What is 5DayDeal all about?

Our bundles and setup are generous and performance based. We are looking for partners that can help make the bundle a success via their promotion. We pay an industry leading commission rate of up to 45% for every main bundle sold through your link.

Previous Sponsors for 5DayDeal®

We work with seasoned companies, publishers, influencers and educators with a large audiences to create digital bundles of high-quality products that generate massive revenue for partners and raises a large amount for charity during our five-day events.

Since 2014, we’ve run more than 20 events which have allowed us to donate more than $2.8 million to charity. We think you could be a great partner for our our event. We have partnered with industry leading companies such as Adobe, SmugMug, Joby, Peak Design as well as publishers and influencers with a large social reach.  We would love to discuss if you see partnering with us as a good fit as well. Have a look at our website ( 5daydeal.com ) for a list of past partners and sponsors.

The ask short and sweet:

We would like to ask you to help promote the event and earn up to 45% for every main bundle sold through your link.

Say you refer 200 people that purchase the bundle this year you could expect as much as around $8,000+ in commissions.


How does being an Affiliate Partner benefit me?

We are looking for Affiliate Partners that understand their audience and digital marketing. You can earn up to 45% of every main bundle sold through your link.

We typically see 7,000 - 20,000+ customers during our 5 day events. Since 2014, we have paid  more than $15,000,000 to partners and we have partners every year who make six figures in commissions during our 5 day events.

Join us!

More Info:

I do see with your social reach you could fit our bundle event rather well. More importantly, we want to set you up in a win-win scenario.

We have partners who consistently earn six figures in a 5-day period. So, please don’t overlook the potential to earn a great income, as well as gain valuable leads and customers who will possibly continue with you on down the road for a long time.

How does that sound? Can we count you in?

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