarily apply to your style of photography.
- Henna Metz | ,

I've bought 2 5DayDeal bundles before, and the sheer amount and quality of the materials they contain is priceless! The calibre of the various authors contributing to the mix speaks for itself, and the selection of products chosen shows an experienced 'eye'. No filler here, just pure top level stuff... and some of it is exclusive - you won't get it anywhere else! If you want to go deeper into the 'sport' of photography then these deals are highly recommended by me =)
- Olly Dale | ,

Fantastic bundle :). Alot of useful tips, tricks and tools for all types of photographers - and at an amazing discounted price 🙂 Definitely worth a go. And helping support a good cause at the same time just makes it so much better. Highly recommended if you want to improve your photography, regardless of current level 🙂
- Peter Castor Steffensen | ,

All I can say is that I've participated in the previous two 5DayDeal packages and I have yet to use every product. It's literally like buying small sections of a huge resource library! One of the true beauties of what 5DayDeal is doing and offering is when something photography or video related comes up, instead of scouring the internet to find something you need, all you have to do is go thru your 5DayDeal library and most likely, you're going to find what you're looking for! And the icing on the cake.....their heart for charities and the awesome contests!
- Steve Whitby | ,

Each year I hear about these 5DayDeal photography deals.... but it is usually 5 days too late! This year is different finally I know long enough in advance, and as ever the deal looks fantastic. It is also fantastic that 5 Day Deal gives 10% of the money from purchases to charity. Not only can photographers get new skills from some of the best names in the industry for a stupidly low price but some of that money goes to help the less fortunate in society. Well done 5DayDeal!
- Ian Butterfield | Cheshire, United Kingdom

Over the years I have bought several bundles from 5DayDeal and they all have been just incredible and helpful. I look forward to the new deals every year! Going from business to website design, graphics to photography. I love it! I recommend them to all photographers from veterans in the field to amateurs just starting.
- Stijn willems | ,

I appreciate that there are new offerings every year. It is truly an overwhelming amount of product for a very small investment. The content is always current and up to date. The fact that some proceeds go to charity is admirable. The discounts are just icing on the cake. It gets better every year. Thanks
- Anthony Kendall | ,

I have gotten the 5DayDeal in the past and let me tell you, it was worth so much more than what they are giving it away for. When they it is a deal, it really is a GREAT DEAL! Don't miss out. You will regret it if you do. There were so much regarding all aspects of photography and editing and more. There were even nice editing programs for free. It really is a great deal. You should at least give it a try, I know you won't feel like you made a bad purchase. You will love it.
- Angela Walden | ,

I have purchased two 5DayDeals and not only is it a great way to donate to good causes but you get a plethora of training, tutorials and information to hone your craft and grow your business. It is a win-win. I am always excited to see what the next deal is going to be. There is always something for everyone.
- Luis Gomez | Virginia, United States

I've purchased a photo package in the past and LOVED every single part of it! The videos, the ebooks, all of the additional material. I can't imagine getting this good of an education at a college, seminar or anywhere else, with this quality of instruction, for this incredibly low price! I'm looking forward to the next deal, and am sharing it with my photography club members, too!
- Karin Markert | ,

Nobody gives you so much for so less money. There is a lot of software and discounts for learning photography. I could hardly imagine how much resources I could obtain at such a reduced price: courses, videos, books, different professional software. The best of all is that some of the money is donated to charity.

I participated in last two 5DayDeals and found these a fantastic value. More than just a collection of presets, software and ebooks, these resources are an investment in becoming a better person involved in the craft of photography. These courses cover an amazing spectrum of genres of photography from world-class artists. Everyone, from a beginner to a pro will find something exciting in this bundle.
- Vladimir Lukyanov | ,

Best way ever to get stocked up with A+ photography training, without having to spend a fortune! There are other sources of collecting training material, but nothing online compares to the assortment of material in these packages from 5DayDeal! I have improved in every single area of photography from landscapes, portraiture, lighting, post processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop, HDR. I can not wait until this deal comes out, this will be my third...
- Bernard Laplante | ,

Do not pass up at least exploring this deal! 5DayDeal offers incredibly attractive deals and support charity at the same time. Win, Win, Win! I've purchased two previous deals and have loved the offerings and greatly appreciated the tools and tutorials to help me step up my photography. Not having a camera store within 2.5hrs, these opportunities are very important for me to learn from the best and learn about how to best use the tools the pros use.
- George Neill | ,

I look forward to this opportunity every year! The products offered are first rate. I especially like the top notch courses that are part of the bundle. And the price is crazy low! On top of all that, I get to choose some very worthy charities to help out when I order. Can't wait for this next offering!
- Lawrence Nevins |

It is hard to find good tutorials, especially in one place. The 5DayDeal helps you learn, and continue learning, in order to improve your photography skills and business. The caliber of professionals that collaborate to provide this deal is well worth the investment. Attaching to it a variety of deserving charities makes it a win-win situation.
- Marusi Setta | ,

5DayDeal changed my life and formed my creative photography trends. Professional and creative programs offered are essential for any keen professional or enthusiast photographer who strives for quality and distinguished workflow from taking photos to finalizing delivery to customers. Thanks 5DayDeal! I became addicted to your deals!
- Bassem Sherief | ,

There's no other deals like this in the creative industry. I buy it every time no matter what because the value is outstanding and the content is always by the best in the business. Absolutely outstanding. There's no way you can get through all of it before the next one rolls round. If you're on the fence about this, don't be, there's nothing else out there as good as this.
- Travis Longmore | ,

I bought the bundle on business photography it has been (i am still reading the material?) however what i have read so far has been amazingly helpful for my starting business. I am grateful for 5DayDeal and their bundles which made all these material available at such low cost; especially for starting photographers. And it is such peace of mind to know that they are helping all those non-profits organizations. Very good please doing so, i am happy to keep supporting you.
- Marcos Enrique II Ruiz Rivero | ,

I got the 5 DayDeal towards the backend of last year (2015) and it changed my life. The value of the complete deal was exceptional. All the material offered was outstanding and I use lots of it still today. This is a great initiative and it is for a good cause as well. A win-win-win deal all round.
- Cobus Oosthuizen | ,

I enrolled and purchased last year’s bundle. I don't know how many times I have used the information over this last year! I have saved hours of my time with the information I received with that 5DayDeal. Plus I still receive information from many of the vendors who keep me up to date with their products and helpful information.
- Leo Diaz | ,

Thanks to the 5DayDeal sponsors and for all those great folks who provide the products in the bundles. 5DayDeal offers exciting learning opportunities and the satisfaction of knowing that some of the funds go to support charities that are improving life for others. I've been pleased with the fast support that 5DayDeal provides. A fine group of folks thought up this project. Thanks for continuing it.
- Conni Taylor | ,

You can count on 5DayDeal to always give you a great deal on great photography education! Any one of the many products included in 5DayDeal is worth what you pay for the entire package. You can't get a better bargain than this!
- Timothy Evans | ,

I love the 5DayDeal! I can't believe how much stuff they pack into a small price tag. I'm still working my way through last years products! Many of these products, especially the tutorial videos would be well more than the price of the 5DayDeal by themselves! I'm so glad they are continuing to keep this going.
- brad edwards | ,

5DayDeal has mastered the art of giving more bang for your your buck! As a video professional I am always on the lookout for great tools and resources to take my work to the next level. Never have I found so many in one place, for such a low price. Plus, everything that comes with the deals is quality. Love it.
- Mike Winget | Provo, UT, United States

The 5DayDeal makes photography affordable to enthusiasts like me. An opportunity to invest in highly professional and relevant content that will otherwise not be available to me. It keeps my passion alive and allow me to grow in this fulfilling hobby and passion. I can't wait to get into it for another term with new knowledge!!
- Frederick Greeff | ,

THE best photography bundle on the Internet! If you haven't checked it out and made a purchase you are missing out! I've been following this promotion since it's inception in 2013. I failed to take advantage of it the first year because I thought I could do better. I was very wrong and I'm still kicking myself for not taking advantage of it. This year I will have no regrets! Do yourself a favor and check 5DayDeal out this year... do yourself a favor and buy it!
- Ken Sieglinger | ,

Absolutely love what 5DayDeal is doing here, so many incredible resources from different photography related topics at an unmissable price. If that wasn't enough, they also contribute to charity their earnings. If you do one thing to improve your photography knowledge this year, purchasing this offer should be it. Keep it up 5DayDeal, I'm just one of a large number of happy customers.
- Ricky Deacon | ,

I'm looking forward to this year's 5DayDeal. In past years I've gotten more books than I would have ever bought separately. The books and tutorials continue to move me to the next level of my photography. My favorite part of the 5DayDeal are the presets. I can choose from the vast number of presets that can save me immense amounts of time in Lightroom as I can achieve results with one click. Saving time. Learning lots. Being inspired. Yeah, can't wait for this year's 5DayDeal.
- Barb Gonzalez | ,

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I have purchased the 5DayDeal for photography and am excited about this yet another great offering. I am a beginner in video editing and with this awesome 5DayDeal I am getting valuable tools and training I need toward better video projects. I highly recommend it. Thanks a lot to all organizers and contributors.

- Jonah Dioquino | BC, Canada

Less than $100 for a course by Shane Hurlbut?! Why yes please! That in and of itself makes the videographer 5DayDeal more than worth it! I've seen 5DayDeal's come through my FB feed in the past, but always drug my heals and didn't get around to buying. But when the videographer's deal came through, I jumped on it! I can't wait to start learning!

- Paul Leavitt | OR, USA

I am looking forward to using this deal to improve my media production skills so I can better serve my customers. As a very small company, I did not have the resources to acquire these materials at their regular prices. Now I have. And having a percentage of my purchase given to important charities makes it even sweeter.

- Gill Bahnsen | Washington, USA

Great value bundle offer for video makers at amazing price! Clear instructions to follow to get all the goodies afterwards. The plugins themselves worth more than the bundle + all the great training videos on top of that. Great help in starting your video production business as well as great tutorials for everyone thinking about going into filmmaking.

- tomek ciezki | Galway, Ireland is a great resource for access to premium content and products at a very affordable price. When you are in a creative industry, finding opportunities to grow your skills can sometimes be very challenging. helps me greatly by offering a wide variety of software and tools to experiment with grow my creative talents.

- Kellen Jenkins | Kansas, USA

I love the 5DayDeal bundles! This is my third purchase and I am constantly amazed by the amount of content included at one price. You would never be able to source all of these products and discover some of the software, plugins, etc if you went searching on your own (not to mention you'd never be able to afford it)!

- shawn stoner | California, USA

The amount of info and tutorials here is astounding. There are tutorials on topics I had been thinking about the last few months, and had even pondered taking classes for. Now I can learn right from the comfort of home for a fraction of the cost! This is knowledge I will share with the filmmakers who work with me at my company and we will all better better storytellers for it!

- Brandon Di Luca | Toronto, Canada

I have been feeling like I needed to get some more education for a while. Been doing this for 15 years, but you should never stop learning and trying to better yourself. WHAT A DEAL! I found at least seven different courses that I really thought would help me advance. The giveaways and classes that are offered are varied and quality, and you really DO save money. I especially was interested in the business filmmaking courses, and the software apps that are included for color correction and grading are superb. Thank you!

- Mike McCaleb | CA, USA

This is my second purchase of the 5DayDeal, and I'm very happy with the products I've received from it so far! Worth every penny! And I'm really excited about this new deal that I just purchased, as I'm getting into video and need the education to help me move forward in this area. I also appreciate the donation to the different charity organizations that they provide. It's what makes the 5DayDeal stand out from the rest. Good job guys! I really appreciate all the efforts you have gone to, to make this deal possible and affordable for us! 🙂

- Desiree Silva | Canada, Canada

The 5DayDeal bundles are amazing opportunities to further one's creative ability and really step up to the next level. At the same time, one can support charities. I have purchased several 5DayDeals so far and I must say they're top. The service is perfect. A few months ago, I had a problem with the downloaded files after the deadline, but the customer service was quick and helpful. They solved the problem for me without hesitation in a very friendly way. I think I don't have to go into the content itself too much. Everyone has their own needs and wants and will definitely find something in this humongous creative care package. I have definitely found a lot of useful material and have learned a lot through these deals. Can this be any better?

- Owen Chen | , Germany

This is my second 5DayDeal purchase and I am blow away by everything included in the sale! The training and resources from top named providers all in one bundle is a great value that is hard to beat, if not impossible. It would take forever to search all this stuff out on your own and try to buy it all separately. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience all wrapped up in a nice convenient package! And the fact that it helps out others in the process is just the icing on the cake.

- Lisa Laxton | Ada, OK, USA

Thank you 5Day Deal for the great discounts! I'm very happy with my product! I wasn't sure where to go nor how to find the kind of educational training I needed to elevate my skill level to the next level and then all of a sudden I came across 5DayDeal and you guys have more than surpassed my expectations in delivering me a fully comprehensive set of educational materials. I can't thank you enough. It's so awesome that you all have established partnerships with so many different content creators and can all come together to offer a stellar product that would normally equate to extremely expensive prices. But, through 5DayDeal, the price is a massive discount and the rewards are tremendous! You guys do a wonderful job!

- Tyler B | UTAH, USA

At first, I was very skeptical about the bundle or let's put it this way, I was afraid to take the risk of learning more about filmmaking/video making. I love making films, but because of lack of knowledge I always fail to give the ideal film that I want, and this was very evident when I have heard about the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle. However, I ask myself, "when do I learn filmmaking, if not now? When? So, I took advantage of the bundle. When I saw the deal, it overwhelms me! There are a lot of things to learn! Hopefully, at the end of this all tutorials, I could do great films! Thanks 5DayDeal! I know this is a worth every penny.

- Winstone Arradaza | Maryland, USA

A good solid set of resources for the budding or experienced film maker. The included Color Finale software from Color Grading Central alone is worth the price. The 5DayDeal is a great way to improve your knowledge of digital filmmaking and puts all the information you need in one handy place. The creators of the included packages and information are among the best in the business and this deal puts it all together for you.

- Wayne Cezair | Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

Hi, I can't wait to get started to read/watch all the tutorials. As a starting filmmaker I was looking for a combination of tutorials/plugins to give my knowledge a kickass boost! After watching te resume of the content I got instantly hooked and for such a low price! What a great way of helping starting filmmakers, you guys are the best! I also really love the fact that you donate to charity's, with this in mind it wasn't any problem for me to purchase this bundle. I'm directly starting reading, really am impatient to get started! kind regards

- Dries De Porre | Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Launching my film company this year, this bundle seems to be exactly what I needed to improve get new skills. I can't wait to learn !

- Charly CHAPELET | Reunion Island, France

Such amazing value in this 5DayDeal Complete Video Creators Bundle. I couldn't believe what was included for the price. Phenomenal! Plus 10% goes to support some truly amazing charities. I'm a long time, award winning video professional myself, and I decided to purchase this bundle mainly because of the amount of support that will go to these charities. Plus I'm looking forward to going through the color grading courses and adding these tools into my workflow. Excellent value with top rated industry products and instructors and it raises money for some extremely worthy charities. Its a win-win-win in my book!

- David DeMarco | New Jersey, USA

This is a huge deal for me to have access to this information to make the highest quality films I can, It paid for itself in one course alone, Huge help to the film maker learning on a budget!

- Jim Stone | Las Vegas Nv,, USA

So stoked for this package!!!! I am young and have so much to learn and thank all of those who brought this affordable package together so that young filmmakers as my self may also have a chance. Youtube tutorials are cool but it can get frustrating at times. With actual material from skilled artists I know my knowledge will become stronger. Thank you so much and I can't wait to put this stuff to work!

- Adam Barbosa | California, USA

At first I thought the 5DayDeal bundles were too good to be true. I decided it was worth the risk and WOW I have been so glad I did! I have purchased every deal since the first one I tried in 2014. I love how almost every time I have a new question or concern about how to do something with photography, I can find the answer in these tutorials and resources from 5DayDeal. I feel like I've gotten 10 years of education in just the past 18 months.

- Ryan Baldridge | Texas, USA

I got this bundle with an eye toward making some better videos for my business. (I'm already very familiar with the ins and outs of Photoshop, but video editing is somewhat new for me.) After doing some research, I decided this particular bundle was worth it just for Color Grading Central's LUTs. One of the bonus offers includes a bonus discount for VideoHero, which is a good source for royalty-free music tracks to add to the videos. (In my mind, finding good music to pair with a video without having to worry about royalties is one of my biggest challenges.)

- Michelle Gates | Virginia, USA

As a beginner filmmaker I am so happy to get such a great learning material for affordable price. I am exited seeing Shane Hurlbut, Denver Riddle, Chris Newman and so many others contributing for this complete video creator's bundle. Big thanks for 5DayDeal for making this all possible. Looking forward for the next year's amazing deal!

- Gediminas Dundulis | , Lithuania

Been working in the LA film industry for 11 years going on 12 now, by far one of the best online packages I've ever seen. Offers wholly unique courses in cinematography, directing, editing, you name it. Also includes a helpful package of tools and apps for beginning filmmakers. Definitely recommend.

- Truman Fritz | Oregon, USA (logo)

This has got to be the best dollars I've ever spent online. I'd just wanted to get Denver's Color Finale, but now I'm getting a whole lot of other materials and tools that'll help me do my job better. Not forgetting the effort from the people here to contribute 10% to charity. Oh, I'd double the donation by matching it.

- Ken Yap | Selangor, Malaysia

This is the fouth deal I Buy, untill now I found real gems in all collections. those i want to pay double the prize of the whole collection. For me these bundles make me look further and challenge me. I was thinking 2 weeks ago to start with filming with my dslr and now such a complete bundle makes me realy go for it.

- Rudy Coevert | Zuid holland, Netherlands

Really top Deal! Thought long about a buy, but in the end, there was no better choice! Really satisfied with the bundle i got! All in all a really great deal with good support and clear message! I think the Complete Video Creators Bundle 2016 will help me to enhance my skills in videography, compositing and color grading so much!

- Frank Baumer | , Germany

5DayDeal is one of the best deal sites I've participated in. It's well organized, packed with value, and well worth anyone's time. We saved thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the 5DayDeal bundles! We would highly recommend it for anyone in almost any industry, looking to find the deal of a lifetime on innovating products that you already want to purchase. Why spend more? Use 5DayDeal.

- Matt Schramer | Utah, USA

I was just thinking to myself how I needed to improve my video skills to start a YouTube channel and put together a brand video etc when this bundle popped up in my email. I am very excited to get started on all these great lessons to become a video pro to help build my brand. A reasonable bundle price too. Such a high offering of products that it is worthwhile to purchase no matter what your video needs are.

- Tracy Morin | Alberta, Canada

There are so many great professionals on the 5DayDeal that the everyday person wouldn't always have a chance to learn from. I love getting exposed to new professionals that have different perspectives and successes to share. If it weren't for the 5DayDeal I wouldn't have had an opportunity to learn as much as I have.

- Jen Tu | USA

I have benefited immensely from the previous 5DayDeal so deciding to go for the next one when it comes out was too easy for me. It is a great set of tutorials and it is very carefully picked. So looking forward to go through all the videographers bundle. I would recommend anyone who is starting out in this field or whoever considers themselves at an advanced level to go for this bundle. I guarantee you won't regret the decision. It is well worth the money.

- Khalil ur Rehman | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I didn't believe the deal from the onset. But upon researching and finding out it was authentic, I immediately made the purchase as it was worth more than every cent I paid for the items. I shared the deal with all my friends and family as I don't believe something that is worth the purchase should be isolated to myself,

- McCleish Haynes | Couva, Trinidad and Tobago (twitter profile given)

The value is exceptional. The 1st series I'm watching, Muse, has already provided a ton of great tips I can use.. very impressed with the quality. and I still have many more to check out.

-Dave Grice, Vancouver BC

I was directed to 5DayDeal by a friend who claimed he had found an unbelievable deal there. I was skeptical at first but his claim was true. There site is very easy to navigate as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend 5DayDeal and I will definitely be back for some more deals in the not too distant future.

- Keith Heneghan | Co. Mayo, Ireland

Huge offer, great products and above all, you help other by a donation. This offer contains a lot of really useful products and trainings never offered before. Each product offered is more expensive than the total price of the bundle. After that I will be ready to be a great video creator. i need to read all that now!

- Jean Hins | Brussels, Belgium (logo)

A great value bundle for a very good price. it's time for me to get back to studying cinematography, and Shane Hurlbut's course is something unique! i've already purchase Color Finale, and Denver is another great guy. I'm sure my next movie will be a masterpiece with all of your help. rock on!

- Franz Rotundo | Milano, Italy

Huge offer, great products and above all, you help other by a donation. This offer contains a lot of really useful products and trainings never offered before. Each product offered is more expensive than the total price of the bundle. After that I will be ready to be a great video creator. i need to read all that now!

- Jean Hins | Brussels, Belgium

5DayDeal gives a wonderful opportunity to learn about video and film production through many different video tutorials and handbooks with this video package! It also includes many tools to take skills to the next level and help with professional video work. I love it that it's also supporting charities that help people around the world!

- Trenton Hoshiko | USA

I love this site!! I just got an AMAZING deal on something i was going to buy, but i got even more software, trainings, and more out of it and the money went to charity! Thanks for what you guys do! I am so excited to be able to use these tools to become better video creator and editor and hone my skill even more! I know this is going to help me so much now and in the future!

- Ethan Vacchiano | New Jersey, USA

awesome! so awesome! learned a lot with fraction of a price! I think this the best deal I ever encountered on the internet. Save me a tonne of money and if compared what I have getting from this deal, it covers ways more than that. Ridiculously insane! I would recommend whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advance camera hobbyist, enthusiast or film maker to get this whist it last. This is the deal of the year

- Fauzee Nasir | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I learned about this great deal and the how they were donating a portion of the proceeds to a good cause from Denver Riddle. I'm impressed with both the quantity and the quality of the training that's part of the deal. Although my first exposure to the industry goes back over 30 years, I'm a lifelong student - things are always changing and, while I'm happy that I know the old school ways and know something about where we came from, I believe strongly that you have to keep up using a combination of training and application of the knowledge that you've gained.

- Eric Johnson | Maryland, USA

Looking to start a business and I'm currently fairly novice with video work. I've been looking at spending a lot more money to take classes locally but cash is short. This bundle seems fairly comprehensive and inexpensive...It's exactly what I needed! Thank you for offering it - I can't wait to dig in and start learning. Cheers!

- Jedidiah Esposito | WA, USA

I have not seen or viewed the information but I am excited to get started with learning all I can and the best part was the fact that I could afford to buy it! This, I hope, will be worth every penny invested. I think the total content of information and training will be the best on the web, I cannot wait to show it to my daughter who has graduated from film school from a major university. We plan on creating a production company together and this information will take us to the top of our video game! Thank you so much! Regards, David Jaramillo

- David Jaramillo | AZ, USA

Vivo en Mexico, sigo a varios de los autores y me parece increíble que pueda acceder a los contenidos por este precio, simplemente es increíble, simplemente tener un descuento por el contenido de MUSE lo vale, ya que la formación que imparten es excelente, también me da mucho gusto saber que el 10% de las ventas sean para causas humanitarias y sociales, todos ganamos. Saludos desde ciudad de mexico.

- Luis Maria Barranco | Estado de Mexico / Naucalpan / Vista del Valle, Mexico

Such an amazing once in a life time opportunity to give your filmmaking career the tools it needs to survive and thrive! As a creative, who mostly works on my own, I sometimes struggle to discover those well guarded secrets to succeed and stand out in the already over saturated business of video production. My potential colleagues are also my competitors when it comes to corporate video production, so sometimes people can be protective of knowledge and experience, and do not wish to share what advantages they may have. This can leave filmmakers out in the cold. This 5DayDeal, gives me all the experience and knowledge I need to give me a step up and advance my business and creative career.

- Steve Brunton | North East England, United Kingdom

Amazing deal! I am looking forward into diving into all the value from this bundle. Great for professionals rounding out their vocation -as we all wear so many hats these days; and young media professionals. I appreciate how well-rounded and varied the deal is. The world of professional media in not just Adobe products. And of course the emphasis on skills over software. Software will always change, but skills are long-lasting and a muscle that can and should always be exercised. Thank you again for this great deal!

- Jeff Alldridge | Washington, USA

It's the second time I've purchased the 5DayDeal. My business has increased immense after going that. My products got better by applying the things I've learned. You can search the entire internet for the information you want but these deals include everything. Step by step tutorials, great books for reading and so much more. I studied marketing and not photography or videography so these solutions are perfect for me and other that have the same 'problem'. If you really take your business serious, you need to stop considering this purchase und just do it. You won't regret.

- Wouter Oudemans | Altenmarkt, Austria

I have never heard about 5DayDeal before, got there promotion as a user of MUSE Storytelling. What a deal! I haven't seen seen so much value in one offer before! Can't wait to explore! And a part of the purchase goes to charity? I don't know how they do that but this looks crazy good for everybody.

- Miklos Terei | Budapest, Hungary

These 5DayDeals are just to amazing to miss. They have widened my view on both photography and video tools and simple ways to perform previously what was a very complicated task. Let alone the time to scour the internet, they have saved me endless amounts of effort for many of the common editing tasks I perfom in my daily routines.

- John Woracker | Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

This exactly the type of bundle that I was looking for and that it came through CrumplePop is what really made me give it a consideration. The wide array of tutorials is going to jumpstart my videography experience and it seems to cover everyting from soup to nuts for someone who is just starting out. I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into all of this training

- Jonathan Shenton | Vermont, USA

Incredible value and supporting worthy causes! Make sure to double the donation you contribute. Thanks to all the contributors for their generosity. This bundle gives invaluable resources to all the main programs I use. When I use FCPX for certain projects, Color Finale alone with the added Grades is worth more than the price of this bundle and an invaluable tool in my kit.

- Stuart Becker | Alberta, Canada

This is honestly amazing. As someone with no real chance of paying the hefty price for equipment or tutorials or even basic things like LUTs, this is an incredible oppurtunity and will easily arm myself for being able to make my own content or get jobs out in the industry. I've been following a couple of the creators featured in the deal for a while now, and it's honestly amazing to see content they've created available to me. I mean, it's those few creators that motivated me to buy the entire bundle!

- Mitch Andersen | Sydney, Australia

Amazing resource! I purchased the previous photographers bundle, and there was tons of useful stuff there, but I am a video guy (have been for 25 years) and i've been waiting for this! With the 5DayDeal Video Creators Bundle, there's stuff I can use right away, and a massive amount of tutorials/training on software and techniques I've always wanted to expand my knowledge about. I'm really looking forward to diving in and learning, and also expand my brand and business! Best of all, it's at an affordable price

- Mike Curran | NJ, USA

5DayDeal gives you the best opportunity to get incredible photography plus video products and tutorials at amazing prices all in the name of helping people and charities. Hands down the best way to learn all about taking your videos and photos to the next level and to help others. I always look forward to participating in the next event with the hopes of snagging new products.

- Jeff Skurkis | CT, USA

5DayDeal is the best bargain for full-on learning and tools that has ever been available to the end user.  5DayDeal is the best thing going.

- Roger Meinert | Michigan, USA

Great freaking deals, great freaking variety, great freaking prices, great freaking everything! I always appreciate the sales, especially as a young entrepreneur trying to make it in the media production industry. Getting sales like this helps a lot. Thank you to 5DayDeal for making this possible.

- William Scott | Ohio, USA

I am filmmaker and 5DayDeal has helped me become better! Their deals are great! Very convenient for a low budget filmmaker like me. I enter their giveaways all the time. I can get all the essential video items without the huge price tag! So thank you, 5DayDeal! 🙂

- Gabrielle Serhus | Texas, USA

You guys are awesome. Great deals, I'm always checking your site first thing in the morning. Coffee and 5DayDeal ;).

- Ben Gelfand | Canada - Quebec, Canada

It was super great with 5DayDeal and I got to save so much money. They have the best prices I have ever seen anywhere, ever. It was so helpful in getting my small business off the ground and soaring through the air with many customers every year. I was able to get all the stuff I needed and it was the best. It was super great. Me gusta much 5DayDeal, es el mejor opcion para compar mis cosas.

- Jam Chan | California, USA

The 5DayDeal video creators bundle is an amazing opportunity! I can't believe I didn't know about these before. I think this is a great way for low-budget filmmakers to step up their game with a great package that will surely improve their filmmaking kit. This could be a real game changer!

- Jeremy Hurlburt | NY/Buffalo, USA

I love this initiative due to access it gives to everybody on professional stuff. Is hard in actual economy prospective founding big names that join this type of initiatives. Add fact that part of initiative will be used for charity makes it the top. I wish that other people give you the support. Jason for president 😀 Good job guys

- Sorin Atanasiu | Verona, Italy

I've bought a couple of previous 5DayDeals and have been amazed at their great value. Even if you only use one or two of the products included, you've got your money's worth... and of course you're helping some worthwhile charities along the way. It's a win / win for everyone. I'm looking forward to this video deal. As a photographer that's exploring video, this deal comes along at just the right time!

- Ken Lyons | South Australia, Australia

5DayDeal bundles on creative education and the tools to make creativity happen are always in abundance during this favorite fundraising sale of the year. Contributors are so giving of their knowledge and the sharing of their process, while the software - from presets to entire programs - is always incredibly useful.

- Kim Clune | New York, USA (logo)

Tons of useful tutorials for an unbeatable price! I've purchased several bundles and have not been disappointed. I can't wait for more bundles to help increase my education! Thanks 5DayDeal!

- Eric Carlson | Richmond, Virginia, USA (logo)

I previously bought the excellent curated photography bundle. I got a lot of value from big names like Lindsay Adler and Zack Arias. The fact that you partner with several organizations making a social impact on the world just gives one more reason to tag along. I'm excited to find out what you have selected on the vídeo side of things.

- Alexandre Almeida | Lisboa, Portugal

So excited about this! When were starting out, we had no clue as to what to do and who to work with. Deals like these and people like you guys help a lot for beginners and we love that you are giving back!  This will help a lot in my business and I can't wait to pay it forward 🙂

- Paul Santiago | California, USA

Each year 5DayDeal chooses some of the best creative resources and tools to help us move our businesses forward and help 5DayDeal partner with some amazing non-profits trying to make the world a better place. Each deal is packed to the brim with incredible value for people who might be new to their business and those who have been around for a while. I look forward to this time of year knowing that I'm taking my company to the next level and helping 5DayDeal raise support and awareness for great causes! Don't miss out on these deals!

- Ste Gunter | TX, USA (logo)

This company is amazing I'm glad to have found one that's involved in a tone of charity work! Considering they help many organizations world wide to help bring different services to the poor and needy in Africa. It's amazing that they also give opportunities to many photographers to go and help many of these organizations.

- Justin Illig | Pennsylvania, USA

I have purchased nearly all of the past 5DayDeals! I love that it goes to charity, and the resources are top-notch. I always get more than my money's worth with each 5DayDeal, and I love that the material is not redundant, but new and fresh, and catered to different fields. The fact that the material is offered by the top educators in our fields, is just icing on the cake.

- Stephanie Snyder | South Carolina, USA

One would be stupid not to be part of this deal, really damn cool! As a video creator this stuff is worth gold and I would be really happy win all this stuff. Also 5DayDeal is a great platform, easy to use, smooth, straightforward, some really good stuff. Love the design and the whole concept.

- Marton Kis | Hungary, Denmark

Thank You for doing this. I'm looking forward the video bundle as I'm relatively new to video and can learn so much with the resources. Love and enjoyed the previous two 5DayDeal bundles; great bundles for a great cause! Can't wait for the next video bundle. Thanks, Richie Casado

- Richie Casado | New York, USA

I have participated in the 5DayDeal twice before and have been very happy both times. I continue to use the products included nearly everyday as part of my workflow. In addition, some of the products have opened up new ways of working that I previously hadn't considered. The 5DayDeal provides excellent value on leading industry products, while raising money for very worthy charitable causes. It is a win for everyone involved.

- Ryan Young | Arizona, USA

Such great deals. You just gotta love 5DayDeal. Check it out!!!!!!!!! Every time they run this deal I just can't wait for the next one! You get a ridiculous amount of awesomeness for an unbelievably minuscule amount of money. Do it!!!!!!! It only lasts 5 days! Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors.

- Keith Jurow | Orange County, NY, USA

I love 5DayDeal! Their offers are always packed with high quality, high value products to set myself apart from my competitors. I purchase them almost every time they are offered. I keep my purchased downloads safe on a cloud backup so I do not lose them. Video instruction, templates, textures, backgrounds - so many products are included with each of their deals. I am always delighted with the quality of variety of the products included with each purchase.

- Marlene Lebel | Texas/Bastrop County, USA

I have been a follower and customer for only a short amount of time. But 5DayDeal is my "go to" spot FIRST to see what what products, videos, add-ons, templates, brushes, and other overall amazing deals I can obtain for an extremely low price! Can't wait to see what the next Deal brings!! I highly recommend everyone use 5DayDeal because of their sweet deals.

- Kyle Wolf | Utah, USA

It's been a great deal site! I've purchased a bunch of educational material for just a small amount of money and it was so worth it. I'm still getting around to opening them up but I think that the idea of 5DayDeal is great and I'm always looking out for new deals! Thank you guys for a great opportunity and also the causes that you are choosing to raise money for!

- Katya Koliban | Ireland

The 5DayDeal is the best thing ever...the only bad thing is that it only comes around a few times a year!! It is so incredible to be able to get so much training and other digital products for literally pennies on the dollar. There is not a better deal out there! If you haven't committed to the 5DayDeal yet, just do it! What are you waiting for?!?! Just remember, it's only for 5 days! So don't procrastinate and forget and miss it!!!

- Riley Bowman | Colorado, USA

5DayDeals are amazing value. I bought both previous deals, and couldn't believe just how much useful content there was for the price! I am still referring to them as I continue my photographic journey through life. This video bundle comes at just the right time as I am expanding my knowledge and venturing into videography. Thank you 5DayDeal.

- Elizabeth Coughlan | Humberside, United Kingdom

I've been more than happy with the purchases I've made with Not only is it a great resource for photo education, but they have amazing deals. It's one of very few emails that makes it through the filters into to my inbox. It's never spam. I'm always excited to see the next lineup of educators or the amazing giveaways. I'm very impressed that they're also giving back. It definitely encourages me to purchase from 5DD because of their willingness to financially support causes.

- Jenn Van elk | USA

Thank you so much for your AMAZING 5DayDeals!! I've bought a few over the last couple of years & have found that as my photography evolves I can go back through the tutorials and still learn so much! The things that were too hard for me in the beginning, are now perfect for the stage I am at in my photography right now! It is an absolute credit to the quality & time that is spent putting these deals together! As a photographer who lives on a very remote island, it is almost impossible to get to the mainland & attend photography workshops. These deals have opened up a whole world of photography that I otherwise would never have had to opportunity to grasp! Awesome work guys! 🙂

- Kirsty Faulkner | Christmas Island, Australia

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I get excited every time a new 5DayDeal hits my inbox! The content is always superb and professionally done. It's a deluge of content! No less than a couple weeks of learning. Not to mention, I get the chance to learn about other aspects of photography that I would not have otherwise purchased tutorials to explore. The fact that it gives money to charity is an awesome bonus. Keep up the good work!

- Josh Kuehl | CO, USA

Having this many educational resources that focus on SO many different areas of my business is perfect! It's unheard of really. Don't even get me started on the price. Not only have each of the contributors provided all of this for us, but a portion goes to various charities as well. In a world where it seems everyone is doing everything they can to get a buck, this is so very refreshing. These amazing educators are the BEST in their fields, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to dive into each topic!

- Clara Griffith | Virginia Beach, USA 

As always, this is an incredible value for the money, and all for a great cause! There's something for everyone in the bundle. From photogs for photogs. This is my second time doing a 5DayDeal. There was so much packed into the first one, it tool me quite some time to get to use it all, but every bit I utilized was beneficial to me.

- Bobby White | North Carolina, USA

An amazing collection of products, if this 5DayDeal bundles does not help me to develop a successful photography business then nothing will. Thank you so much to all the contributors for making these products available at such a ridiculously low price, and well done on supporting such worthwhile causes. I can't wait to get started!

- Richard Lisle | CA, Italy

It's the first time I've bought the 5DayDeal and I've barely started to dig into it, but I'm already amazed by the incredible amount of useful products. As an aspiring professional photographers, I can see how the bundle will help me from now on to years from now. Everything will help me tremendously and if I'm ever able to make my dream of becoming a professional photographer a reality, this bundle will have played a big part in it! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it with the world! Oh, and the fact that it helps charities is a fantastic bonus!!

- Chloé Marcanti | France

So many courses and products online are expensive, and you can never be sure about the quality. For the price, this product was a no brainer, I bought it as soon as I saw it. I am so excited to start looking through and using the resources in this package! It covers everything from marketing, to legal contracts, and how to build a better business in general. Thanks for making this available!

- Brianne Lynds | Ontario, Canada

5DayDeal continues to put together some of the most comprehensive, useful (and let's not forget amazingly inexpensive) bundles around! I am a 110% satisfied buyer of the regular annual deals, but this photography business bundle is unique and second-to-none. And it doesn't hurt that some of the money goes to support some worthy charities! Thanks very much, and keep up the good work!

- Matthew Stein | New York, USA

5DayDeal is a great idea for a great cause and I now have a great deal on a business building education from a whole gaggle of great photographer businessmen and women. I can keep the whole thing on a thumb drive and reference it any time I need to, and it cost me only 5% of what it would cost were I to buy all of it as individual packages. Some were brand new and had just been released. I'll be watching 5DayDeal from now on.

- Dave Trombetti | Arizona, USA

5DayDeals have a lot of value packed in with out a lot of price. I chose to get the business package after getting the regular 2015 5DayDeal and finding it to be a good value. Plus, 10% of proceeds go to charities. I'm looking forward to utilizing this content to help me with my photography business.

- Holly Roa | Seattle, WA, USA

This is an amazing deal and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the awesome material that is included. I just know this bundle will help me be on my way to having a successful photography business!

- Andrea Swenson | Florida, USA

Everybody knows that the amount of items you get for your money is amazing, but I was surprised by the sheer quality of the content! With everything here, I feel like I can actually make it and live off of my photography! So far my favorite is Joel Grimes, can't wait to view/read the rest! Best purchase, discounted or otherwise!

- Caleb Byrd | Kansas, USA 

This will be my third bundle purchased through 5DayDeal. If this business bundle is anything like the creative bundles, I am very excited! It's also nice to see that part of my purchase goes towards certain charities. This is a really great idea. Thanks so much to everyone involved for putting this together.

- Aaron Von Hagen | BC, Canada

So excited to hear the advice of talented photographers to help grow my business! I think this package has a lot to offer photographers, whether they are new to the game or have been doing this for a while. I've used the tutorials and resources from Photography Concentrate, thanks Rob and Lauren, for quite a while now. When they started talking about this offer, I knew I had to look into it. This is great!

- Kate Seppala | Colorado, USA

I love this bundle - a very doable and affordable upgrade on my knowledge and skills as a professional photographer - thank you guys so very much!!! This selection not only gives me invaluable tools to improve my business, but also updates me about the newest important things and connects me to awesome teachers and mentors.

- Heidi Seedorf | Virginia, USA

Love these deals!! Great way to build marketing library and learn new ways to improve your business & increase profits. Learning directly from the pros is the best way to do it. I can't wait to dig in to the master class, blogging tips an other great items. On top of huge savings you get to support some really great causes and you even get the opportunity to double your donation to make a bigger impact. Nice!

- Channah Morris | Georgia, USA 

These deals are truly amazing... Worth every penny! Whether you're a newbie or an experienced photographer/business person; the combination of materials, resources, and knowledge shared by the professionals of our industry is second to none. Every 5 day deal is as valuable as they say it is. We've purchased 2 deals so far and each one has surpassed our expectations. Thank you 5DayDeal!

- ANDREW HIORTH | Ontario, Canada

Fantastic deals and excellent customer service too, which I had to use last year after an unfortunate hard drive malfunction (yes, my backup corrupted too!). For two years now I've been amazed with the quality of the content in the deals for an absolutely incredible price - and it all helps worthy causes too (don't forget to add donation match to your order,)! Everyone wins from these superb bundles, I can't praise them highly enough.

- Mike Rickard | Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom 

What a great way to raise money for charity and help out photographers in the business aspect! I've been searching forever for business tips specifically in the realm of photography and to find a package like this for an inexpensive price and knowing that the money goes to meaningful charities is great.

- Stephanie Pascua | California, USA

I think this bundle is a fantastic opportunity for a photographer to grow their business! Also as a beginner photographer its awesome that I can have access to business know-how from successful photographers on their business and what it takes to be successful in an industry they are familiar with! Can't wait to get started and soak up all the information and advice!!!

- Sophie Brockmann | WA, Australia

The bundle as it says.. it’s a unique package of every (to be) professional photographer needs to know for doing a real business. It worth each and every penny to have such great material! Also, I like the part of supporting charity.. it was a great idea and effort to help people who are really in need. Keep it up..

- Shahrooz Farahmand | , Netherlands

This is by far the greatest value for photography tools, tips, and training. No other product even comes close to providing this level of content at such a great price. You have the opportunity to learn from some of the top professionals in the business. You see what works for them and how you can apply those same techniques to make you a successful photographer.

- Roger Meinert | Reed City, MI, USA

I love these bundle deals. They offer access to a wide variety of training tools and resources and I highly recommend them. This is my second bundle and I couldn't be happier. I'm always on the lookout for the next deal so that I can advance myself personally and professionally as a photographer. Thank you so much for making these bundle deals a reality.

- Anthony Harden | North Carolina, USA

If you are ready to finally jump into the professional photography business or possibly seeking to expand your business knowledge for an existing enterprise, I highly encourage you to take a good hard look at this opportunity. You will be impressed by the fantastic bundle of very useful products from a great group of professional individuals and their associated companies being offered at a truly bargain price point. You will not be disappointed. Not only that but along with the deeply discounted pricing for this bundle, you will be helping some very worthy charities as part of the promotion being presented.

- Dwight Wright | Minnesota, USA

Just bought the business bundle. Can't wait to dive in! I have been wanting to get more serious about the business of photography, but have hit some roadblocks. Hopefully, this will help me along the way. Thanks for the great deal! Can't believe all of this great content was only $87!! Thanks again!

- Caleb Daugherty | Indiana, USA

5DayDeal is worth far more than currency! It's a wonderful way for all of us to come together, apply best-practices, and support the higher cause of helping people in need! As a photographer, my aim is to serve the needs of my community. 5DayDeal improves the business skills needed to achieve my aim. Serving my community goes beyond photography services and products. It's also about giving back - paying it forward! 5DayDeal helps me pay it forward through their selection, and donation of proceeds to, charities that span the globe. Thank you, 5DayDeal!

- Chris Gray | Tampa, FL, USA

This is a great promotion and one that every new photographer or seasoned photographer can benefit from! Well worth the $$$, 100x over! This is the third year that I have purchased this promotion and each year the information and material gets better and better. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in starting their own photography business!

- James McQuiggan | Orlando, Florida, USA

What an awesome opportunity to not only grow your business but to help charity as well! Everyone should take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity. Some of the best minds in the industry giving great products for you to use. Thanks so much. Can't wait to utilize all of the learning and implement right away.

- James Wood | Ohio, USA

I just recently talked to a friend about how hard it can be to find new customers and clients to work with. I live in a town with about 30,000 people and keep telling myself that there's enough people. The solution to this has to be advertising myself better and using the tools available with the internet. When I saw 5DayDeal and read about its content it was like a designation and I knew that I need it. From what I've read and seen so far I have to say: Unbelievable offer with incredible content! Looking forward to increasing my sales and most importantly getting my name out into the world and making great relationships with customers. Thanks 5DayDeal!

- Philipp Wiebe | Otago, New Zealand

I get the 5DayDeal every year and they're always absolutely awesome and this year is no exception. Great products for an amazing price. This year there's a ton of content for the business side of things. Totally incredible content to keep and to incorporate into any business not just photography. There's content from Sarah Petty, Jasmine Star, Trey Ratcliff, Joel Grimes and many other superstars in photography & that are super successful. If you're determined to succeed then let these folks help you - they've helped me.

- BJ Adkins | Florida, USA

This is such a great deal - I can't wait to read through the materials, watch the videos and soak up all the amazing knowledge 🙂 I'm anxious to start rebuilding my business, this time with the right tools and know-how, and this is just great timing all around. Not to mention, WONDERFUL charities are being supported by this, so yay!

- Brandie Davis | Nevada, USA

I bought the 2014 photography 5DayDeal, it is still one of the best purchases I made. A penny spent on education pays back multiple dollars, 5DayDeal multiplies that even further. I didn't hesitate once i saw this package as I'm already in the process of planning my photography business.

- Ibrahim Abbas | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wow, another fantastic 5DayDeal. Can't wait to get into this one.  The last 5DayDeal has done wonders for my photography skills and now with this 5DayDeal I can give my photography business the kick start it needs. Thank you very much to all the companies and individuals that have brought this deal to us and continue to inspire us budding photographers to improve and explore our creativity.

- Reg Armstrong | Queensland, Australia

I'm very excited fro the opportunity and love all of the charities being included. One of my favorite photographers that I follow is included int he promotion. Jasmine Star. She is a tremendous speaker and wonderfully warm person. I look forward to exploring work by more of the photographer resources. If they are anything like her, they will be extremely helpful. Great job!

- Erin Fuentes | CA, USA

I've bought a couple of the 5DayDeals in the past and always found them to be exceptional value. Particularly one year there were many videos by great artists and all for the price of just one of the videos on the artist's site. I learnt so much from the videos it was insane to not have bought them at such a low price. I encourage everyone to try out the 5DayDeal as they will help you with your photography now and well into the future.

- James Troi | Melbourne, Australia

It is the third time I have bought a 5DayDeal and so far they have all been awesome!!! I am in my first year of business and all the help is always welcome. I will dive in to this content as soon as possible and hope to reap the benefits before this summer. Thank you 5DayDeal team and all the contributors for this great content!!

- Stijn Willems | Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium

I bought the 5DayDeal bundle last year and it has been my bible ever since. I execute a variety of different photography catered to different people. I've learnt so much by amazing professionals. It is so diverse that when when approached by a new client to shoot something different, I know I can learn with this bundle. Excited for the next one!

- Juliette Nguyen | Vancouver, bc, Canada

The last bundle I got was the "Complete Photography Bundle III". What I loved the most about it was the diversity of materials. All the photographer-instructors were very clear and took time to explain what they were doing. Now that I watched'em all and practiced along the knowledge I got, I can absolutely state I'm a better photographer.

- Mário Dinis | Lisboa, Portugal

I enjoyed the last 5DayDeal you had! Got some great educational pieces! The Lightroom courses were very helpful and I love the Coles Classroom Newborn Workshop. I'm still referring back to this great resource and continuing to learn. I have now started my own photography business can credit the 5DayDeal to one of my jumpstart measures to get it going! Thanks!

- Leigh Jones | South Carolina, USA

Either if you are an amateur or a pro, this is a fantastic opportunity that you shouldn't miss! An amazing pack of valuable materials, offered at a fraction of the standard price....just too good to be true....but it is TRUE!!! I already bought it last year and since then I'm always waiting for new incredible promotions from 5DayDeal 🙂

- Nicola Torosantucci | VA, Italy

I'm always looking forward to the 5DayDeal for great discounts on tutorials and photography resources. When I was first starting out with photography the bundles offered by 5DayDeal helped me a lot as they combined different categories in their tutorials and resources which helped me a lot in learning the basics and understanding different types of photography better. It would have been very expensive to purchase all of them separately and the content was enough to keep me busy for months. I've never been disappointed by the quality of the bundles!

- Mr. T Hayfa | กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand

Just, Simply, Awesome resources. I am waiting for the next part. My small business is in dire need of more clients and the help I receive is a welcome resource. I can't wait to put these ideas to good use. It is such a pleasure to be connected to a site with real life examples and suggestions so graciously offered.

- Mark Sanderson | Kemah, Texas, USA

I was introduced to the 5 Day Deal last year through David Duchemin and at first I thought "this sounds too good to be true" but I trust David so I made the modest investment in the deal. I was not disappointed... the deal included a wealth of information and learnings that I am sure I will reference well into the future. I look forward to seeing what this year's deal includes!

- Heather Donauer | Alberta, Canada

I got the 5DayDeal a couple of years ago and it was amazing. My photography reference library grew 10,000 percent and I still haven't been through it all. Plus it helps some great causes and so what is not to love. Seriously, this is a great deal, a great resource, and a great way to support good causes.

- Jacob Haskew | Austria, Austria

El año pasado participé en 5DayDeal y en verdad se obtiene muchísimo por lo que se paga. Una gran cantidad de tutoriales e información de distintos géneros de fotografía. Sin duda vale la pena! Este año estoy a la espera de ver los productos y fotógrafos participantes. Saludos desde México.

- Antonio Saucedo | Ciudad de México, Mexico

I've bough two 5DayDeals so far and the amount of videos, presets, ebooks etc you get is insane, for that price! The best teachers and products in the industry are featured in these bundles. I don't use 100% of what I get in the bundle, but it is still a killer deal. I will definitely buy again.

- MAtea Michelangeli | Weston, FL, USA

I purchased a photography bundle last year . . . FULL of templates, actions, guidelines, information . . . I got more than I was expecting! I am grateful for all their hard work in putting these bundles together for us!  I had more than enough new information to sort through!

- Elaine Hughes | NC, USA

Hola! Yo participé comprando por primera vez el año pasado, 2015. Me pareció una manera fantástica de colaborar y también, de aprender lo que más me gusta: la fotografía. Y lo hice de la mano de grandes expertos en la materia. Gracias por darnos esta posibilidad de ayudar...y ser ayudados. Muchas gracias y les deseo el mayor de los éxitos en el 2016

- Pilar Chevallier | Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

This is such a great way, not only to get great products at amazing discounts, but to get exposed to mentors that you might not learn about otherwise. For me, 2 years ago, the 5DayDeal introduced me to Serge Ramelli and his work. I have been following him ever since on Youtube, his website, etc, and I am so grateful to 5DayDeal for that!

- Daniel Rosner | New York, USA

I discovered the 5DayDeal less than 48 hours after the Fall 2014 deal closed. I was frustrated that I had so narrowly missed out on such an amazing bundle of ebooks and training and freebies etc. but I resigned myself to signing up for notifications on future bundles and hoped that a similar deal would be offered. When I was notified about the 2015 deal, I snapped it up immediately. In less than 6 months after my investment (because that's what it is,) the knowledge that I gained from the 5DayDeal has already pulled my (veggie) bacon out of the fire on multiple occasions. Don't miss out on it!

- Daniel Simonson | NC, USA

I bought my first 5day deal over a year ago and was hooked. So when the next one came out it was a no brainer to purchase that one too! I've bought two 5day deals so far in the last couple of years and I just LOVE them both so much! There are o many great products and tutorials in one place. And you can't beat the price! 5DayDeal is worth every penny! I really can't wait for the next 5day deal to be available for purchase! I'll be one of the first in people in line to purchase the next. 5DayDeal is the best photography bundle out there. Thanks 5DayDeal!

- Stacy L | Ontario, Canada

I've been part of the last 2 bundles. There were a great value for the price! A ton of relevant and useful learning materials (videos, presents, e-books)! I did not have time to watch/read everything yet (as there really are gigabytes of tutorials) but I've already learned a lot! Can't wait for the next 5DayDeal!! 🙂

- Dominique Annicette | Lausanne, Switzerland

Great set of tools by a great set of professionals at a great price! (and you get to do some charity too!) What else is there to think about? The bundle I bought provided me with great education concerning photography for a great value. All these professionals are known worldwide and they offer their tools of expertise to get better doing what we all love...Photography

- Helena Granjo | , Portugal

Purchased the Photographers bundle some time back. Great deal. Learned many new techniques. My skills have improved a lot since I made that great buy. The best part of any purchase though the 5DayDeal is the fact that the funds raised help out great causes. By you spending a little bit of money on your part goes a long way of helping people in need.

- Juan Galvan | California, USA

It is always awesome to have these awesome bundles... We wait every year for these awesome bundles... The way you choose the best study material, the best of actions and plugins... everything is so helpful in such an awesome price. It really helps to make our photography better and help us learn from experienced and established artists. Thanks

- Bakshish Singh | NC/Charlotte, USA

Great giveaways from great sponsors and contributors. I bought a 5DayDeal bundle in the past with all sorts of videos and lightroom features. It was great. So much stuff I still haven't used it all. Great professional photographers to learn from along with their custom lightroom presets.There are videos on a wide variety of topics to learn from.

- Kyle Reynolds | NY, USA

I can't wait for this deal to be available because I am in need to get the ball rolling! I have the knowledge of photography, and all of the technical stuff, but I don't know how to make money doing it. I have been doing this for so long, but never had direction to make money off of it. I am sure this will put me on the right path.

- Larry Ricks | PA, USA

I purchased the 5Daydeal last year and loved the resources that I received at such a low price. I use the presets and textures all the time in Lightroom, Photoshop and ON1. I love the videos and books that were included and have gotten lots of great tips and tricks that have helped me improve as a photographer and as a artist. A great value for all photographers.

- Wayne Ezekiel | Canada

Not only does 5DayDeal do incredible things for us photographers by providing us with the absolute best content coming exclusively from top photographers in the industry, but they also donate boat loads of money to great causes. If you have been thinking about getting this next deal, seriously don't hesitate. I will buy any time they release something. What a deal!

- Connor Hibbs | Colordao, USA

I loved to discover this bundle! Photography has been one of the most important things I pursued and I'm still learning about all of it! It just makes me feel good about my life, and where I live. Maybe it's not what I'm gonna do for living, but I'm sure I cannot live without photography! Since I started, when I bought a camera, it seemed hard enough because the pictures just didn't come out the way I wanted. Then I begin to read and search about the way things work in a câmera like mine and what was the principals of photography. That helped me a lot! Really. And without photo editing my shots became far more beautiful than ever! Now I'm learning to edit pictures in a way that doesn't look artificial, and that has been amazing too! I just know that all the time I spent learning and reading about photography just made me pursue and love it more.

- Alessandra Heckler | Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

We purchased the 5DayDeal a couple years ago and it had some great information, such as posing and lighting, and some wonderful presets. 5DayDeal has partnered with some incredible photographers and companies to offer an incredible deal. If you're looking to purchase some items for learning and help out a great cause, check out 5DayDeal.

- Antonia Geiger | Indiana, USA

I loved the photography bundle I purchased from 5DayDeal in 2015. Great content, amazing deal and awesome cause! 5DayDeal is the place to score great content. I learned so much from the photography bundle I purchased and I still haven't gone through it all! The photography bundle, also saved me a ton! Super sweet deal for a super low price! Finally, it was of course for a great cause. I love that a portion of my money went to charities!

- Victor Briones | Kentucky, USA

This is an incredible deal for such a variety of tips and invaluable resources for photographers! I am so excited to get into all the information and take my photography and business to the next level! I love that I am able to learn from some of the best photographers in their field, and learn about others that I didn't previously know! I am recently new to the wide world of photography so I am always looking for new ways to improve my photography, my business, and my art. This is the best set of resources I have found to date! Thank you for this deal!

- Jessica LeBaron | Utah, USA

I got the bundle last year, it has everything you'll need to start your photography career or advance as a professional! Absolutely chock full of great content. Everything a photographer would want and need, video tutorials, e-books, presets, actions, overlays and more at a price that it would cost for just one of these tutorials or a couple e-books. I got so much content I still haven't finished watching and reading it all. It's awesome! I'll never pass it up again!

- Mark Hazelton | Louisiana, USA

Lots of great deals Good Help and support a great starting help for photographers starting out , a boost that we all need in the beginning , thanks For your services and products .I am just new to this 5DayDeal site but from what I see it is someplace I will spending lots of time , cost of gear and other items needed when starting out is a big factor in success or failure , having a place where you can get the items you need at great prices is a important support to our growth , thanks so much for all you do , keep up the great support , it's truly appreciated!

- John P Carvery | Ontario, Canada

Today was the first time I heard about 5DayDeal and it's simply fantastic! I am learning what 5DayDeal is all about and I am over-whelmed with the amount of Professional Photographers that get involved and more over-whelmed on the amount of money that 5DayDeal has collected to help those less fortunate!! - P Riopel | Ontario, Canada

It's always nice to have an opportunity to win great prizes and get good deals! This yearly event has exposed me to many companies, individuals, and products of which some I am hearing about for the first time. I have become a customer and taken advantage of some of the deals and offers as well. Because of this, my personal skill set has been improved, my product workflow become faster. Makes me, and my company, happier.

- Bill Querry | Ohio, USA

These are amazing value and worthwhile resources for any photographer, professional or enthusiast. I use them as a source of inspiration and advise and keep dipping into different ebooks and videos to keep me topped up and ahead of the competition. Each offering comes with resources from a wealth of experienced and varied photographers and there are bonuses often to be had with discounts from top quality software companies such as Topaz.

- Robert Tudor | Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

I purchased this amazing deal last year! The knowledge from these fantastic tutorials is worth ten times the price! Awesome videos from the world's best photographers. I loved all the actions, presets, and textures that came with it. It has really kickstarted my photography business! Take your career to a new incredible level TODAY!

- Bill Klingbeil | Ohio, USA

The last 5DayDeal Bundle I purchased improved my bird photography immensely! I have had several of my bird photographs published. The videos are fabulous, and having them accessible whenever I have time to watch is so convenient. The instructors are knowledgeable and interesting. The value of the contents of the bundle is amazing, well beyond the price paid.

- Ginnie Lodge | Pennsylvania, USA

I am an Italian student, I started photography just one year ago with a nikon d3200 and the 18-55 kit lens. I did not know anything about photography and all the things I now know I learned from a lot of the contributing partners of this amazing site!!! I have heard of it the first time last year on a YouTube channel (I don't remember exactly of who, (probably Serge Ramelli or SLR Lounge) and since then I have always entered every giveaway!!!! Now I am really looking also at the educational material to buy at this amazing price!!!! I really like how you have reunited all those educators for the same cause!

- Jacopo Pregnolato | Padua, Italy

I love doing something for charities without having in returns BUT with 5DayDeal, we have something incredible in returns... This year, it will be the third times I'm participating with 5DayDeal... Hope to have some beautiful videos, pdf, tutorials, and all folks inside the deal ! Thanks to the staff and to all photographers who give for charities... Spread the love of it!

- Billy Baheux | France

I got the previous 5DayDeal bundle and I am happy about it. I learnt a lot with it. The thing I like the most is that I can download all the products and see the videos or read the ebooks when it is convenient to me. And in top of that you are contributing to different associations! I think that this bundles are a great idea.

- Sarah Rodriguez-Martinez | Israel

Awesome giveaways, awesome opportunities thanks so much. I appreciate the chance to win such great photography equipment!!! The opportunity to win over $10,000 in potential prizes is amazing. As I attempt to grow my business, the resources offered here at definitely beneficial to me. I look forward to many more great benefits offered by 5DayDeal.

- Keith Robertson | Minnesota, USA

Last year, I discovered that an old friend I used to do photography with some thirty years ago in high school had become a professional photographer. I had never put down my camera since those days but certainly hadn't taken photography to the level he had (despite my dream of doing so "once upon a time"). I asked him for advice, how he did it, where I could learn more, etc. His first recommendation for me was 5DayDeal. I purchased it immediately! The classes and resources have been invaluable! I love the teachers and the ability to learn at my own pace - anytime and anywhere I want. I am learning, creating, and have taken my photography to new levels! My passion has been renewed and I'm actually working my "dream"! I couldn't be happier with the experience! Thank you 5DayDeal!

- Shannon Windsor | California, USA

5DayDeal has the Best Products at the Best Value from the Best Professionals, Bar None! I purchased a photo tools package a couple years ago and I am still using it all of the time. You just can't go wrong with this excellent buy! I highly recommend it for any one interested in photography. Many of my favorite artists were included and some new names that I have come to now appreciate. Take the time to get into each product and explore it fully for the most educational value. You can't go wrong here. The smart money is on 5DayDeal.

- John Fujimagari | Alberta, Canada

I missed the last 5DayDeal and I have regretted it ever since. It's well worth the cost and I don't intend to miss the next one.

- Christian Meermann | Germany

I am one of the very happy customer of 5DayDeal. I once purchased their photo bundle deal that included gigabytes of videos, tutorials, presets and ebooks on photography tips from the best photographers around the world! That has tremendously helped me in polishing my photography skills. And I must say that I am a very changed photographer after going through the photo bundle from 5DayDeal. I would strongly recommend other photographers to do the same if they want to bring a significant change to their photography skills.

- Faraz Azhar | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I love your bundles!  Such a great way to get some good tutorials, tips, and a discount. I think you should continue, making this, it's a great way to help many people, I hope all the people can see this and know that this a great deal. I would like to see more product, architecture, landscape, and stair photography deals. Hope to see more for the other deals as they come.

- Leonardo Enrique Raudales Garcia | Cortes, Honduras

I have gotten the 5DayDeal for the last 2 years and have loved the products as well as supporting deserving charities every year. I would encourage every photographer who wants to improve their photography while supporting the charities represented in the 5DayDeal to purchase and see for themselves how fantastic this deal truly is.

- Vicki Mudd | Illinois, USA

I love 5DayDeal. I supported Jeremy Cowart's campaign that he was doing a few months ago and I received so much more then I thought there was going to be. I absolutely loved it. And a portion goes to charity too so that is even better. Why wouldn't you purchase? You get awesome photography info and you get to help out others.

- Robert Meares | Arizona, USA

Last year, I hesitated and waited until the last hours of the 5DayDeal to order it. It just sounded too good to be true, but I'm so glad I pulled the trigger. This is a treasure trove of learning material, Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and an overall incredible bargain. Even better than that, the proceeds go to great causes.

- Martin Stephenson | North Carolina, USA

I've been so thrilled with the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle that I purchased last fall that was filled with a tremendous amount of invaluable information! I just can't wait for the business bundle to be released! I'm new to the world of photography and the variety of tutorials and help is just amazing!

- Lisa Campbell | Montana, USA

5DayDeal is more like a 5 day steal! There is so much information and helpful tools and tricks that it's to good to pass up! Not to mention the giveaway they do! It's unbelievable and I look forward to it every year! I can't wait to see this year's and what it holds and who all is contributing!!!!!!!!!!

- Heather Roberts | South Carolina, USA

Every year I enjoy all the content included in the 5DaysDeal, from amazing and professionals photographers and artists!  This is an amazing opportunity to improve your knowledge about photography, I recommended it to all my friends out there that like photography. Im very happy with this combo. from videos to online books this combo has everything you need to become a great photographer.

- Jose Martinez | Texas, USA

Customer Reviews - Complete Photography Bundle 2015

I'm always on the lookout for something that will help me take my photography to the next level without breaking the bank, and this deal was absolutely perfect. The fact that I could download more than half of the items was the icing on the cake, as my internet at home is less than reliable. I cannot wait to see all that I can do with this bundle! Thank you!

- Arden Farrar | USA

I bought the 5 Day Deal earlier this morning.  What made me finally decide about the deal was that it represents and contains current material I can use over the next year.  It isn't last year's materials.

- Graham Glover | Virginia, USA

Wow.. I have to come to this site more often.. Great deals and I feel like I just stole the best deal they've had. The photographers bundle has to be the best I've ever seen.. so many area that I have wanted to dabble in but didn't know where to start .. I can now start thanks to this delicious tutorial and educational bundle.

- Cody Spahr | Ontario, Canada

This is such an amazing deal, with so many of the products being things that I have had my eye on for a while anyway. To know that I'm helping raise money for the charities and raising awareness at the same time as having ALL these goodies to help me further my business is just amazing. Thank you!

- Louise Rogers | Dorset, UK

Loved last years deal, full of video lessons, e-book instructions and presets and textures. The 2015 set is even better. I can't wait to get into it. I just got into the Adobe Creative Cloud and need all the help I can get. While I've used Photoshop Elements in the past, I'm getting into Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. I want to develop my artistic talents.

- Phil Clark | Virginia, USA

This is my 2nd year purchasing this AMAZING 5 day deal. I can say with sincerety that I enjoyed, read, studied, watched and/or used almost everything in the package. The continuing education component alone is worth it, but the amount of actual templates, overlays, textures, actions, additional discounts, etc.. you receive as well, is just incredible. I truly appreciate this opportunity, not only to utilize all these cool products and ideas, but it's all for charity too?!!? What a win-win!! THANK YOU!

- Jolie Rizzi | Georgia, USA

Don't miss this offer! I nearly did because I'm naturally pretty skeptical about offers that look too good to be true. I decided to go ahead because there were a few items that I wanted and these were enough to convince me of the value. In fact, I'm already really excited about many of the other items in this offer. Lots of opportunities to learn and appreciate new aspects of photography that will keep me enthralled and busy for quite a while. Everything about the process of ordering, downloading and registering the separate packages is extremely well explained and straightforward. I did have one problem, but I used the "contact" button to send a message and explain my issue. A short time later (on a Sunday afternoon!) I received a complete solution to my issue including screen shots! I'm impressed.

- Joseph Howard | North Carolina, USA

The 5DayDeal Photography Tools & Training special is a great bundle with FOUR great causes ... Hell, the eBooks alone pay for the bundle, and 10% goes directly to charities - help out some folks who need it while getting yourself a great deal! Just remember - back this stuff up - its over 35gb of downloads for $127 USD.

- J Hoke | Pennsylvania, USA

I'm so excited to get stuck into all this material- there's great stuff in here from photographers whose work I respect. I'm excited about the photoshop actions and Lightroom pre-sets, but what I'm looking forward to most is the opportunity to learn from all these top notch people- There's so much stuff in here that I reckon it'll take me all the way through to until next year's deal to get through it all!

- Ciaran McGrenera | Dublin, Ireland

Thanks for your "wow-oh-my-god-super-fast-reply" and your perfect support. I’m really impressed.

- Andreas

I think this is the greatest photographic deal of the century! There is so many beneficial tools available in this bundles for such an unbelievably low price, that I will buy and place it all on an external hard drive. Over 70 hours of video, then there's all those Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions to help you along your journey as a photographer. Just one of any of these alone would warrant this price, but this collection is simply unbelievable! OI can't wait to dig into all these tools and hours and hours of video training available in this bundle! It's such a great deal, I've put it on all of my social media sites to share my excitement with everyone else!

- Marlene Lebel | Texas, USA

Great deal! I enjoy it so much. Thank all you a lot! Enjoy every minute of this photography educational bundle! I just started to download and watched first video of wedding class. So useful and beautiful. Full of priceless tips. Already use it in my work for engagement sessions. Lightroom classes and ebooks! Can't wait to start learning. Lindsey Adler is my favorite. Love her style and teaching!

- Maya Murza | Astana, Kazakhstan

Last year, after seeing this advertised on the TWIP network, I purchased the 5 day deal. There was so much content it was unbelievable. This year it was a no-brainer. Just one course out of the whole bundle and you're saving money, then you get all the additional items to keep you going till next year 🙂 Absolutely fantastic!!!

- Mark Whitelock | Jarrow, UK

This is my best investment in Photography. I value this more than my camera! Will recommend this to anyone who is serious about photography and wants to take it to a much higher level. This is the best 'value for money' deal ever!

- Dilip Ranade

Great DEAL! I saved a lot and it's great to know I helped charity too! They had a lot of amazing videos and tools in their bundle and I'm sure I'll use them to better myself at my profession. Thank you 5DayDeal. Please keep up the great work. Totally recommend for anyone who is interested in saving and doing a good thing at the same time.

- Ofir Azran | Texas USA

The 5 Day Deal bundle is a treasure trove of education! I bought last year's deal and am so glad I did. It was worth so much more than the small cost I paid. I was so glad to see they offered a similar bundle again. I knew this year's deal would be just as good if not better. I can't wait to dig in!

- Robin Nordmeyer | Missouri USA

Just awesome opportunity to have all these amazing tools to improve my photography! I was wondering if it would really be worth the $127, but after a good research there wasn't any doubt that the 5DayDeal was not a chance to loose! I'm passionated with photography and this bundle is providing me tools, technique and inspiration to keep developing my skills.

- Eduardo Crivelari | São Paulo, Brazil

Never before have I seen a workshop bundle with such a wide variety of covered topics to be available for this kind of price. And a portion of the profit goes to charity even! I would have to be completely nuts to pass up on something like this. From what I've seen so far, the courses in this bundle will definitely help me reach new heights in my creative work and I can't wait to put some of the techniques learned here to good use. Definitely a great deal that I will recommend to all my friends!

- Jan Viktorin | Tišnov Czech Republic

I chose the part of a pro photographer last year and the challenge I faced was accessing resources that would give me the lift I needed. I've followed Scott Kelby on Serge Ramelli's advise and accessed tutorials offered on, but this offer is off-the-top. I love Serge and Benarby and being able to learn more from them and go to the next level is what I really needed. Thank you for making this 5-day sale a reality.

- Emo Onerhime | Lagos Nigeria

Super deal on excellent photography resources from superb photographers! I have bought or seen photography education material from most of these photographers in the past and found them to be highly useful, well presented and often with a good dash of humour thrown in. Often a hugely discounted deal has material of questionable value included to pad it out but this deal seems chock full of great resources. I haven't had a chance to look at it all yet but trust with the calibre of presenters it will be very educational and enjoyable.

- Fred Forbes | NSW Australia

I am so excited to have gotten such an amazing bundle of goodies for so very little! It is going to help me to boost my talents, confidence, and business so much. As a single mom on a very short budget (always more month at the end of my money), this is exactly the package I was looking for. I look forward to what this means for my clients, my work, and the future of my business, and what that will mean for my daughter and my community! I am also so happy to be contributing to such an amazing cause! Thanks so much.

- Jessie Selah | Maine USA

What an amazing deal! I learned so much from last years bundle and this years is even better!! The presets and actions alone are worth more than the cost. And learning off-camera lighting from Zach Arias changed my photography and set me apart from other photographers. So many great photographers to learn from in their respective field of photography and photo editing! Thanks so much.

- James Scarboro | Georgia USA

What a great deal. I really need the lightroom course and I love all the presets. I am amazed at all the knowledge and classes for the price. Thank you as I needed to take some of these but this fits my budget. I can't wait to learn and apply to my photos. Not to mention I won't have to keep playing the search game on how to work with lightroom as often as I should have everything I need to get started as I just switched to lightroom CC & Adobe in August. I love it but the learning curve is there.

- Teresa Carter | Iowa USA

I am SO EXCITED about this bundle! I will be busy this weekend watching from some of the best! I can't wait to learn more about how to better my business and style as a whole. Thank you so much for all that participated in the bundle and for all your tips and tricks on how to push ourselves to become that much better. I seriously don't think I will be sleeping tonight as I start downloading EVERYTHING! Thank you thank you thank you!

- Alexis Smith | Indiana USA

First time I've bought "The Bundle"- so I can't wait to dive in. Can not even believe what I'm getting for such a crazy price! Kept thinking- there must be a catch- but lucky for me- it's real! Just wish I knew about it years ago- keep thinking- I wonder what I missed last year! But I'll be back next year too- that's for sure... Thanks!

- Terry Burke | Boston USA

Wonderful deals! Really thought through to give everyone more than they want. I personally am a Lightroom fan, and have got most of my Lightroom learning from these deals, courses, videos, and reading material; together with a wide range of development presets and add-ins. Furthermore they have enabled me to improve my photography out of all recognition.

- Richard Morgan | Gelderland Netherlands

Bought the 5DayDeal in 2014 and it is awesome! The videos from Zack Arias & overlays from Jessica Drossin were worth WAY more than I paid, and then everything else on top of it?!?! WOW! Its a year later, and I'm re-watching the videos and reading the e-books full of awesome knowledge! Plus, its for charity. Winning all around.

- Kristen Carter Photography | Arizona USA

Such a great deal! I'm a huge Jessica Drossin fan and have followed her work for years. I am so excited to learn more about the other vendors and charities from this deal! Hope to participate in more of these in the near future. Thank you all for joining together to make this happen! Looking forward to using these amazing products!

- Amanda Whitley | Alabama USA

So much content for so little money! I'm still enjoying the 2014 5DayDeal bundle so when the 2015 5DayDeal bundle was announced I knew it would be worth the wait. Now that it is here and I've purchased this year's 5DayDeal, I can't wait to start downloading and enjoying all the new content. Looking forward to trying out the new presets, reading the e-books, and watching the video tutorials.

- Cabot Robinson | Oklahoma City USA

This is one of the best photography things going. I bought the 5DayDeal for the very first time in 2014 and I couldn't believe everything I got for such a low price, and the money actually goes to charity, amazing! I have been waiting for a whole year for the 2015, 5DayDeal announcement, and I can hardly contain my excitement or my curiosity regarding what is going to be part of the 5DayDeal offer this year...hurry up September 10th..

- Vicki Mudd

This bundle is packed with incredible information designed specifically for those of us looking to take our photography to a new level. I look forward to digging into this information and taking my career to new heights! Do not pass up this opportunity to learn from some of the very best in the business! Make the investment today and watch your photography grow once you begin to implement what you have learned. I look forward to hearing more testimonials about how this super bundle has helped others improve their photography! Best Wishes Everyone!

- T. Leonard | Colorado USA

I'm an amateur photographer and currently looking for any reading materials that I can find to increase my knowledge. When I came across this jaw dropping 5DayDeal, I was so excited and bought it right away. Not only this bundling cost only a meager amount, the content actually exceeds my expectation and I can't wait to implement everything that I've read! Looking forward for next year's 5DayDeal!

- Arthur Sihotang | West Java Indonesia

As soon as I saw the massive photography bundle available, I knew I had to act on it. I'm a novice landscape photographer and seeing all the heavily discounted material available to me made me incredibly giddy! $127 is a far too small price to pay for the educational opportunities I'm being presented within, for this is knowledge that will last me a lifetime. I am very glad I decided to check my e-mails at the time I did, for I would have been heartbroken to have missed this opportunity.

- Daniel Duque

Every year they come up with a GREAT package and this year doesn't disappoint. Can't wait to review everything that they included in this year's package. It is going to take me HOURS... This is the 3rd year and my 3rd buy. I'm going to need another external drive just to save all this great info.

- Joe Myeress

With such a deal you'd be nuts not to take advantage of it!!! I can say that I am a friend of many of these authors and contributors and every one of them is worth the total price of this package. Stop what you're doing and get this deal. Plus the donation to charity is a great plus!!! If you need any proof that this is a great package just look to twitter and see what everyone is talking about!

- Rob Sirota | California USA

Fantastic deal. Don't even think about passing up this offer. This is like obtaining a masters degree in photography, regardless if you are into landscape, commercial, portrait or fine art. I have just gone through the first section and love it. I will be recommending this bundle to all my fellow photographers and students.

- Victor Beer | Tucson, Arizona USA

I've purchased the 5DayDeal both years since I first heard about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's 5DayDeal includes and I am confident that I will be buying it based on the tremendous values of the last two deals. I am the President of the Kendall Camera Club and I have always informed our members of this fantastic deal. I maintain a forum discussion titled "Photography Deals Not to be Missed" which actually came about because of the 5DayDeal. This is what started it and I will be posting the details of this year's deal as soon as they are available in less than six hours. Many of our members are fans of many of the past contributors to the 5DayDeal and they took advantage of it. Those who procrastinated know that they missed out, especially after hearing the excitement and the discussions between those at the meetings who purchased it. I will make sure that those members don't miss it this year.

- Robert Sullivan

I love things like this especially when charities are involved to help those in need. We need for companies to do more deals like this, it is our duty to always help the less fortunate. Yes we all strive to make beautiful photography no matter whether it's landscape, architecture, portraits, fine art (which I have taken a great liking to), fashion, environmental and the photographing list goes on and on. But we should never forget the purpose should not be solely ours but to help those in need.

- Kerry Fonville

This is one of the greatest deals around. You get an incredible amount of excellent material for the money. You will get exposed o the work of some phenomenal photographers. And the best part is that some of the money goes to charity. I try never to miss one of these deals. I have yet to be disappointed.

- Susan Hoffman

Great products from all of my favorite photographers! Can't beat this deal! There is so much diversity, you are bound to discover something new and exciting, from tutorials to presets; it's all here! Be sure to check out the discounts page, too. Tons of savings on stuff you'd probably buy anyways. And don't even get me started on the give-a-way! Over $50k in prizes being given away!

- Denny Weinmann

The best place to get the deals! Very simple site, with all the details and at awesome prices. I have bought multiple times from them, and each time the offer gets better. looking forward for even more discounts, even better bundles, and at stunning prices. Keep it going team! All the best too!

- Arun Narayanaswamy

I purchased the 2014, 5DayDeal and was overwhelmed by the value and the range and quantity of the content. There was so much material that I am still working through it. Good value and a good cause.

- Arthur Fitt

I have had deals from 5DayDeal and have found them to be excellent. I have discovered new skills and techniques either for free or very cheaply.

- Ian Watts

While I don't always take advantage of the 5DayDeal, I have in the past and have NEVER been disappointed. And how could you not take advantage of the deal when they are also fundraisers for more than worthy charitable organizations. 5DayDeals are a NO BRAINER!

- Daniel G. Walczyk

I LOVE my bundle package! There is so much information that I will take months for me to get through all of it.

- Tanya Kryder

Wow! I love this. I purchased the 5DayDeal last year and was blown away by the amount and quality of the tutorials. The Zach Arias lighting tutorial alone is worth far more than the purchase price of the bundle. Add to that the likes of Joel Grimes, Lindsey Adler and Serge Ramelli. This package is by far the best bundle I've ever purchased. And to top it all off, it's for charity. How can you beat that! Can't wait to see what's in this years bundle!!!

- James McAndrew | Pennsylvania, USA

I participated in one of your one of your events last year and it is great that you are donating to worthwhile causes, and I get some great deals at the same time! I look forward to helping out another charitable cause this year. Please keep up the good work. Your contributor are very generous and talented professional and I look forward to seeing more from them. I have since gone to their websites and have gained a lot of knowledge from them.

- Bob Noyes | Minesotta, USA

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