What is 5DayDeal all about?

Our bundles and setup are generous and performance based. We are looking for partners with great products that can also help make the bundle a success via their promotion. We pay an industry leading commission rate of up to 75% for every main bundle sold through your link. There is an additional profit share bonus opportunity for those that qualify.

Previous Sponsors for 5DayDeal®

We work with seasoned companies and educators with a large audiences to create digital bundles of high-quality products that generate massive revenue for partners and raises a large amount for charity during our five-day events.

Since 2014, we’ve run more than 20 events which have allowed us to donate over $2.8 million to charity. We think you could be a great addition to our our event. We have partnered with industry leading companies such as Adobe, SmugMug, Joby, Peak Design as well as large educational influencers.  We would love to discuss if you see partnering with us as a good fit as well. Have a look at our home page ( 5daydeal.com ) to see some of our recent partners and sponsors.

How does being a Contributing Partner benefit me?

We are looking for Contributing Partners with quality products that understands their audience and digital marketing. You can earn up to 75% of every main bundle sold through your link. Contributing Partner’s and their products are introduced to a massive targeted audience.

We typically see 7,000 - 20,000+ customers during our 5 day events. Since 2014, we have paid  more than $15,000,000 to partners and we have partners every year who make six figures in commissions during our 5 day events.

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