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Partnering with 5DayDeal

   There are a few reasons we have decided to do this as a company:

  • If someone is paying us a small commission for leads and sales we send their way, and someone else is not, we are effectively charging one person for promotion that we are giving to the other person for free. We feel that is a bit unfair. As those without affiliate programs are usually those with a larger reach, we are effectively hurting the smaller business while providing free advertising for the larger ones.
  • When we partner on a promotion, we want to make sure that our promotion is as effective as it can be. Without hit and conversion tracking, we are in the dark as to how the campaign is doing and if there is anything we can do, on our end, to help it perform better.  We have helped our affiliate partners make well over 6 figures annually and have been able to work with many to help increase conversions with some seeing 20%+.
  • 5DayDeal is a business with employees as well as legal, infrastructure, tax costs and charity and non-charity beneficiaries. By accepting a percentage for products we promote successfully to our customers and fans, we will be better able to partner and promote collaboratively long into the future.
  • 5DayDeal partners with amazing people around the world for our bundle sales. To show the high value we hold for our partners and their participation, we pay up to 75% per sale in commission to our core contributors in addition to a bonus reward for those that qualify. All we ask in return for partnership and promotion from many of whom we have partnered with and paid in the past, is the minimum commission we gladly pay our contributor partners.

What about a coupon code or analytics tracking if an affiliate system is not available?

Some partners in the past have offered coupon codes or analytics tracking in leu of an affiliate link/program. Coupon codes leave us unable to effectively track conversions and halo sales as well as conversions after promotion. Because of this the numbers we can piece together to measure the effectiveness of the partnership and campaign may be unfair and inaccurate. As we use these numbers to make future partnership decisions, we feel this is not an ideal partnership option.



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