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I didn't get my receipt via e-mail. What should I do?
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Because the e-mail is automatically sent from our system, it sometimes ends up in the SPAM folder. Also, sometimes mail forwarding on accounts can take a few hours to deliver.

The easiest thing to do is to view your account on our web page.  Here you have access to your order and all the same information that you get on your receipt.  If you don't see your receipt come through in a few hours and can't find it in your spam folder, fill out the contact form on the side and we will get it resent to you.

How do I access my course and redemption codes?
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To view your courses please visit your My Account page and then click on the My Courses or Redemption Codes links as desired.

Downloads of course related assets will be included in the course. Downloads of video files or the tutorials requires the optional purchase of an Download Pass. If you purchased it, you will find a link for accessing your downloads within each course at the end.

What can I do to keep my files from timing out?
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If you chose to purchase the Download Pass for downloading your resources, you may find that the size of the files makes for a slow download. There is simply a lot of content, and it may take some time to download all these great courses and information.  It's almost entirely dependent on your internet speed.

We recommend you download 1 file at a time and also that you turn off your download manager (if you are using one). In the past, we have had trouble with Firefox.  If you are having trouble, you could switch the internet browser you are using.

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How do I reset my password?
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You can reset your password here.

Overall Customer Happiness this Month


Customer love

At 5DayDeal® we work hard to partner with the best instructors and offer the best quality tools and resources at an unbelievable discount. One of the ways we measure our success with each new bundle is from the feedback from our amazing customers. Here are some highlights from their feedback below.


The 5DayDeal bundle is a treasure trove of education! I bought last year’s deal and am so glad I did. It was worth so much more than the small cost I paid. I was so glad to see they offered a similar bundle again. I know this year’s deal will be just as good if not better. I can’t wait to dig in!

Robin Nordmeyer
One of our 100,000+
Happy 5DayDeal® Customers

Tons of useful tutorials for an unbeatable price! I've purchased several bundles and have not been disappointed. I can't wait for more bundles to help increase my education! Thanks 5DayDeal!

Eric Carlson
One of our 100,000+
Happy 5DayDeal® Customers

This is by far one of the best, most complete deals I've ever seen! Everything that you will ever need to start your own very complete turn-key business, along with all the tools, training, advice, and along with several valuable (and useful, too!) extras thrown in just for good measure. Most impressive.

Glen Gall
One of our 100,000+
Happy 5DayDeal® Customers