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Thanks so much for your interest in being a 5DayDeal partner.  We are looking for high impact partners with high quality, popular products and a combined social reach of at least 10,000+.   If that describes you, please fill in the form below.

Thanks to our amazing partners in the past, more than $1,600,000+ has been donated to our charity partners!

Please fill out the application below to apply to be either a contributor to the bundle (where you submit a product to the bundle) -OR- an affiliate (where you promote the bundle).

If your initial application is accepted, we will contact you with more info and next steps.  If you have any questions please contact us!

Thank you,


David duChemin

"I got involved with the 5DayDeal because it represents exceptional value - for my audience, for my colleagues, and I - and because it puts much needed resources into the hands of causes in which I deeply believe. It doesn’t hurt that the 5DayDeal Team are such wonderful, hard-working people with integrity, either."
David duChemin, Craft & Vision


“When I say this experience has been life changing, I really mean that.  I have absolutely found a new purpose in my work, thanks to this experience.” - Dave Seeram

James_Brandon"Thank you! Your team has created something that allows people to make an entire year’s worth of income in 5 days. That is just insane!"
James Brandon

Partnership Application

Joel-Grimes“We are blessed to be a part of the 5DayDeal. We thought last year was a success, but this year things went way beyond expectations.”

– Joel Grimes

Alex_KoloskovWe had an amazingly successful collaboration with 5DayDeal last year, and we hope to make it even more successful this year.”

– Alex Koloskov

Darlene-Hildenbrant“The 5DayDeal is something not to be missed if you either have your own photography product for sale, or have a good list to market it to. It is a great opportunity not only to get a lot of our product into the hands of consumers (for reviews, shares, etc.) but also to network with others in the industry and help raise a ton of money for some really great charitable causes in the process. ”

– Darlene Hildebrandt

Gordon-Laing“The 5DayDeal well and truly exceeded my expectations, not just in the quality of the bundle or number of sales, but also the constant and swift support for both contributor and customer by the team behind it. From discussing strategies in the build-up to resolving any issues during the sale, and finally ensuring everyone got paid on time, this was a team I loved working with. It was a pleasure to be part of this project and I look forward to being involved in future sales.”

– Gordon Laing

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