Congratulations on your Purchase!

Here are some common questions we get on downloading and accessing your bundle.

How do I transfer my books to the computer/iPad/Kindle?

We recommend downloading all files first to the computer. Once on the computer, the e-books will open as PDF files.

You can transfer ebooks to your iDevice by following these directions.

We do not recommend reading these e-books on the kindle because the kindle format does not handle pictures well. However, if you would like it on your kindle for reference you can find directions here.

How do I unzip files?

Most new computers include software that let you unzip easily by clicking on the zip file. However, if you are having any trouble check out this article (includes information for both PC and Mac).

How do I install Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions?

Here are instructions for installing Lightroom presets on a PC and on a Mac.

For installing Photoshop Actions you can check out tutorials for PC or for Mac.

Can I share these products?

No. Even though these are electronic files, out of respect for the creators - and the law - you cannot share these with your friends.

However, you should definitely tell your friends about this sale so they can grab a copy for themselves. 🙂

One of the video files will not play or only play audio. What can I do?

This can happen with certain videos, operating systems and video players as there are a lot of different combinations available.

We have found the free and powerful VLC Player to be the most solid option for playing any kind of files that don't work or act strangely in other video playing apps. Please download, install the program and play the video with VLC. It is available for both Windows and Mac Computers.  If that doesn’t work, just email us at [email protected] and we can help!

What are the discounts for?

Glad you asked. If the bundle wasn’t a sweet enough deal already, we also have several companies who have contributed discounts - like a bonus coupon pack.

In the 'Read First - Info and Discounts' document you will find all the information about the discounts including links and discount codes.

Most discount codes will be live until 2 months after the respective sale, or as noted in the information pack.

Discounts are 1 per person and the company has the right to ask to see your 5DayDeal bundle receipt when you claim your discount. These are exclusive discounts offered to 5DayDeal bundle customers only, so please don’t share them!

Will the discounts work if I am outside the US?

You can absolutely purchase the discounted products from anywhere in the world. Please be aware that some of the products are large digital downloads.  Please be mindful of your internet capabilities when considering your purchases.

Some of the discounts are for physical products. While the discount is valid all over the world, shipping will depend on where you live … cause… it’s just harder to get some things shipped around the world 🙂

Who is the 5DayDeal team? How can we reach you?

5DayDeal is run by Griffin, Valerie, Corwin, and Daniel. The company is located in Colorado, USA. The best way to reach us is by e-mail by contacting us here.

How soon do I get access to the products?

Immediately! As soon as your payment goes through you will be directed to a download page where you can get access to all the products either by download or instant streaming.  For a typical bundle sale, most products are downloadable, others are available for streaming online, and the remaining are available as discount codes on the respective vendor's website.

You can also access your products on our site in your account.

How long is this product available to purchase?

Each of our bundle sales is only available for 5 days (from noon PST to noon PST over six calendar days).  There will be no late sales and a sale with this combination of products will never happen again!

I didn't get my receipt. What should I do?

Because the e-mail is automatically sent from our system it sometimes ends up in spam. Also, sometimes mail forwarding on accounts can take a few hours to deliver.

The easiest thing to do is to view your account on our web page.  Here you have access to all your download links and all the same information that you get on your receipt.  If you don't see your receipt come through in a few hours and can't find it in your spam folder, fill out the contact form and we will get it resent to you.

How long do I have access to download the products?

All download links will be available until at least 6 weeks after the each respective bundle sale (For this sale, December 5th, 2017). We recommend you download all the products as soon as you can.

Also, since this is a huge value (and computers sometimes go crazy) we STRONGLY recommend you get a USB stick to save a backup copy of the products on. After the 6 week download period, it becomes much harder to get access to the files.  Contact us if you have trouble

Another option is to back-up these products on Google Drive, Dropbox or another online storage.

Can I get a tax deductible receipt for the charity portion of my purchase?

We wish we could. Since we are not a non-profit, we are unable to issue tax deductible receipts for the donation portion of your bundle. However, the warm fuzzies you receive are yours to keep. Check back on our Twitter, and Facebook pages for more information about totals raised and what your money was able to accomplish.

Do you do refunds?

We truly believe that the bundle is worth every penny (and then some), and we think you’ll agree. However, due to the downloadable digital nature of the products included in the bundle, we’re unfortunately unable to issue refunds for non-technicals reasons. We believe that doing so would be unfair to our contributors who have worked very hard to create value-packed products, and would also reduce the amount we’re able to donate to our charity partners.

If you do have a technical issue with any of the products, we’ll be happy to work with you to resolve the issue. In the rare case that no solution can be found, we’ll issue a partial refund. Because some of our products are issued through 100%-off discount codes on our contributors’ websites, we have to consider those codes used, and cannot include them in the refund. These products will be deducted from the refund amount as a percentage of their value within the total value of the bundle.

Submit a refund request by opening a support ticket.

Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days, no refunds can be processed.

If you somehow purchased twice by accident, or you bought a gift bundle for someone who already purchased, or some other circumstance, we are happy to help you.  Contact us here.

Are there going to be more sales like this?

5DayDeal started with the intention of running different sales like this in different niches. Make sure to hook up with us through our newsletter and social media (Twitter, and Facebook) to find out what is happening.

However, this will be the only Complete Photography Bundle sale with these products. We have plans to run another sales in the future but the products will be different.

This sale is a ‘once-in-eternity’ sale. But there will be more 5DayDeal sales in the future :)

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