Topaz Video AI Review

Topaz Video AI Review

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Topaz Video AI is a video enhancing software that uses artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of videos. The software can upscale videos up to 8K resolution, reduce noise, enhance details, and stabilize shaky footage. In this review, we'll dive deeper into the features and performance of Topaz Video AI.


Topaz Video AI offers several features that help users enhance their videos quickly and easily. One of the most notable features is the AI upscaling, which can increase the resolution of videos up to 8K. This feature can be useful for users who want to improve the quality of their low-resolution videos or upscale older footage to be viewed on modern high-resolution displays.

Another great feature of Topaz Video AI is the noise reduction technology. This feature uses AI algorithms to reduce noise and improve the clarity of videos. The software also includes an AI sharpening feature that enhances the details of videos, making them look clearer and more defined.

Finally, the software includes an AI stabilization feature that helps to reduce the effects of shaky footage. This feature can be particularly useful for users who shoot footage while on the move or using handheld cameras.


In terms of performance, Topaz Video AI is impressive. The software is easy to use and delivers high-quality results quickly. The AI algorithms used in the software are powerful, and they can improve the quality of videos without any visible loss in detail or sharpness.

The upscaling feature is particularly impressive, and it works well with a variety of video formats. The noise reduction and sharpening features are also effective, and they can make a noticeable improvement in the quality of videos.

The stabilization feature is perhaps the weakest aspect of Topaz Video AI. While it does a decent job of reducing shakiness in footage, it can sometimes result in an unnatural-looking video. This is a common issue with most video stabilization software, and it's not unique to Topaz Video AI.

Ease of Use

Topaz Video AI is designed to be easy to use, and it delivers on that promise. The interface is intuitive, and it's easy to navigate through the different features and options. The software also includes a helpful tutorial section that guides users through the process of enhancing their videos.


The price of Topaz Video AI could seem expensive at first glance. However, considering the features and the quality of the software, the price is very reasonable. The software is also frequently updated, and users can expect to receive new features and improvements over time.


Overall, Topaz Video AI is an impressive video-enhancing software that delivers on its promises. The AI algorithms used in the software are powerful, and they can improve the quality of videos quickly and easily. The software is easy to use, and it includes several useful features that can help users enhance their videos. While the stabilization feature could be improved, it's still a solid option for users who want to reduce the effects of shaky footage. If you're looking for a high-quality video-enhancing software, Topaz Video AI is definitely worth considering.

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