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Goal Setting

For goal setting, we recommend using the SMART goal system.


- I want to sell 50 bundles by the end of the sale.
- I want to sell some bundles during the sale.
- I want to sell 3,000 bundles during the sale.

From the example above, you would want to have sold at least 25 Bundles by the start or middle of day 4 as we typically see 50% or more of our sales from the last 36 hours.  3,000 is probably not an attainable goal, but it all depends on your reach, open rate, click rate, and conversion rates.  With the right amount and ratio on all those numbers, 3,000 bundles in a sale could be possible.  To date, our most successful partners have been able to sell more than 1,000 bundles, but not more than 1,100.  Will you be the first?

50 Bundles
4,000 Click-Throughs
8% Conversion Rate

Bundles Sold
Click-Through % or #
Conversion Rate

Make sure you set goals that are attainable with your reach and previous performance.

Number of Sales
Click Through Rate
Total Commissions

By day 4
By the end of the sale
Before day 3

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