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About The Affiliate Program

Below you will find information about our affiliate program. Once signed up, if approved, we will provide you with your own unique affiliate link, real-time earnings reports, and everything you need to make the most of our bundle events. Don’t see something you need or need to know on here? Feel free to contact us.

There is real value in being an affiliate with us

Paid out to partners as of 2018
Donated to Charity as of 2018

Our bundles include some of the best video tutorials, ebooks and editing tools and resources on the market. Our contributors are leaders in their fields and the products represent a wide range of specialties in the photography and video industries.

We humbled and excited to be able to work with many of the top professionals in their fields and have been continually amazed at the the impact for customers and charity worldwide we are able to have when working together.

The Money

Affiliate Commissions Breakdown

* Exclusive Content contributors who sell a minimum of 100 bundles, will also receive a portion of the Profit Share Bonus.

** Money values based on bundle price of $87. Bundle prices vary and may be lower or higher than this price point.


No product contribution, but promoting the sale.



Contributing less than 90% of the bundle price point  in retail value of product(s)*



Contributing more than 90% of the bundle price point  in retail value of product(s)*


This can turn into real money! 1,000 bundles sold via your link turns into $60,000, $43,500 or $26,100 respectively.

Paid out to partners as of 2018

How It Works

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the affiliate page with:

  • Sales Graphics
  • Sales Tips
  • Instructions on the affiliate program and now to use your links
  • Sales Copy for the bundle that you can use, update, or modify for your site as you wish
  • Lots of product specific information

After you join the affiliate program, at least two weeks pre-sale you will receive an e-mail from us including:

  • A ‘review’ copy of the full bundle
  • Conformation of your commission rate
  • List of products in the bundle
  • Sales tracking tools
  • Final sales information

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments on the sale. Please contact us.

Let's partner together and make a difference

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